Gumbo & Etouffee

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
8:07 am Good morning!  Fog again, 50.  Hope your throat feels better and you have a wonderful Wednesday!
8:11 am Phil: Still have a ton of drainage which impacts the throat but it’s draining which is a good thing.  Wet and mild here.  Hope you have a fabulous day!
8:37 am Powder
1:13 pm Lunch out at Border’s w/ project peeps!  Gumbo! Etouffee!  Gorgeous weather!  Hope you’re feeling better…

1:59 pm Phil: 2 of my favorites!  Enjoy!
8:23 pm Waiting @ pharmacy for Hubby’s pills.  Bored.  Reading last night’s texts again.  Mmmmm.  Nothing like being hot and bothered at Rite-aid 🙂
11:21 pm Lovely evening, still 63.  Sitting on the balcony enjoying the air.  Sweet dreams, kid.
1:45 am Phil: Nite.  Been at the airport greeting World Ware 2 vets with about 3000 patriots from out in town, bag pipes, flags, what a night!

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