February Part 3 Dad's last day

Thursday, February 24
5:14 pm Hey, kid.  Had greek lunch… including galaktoboureko for dessert!  That sweet creamy custard tasted so good!
5:29 pm  Saw dad, in a coma now.  Sang “Amazing Grace” to him anyway.  Sigh. 
6:02 pm Phil:  You know, he can hear you.  He knows you are there and it warms his heart.  Keep singing and talking to him.  This is so hard.  We’re at the age where this happens.  Glad you enjoyed a good lunch.  Been another late busy day here.  I’m gonna go work out and then finish off the pile on my desk.
6:45 pm Thought there would be drama at the end, but he is peaceful…. Good to see.  Off to event #8! 
11:02 pm  Event done – great audience, laughed at everything!  So fun!  Hope your papers got done easily.  Headed home.  Sleep well, kid.
11:24 pm Phil:  Nite, glad it went well
11:43 pm Oh, kid.  I am so revved up!  Maybe good you weren’t within reach… I would burn us both up.  😉
Friday, February 25
9:02 am My dad died half an hour ago.  Mom called me. Headed to be w/ her.
9:05 am Phil: I’m so sorry Sassy.  I’ve thought of him often.  My memories of him are fond ones.  I’m sure anyone who knew him thinks of him that way.  He earned his place in heaven.  Prayers for your Mom, you and your sisters during this hard time.
11:11 am Thank you, Philip.  You say such perfect words.  I am so glad you found me.  Sorry my life is so strange right now, but you make a big difference.
11:21 am Phil: Life is a strange thing, it’s how you deal with and manage the strangeness that counts.  Take care of your Mom.


From: Sassy Girl
Subject: Obituary 
Date: February 25, 2011 2:52:21 AM EST
To: Phil

I wrote the obit.  See below.  Came together well.  Family liked it.  
Tell me a story you recall about my dad?  in a reflective mood.  Wondering what people remember. 

From: Phil
Subject: Re: Obituary
Date: February 25, 2011 7:18:33 PM EST
To: Sassy Girl 

Thank you. I appreciate this.  Learned things I didn’t know! 

7:48 pm Got a lot done.  Kept Mom and older sister from fighting.  J  Now on to event #9 and hugs.  Hope your weekend is off to a good start.
1:00 am Phil: Good.  Wandering around the bar keeping the junior staff from misbehaving
1:05 pm Wow.  You’re up late.  Just got in, went out w/ peeps for Mexican.
1:07 am The idea of you chaperoning is… different.
2:12 am Phil: It’s a little weird for me too.
2:12 am Phil: Snowing again.
2:34 am  Why are you still awake?  J
2:37 am We got the whole range today – 50 with monsoon rain, sleet, then huge snowflakes as we drove this evening. Typical New Enlgand wait 10 min and its changes.
2:28 am I’ve been talking to sis, in travel nightmare trying to get home early from CA.  The incoming plane missed curfew, landed 3 hours away, so they’re busing the entire plane load up there to board the red eye… and the bus got hit by a drunk driver!  Been a very odd day for her all around.
3:01 am Bed for me… Sleep well, sweet man.  Thanks for all your support!  I’ll never forget your threads in the tapestry of this day.  Even if they are green.  J

Saturday, February 26
7:38 pm Company arrived at 5 pm, quick Thai soup.  Last event then party.  Whee!  Hope you found your way home from scenic WI.
11:06 pm All done!  Great audience.  People got all goofy – laughed so hard!  Man, I adore these people.
12:13 am Phil: Awesome, glad it went well.  Night
12:15 am Any chance you could call me?  
2:27 am Finally home… partied – pulled pork!  Drove home in a gentle snow.  Nite, kid.
Sunday, February 27
From: Sassy Girl

Subject: Re: Obituary
Date: February 27, 2011 10:26:12 AM EST
To: Phil
Hiya, kid.
I know it’s probably impossible, but if you want to come for Dad’s memorial service, you would be welcome.  I was spinning schemes in my head of your flying into Boston late Friday, going with us to honor him on Saturday, then me driving you to see your dad and bringing you back to fly out Sunday.  
Just pat me on the head and smile at the crazy ideas I get.  🙂


3:43 pm  Busy – brunch w/ a friend here from out of state, and now helping at mom’s.  Hope you’re having a good one!
10:14 pm Hey, kid.  How goes?  Great family time, met w/sis’s UU minister, then Chinese supper.  Yum.
11:08 pm Phil: Had a relaxing day.  Long walk with the dogs.  Watched the race, great service at the chapel, went to a movie and cooked ribeyes for supper.  Topped off with a nice scotch.  Not a bad day.
11:11 pm  Yay!  Sounds like fun.  What race?
Monday, February 28
6:08 am Good morning  Rain 40’s today.  I’m off to work.  Have a good Monday!
1:18 pm Phil: Good morning!  Solid ice here.  Cold and nasty.  Have a good day.  Hoping for an easy week.
9:59 pm Quiet day at last.  Wrote my dad’s memorial service.  You doing ok?
11:07 pm Phil: I’m ok.  More worried about you.  Good day at work.
11:08 pm I don’t mean to worry you…
11:10 pm Phil:  I know, a lot on your plate.  Take
care of you.  You take care of everyone else.
11:14 pm I’m ok.  Wishing I could mess w/ you, but otherwise rolling along.
11:14 pm Phil:  Glad to hear that.
11:16 pm Should I not say that? 
11:35 pm Phil:  Oh why the hell not.  What you need is a hard cock pounding into that hot pussy til you explode, hot com spurting deep inside you.  That would ease your mind.
11:38 pm Phil:  Sorry, should not say things like that.
11:38 pm I wish you’d say them every night…
11:39 pm and some mornings.
11:39 pm Damn you make me so wet!
11:40 pm Phil: Ah, well good.  Off to bed with me.  Slip your fingers into that wet pussy and enjoy!
11:41 pm Thanks, kid.  Sleep well.

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  1. I always enjoy hearing about peoples lives. If you can and be discreet it would be nice to hear a little about your dad (who he was what he accomplished). Obviously you were his best accomplishment! 🙂

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