February Part 1 Valentine's

February 2011
Note: times show up in my time zone, but his are actually an hour earlier (Central time)
Tuesday, February 1, 2011
7:53 am Good morning!  20 and flurries here.  Can’t find the cats.  Hope there is good in your day.
7:59 am Phil: There is good in every day! 🙂 lot to do today, decisions to be made based on the storm of the century.  Hoo Ya!  Have a great one.
10:50 pm Hiya, kid.  Buried in white stuff?  In between storms here.  SnOMG.  Busy project night – prepped for monthly meeting on Sunday.  Still no sign of kitties.  Sleep well.
Wednesday, February 2
9:08 am  Good morning!  34 here, sleet.  Ick.  Working from home – my employer thinks I’m non-essential!  Happy Groundhog Day!
7:46 pm Worst over?  Great fb photos of snow.  Very quiet here.  Trying not to think about starting chemo tomorrow.  Watched NCIS.  Odd one.  Hope you have a good evening.
7:55 pm Phil: Yeah, still clearing the roads and parking lots.  It will be fine.  You find the kitties?

10:51 pm ABC news based their national storm coverage on your area, looked awful.  Cats finally graced us with their furry faces 45 min ago!  Still can’t tell them apart!
11:28 pm Finally stopped precip.  Good work today – folks saying nice things about you on fb!  Sleep well, sweet man.
12:35 am Phil:  All lies. 🙂
Thursday, February 3
6:52 am Good morning!  20 and clouds, so thankful for a no-drama weather day!  Stay warm kid.
7:03 am Busy – cleaners coming in at 8 am, work 9-11 am, wig fitting 11:45 am and chemo at 12:30 pm!  Whee!  Feels like walking the plank – will I drown?  Float?  Or swim?  Got my flippers on and my sister with me.  Hoping for the best. 

8:13 am Phil: You will swim just fine. 🙂

5:44 pm Home.  Feel fine so far.  Hope you had a fun day.  Can see kitty! 🙂
10:06 pm Hope you have a nice evening.  Thanks for your support today.  Heading to bed early.  Sleep well, sweet man.
Friday, February 4
7:46 am Good morning!  16 and sunny here.  I feel fine, going to work.  Hope you have a fabulous Friday!
7:48 am Phil: That’s fabulous!  Have a great Friday!  Too many meetings today.  No fun.
7:50 pm Home yet?  Hope your work rolled along.  Having a great dinner out at the Independent Pub.  New chef, odd small plates combos but tasty.  Have a great evening!
8:19 pm  Phil: Having beers with the staff.  Work was good.
8:59 pm Ooh…  Are they cool or stodgy?  Does they like you?
9:19 pm Phil: Cool.
9:36 pm Better than the dc people?
9:39 pm Phil: Oh, yeah
10:06 pm Hooray!
10:43 pm Feeling brave.  Sent you a link to racy Star Trek photos.  Only open when you are alone! 🙂 🙂 Sleep well, sweet man.
12:15 am Phil:  Great evening!  Was a lot of fun.  Toured the areas I wanted to change – was much improved.  Nice to make a difference.
12:16 am Nifty.  Proud of you.
Saturday, February 5
8:11 am Good morning! 27 now, headed to 40 and rain!  Hope it takes snow away.  Have a super Saturday!
10:07 am [photo of Legal Seafoods lobster bisque and clam chowder at Shaw’s] Choices, choices. 🙂
10:47 am Phil: Get them both!
10:57 am Busy day?  Been to MGH for a quick bone marrow booster shot and the grocery already.  Whee!  Still working on kitty naming.
6:10 pm Heading out to pan Asian place again, with my sis and her hubby.  Hope you’re having a relaxing time.
9:44 pm Another incredible dinner!  Wish I could’ve handed you a bite of lobster tempura.
10:11 pm Hey, kid.  Off to bed.  Bus ride stuck in my mind, need to hear that story again, w/more details/ what you’ve added over the years. 🙂 Sleep well, sweet man.
11:55 pm Can’t sleep, head full of memories… Mmmm.
Sunday, February 6
7:47 am Good morning!  37.  Sunny.  Headed to 43… melting!  Have Super duper Super Bowl football day!
8:15 am Phil: Snowing its ass off here!  You too!  Enjoy the game!
8:31 am Busy project day – Monthly mtg, and dinner out.  What game? 😉  Go Packers! 
8:03 pm How’s the game?  I’m at the pan Asian place again with 10 project cronies.  Hope you’re having fun!
8:05 pm Phil: Game is awesome!  Having a blast!
8:05 pm Phil: Enjoy!
10:09 pm Wow!  Packers!
10:10 pm Phil: Whoooooooo!
10:10 pm Phil:  What a game!
10:11 pm dinner was incredible.  Again.  But after 3 times this week, I’m ready for something different!
10:12 pm Did you watch w/ the big gang?
10:12 pm Phil: Yeah, mix of Green Bay and Steelers fans
10:13 pm were the Steelers ever ahead?
10:15 pm Phil: Nope
10: 15 pm hee, hee, hee!  Awesome.
10:21 pm I work three people from WI – tomorrow should be fun at the office.
10:38 pm Phil: Oh, yeah
10:40 pm Wants you again… something about football makes you HOT!  Hotter…:)
10:41 pm Shouldn’t say, but it’s true.
11:46 pm Off to shower and bed.  Wishing, um… you know.  Sleep well, sweet man.
11:53 pm Phil: Nite girl
Monday, February 7
6:11 am Good morning!  30 here, going to 40 – more melting!  Hope your week gets off to a great start!
6:16 am Really r
evved up this morning.  No clue why.  Wish you were here to wake me up in style. 🙂
8:57 am I’m off to work, feeling great.  Have a fine Monday!
9:07 am Phil: You too!  Happy Monday!
5:00 pm Off to my Mom’s for a free dinner.  Have a nice evening!
11:32 pm Phil:  Hope it was good.  Snowing here again.  Off to the brig in the morning.  Yippee!
11:33 pm Hey, kid.  Raining here.  Waiting for Hubby to finish a meeting.  Why brig?
11:35 pm Phil:  Just going to visit.
11:37 pm Phil:  All it does here is snow, I swear
11:39 pm Supposed to change over to snow here soon…
11:45 pm Home finally.
11:45 pm Tired or hot?
11:49 pm Ah, well.  No fun for you then.:)
11:51 pm no tits, ass or pussy.  So sad.
12:08 am Sleep well, sweet man.
Tuesday, February 8
7:32 am Good morning!  32 here, snow but not sticking.  Have fun at the brig!
7:34 am Phil: Thanks!  On our way now, have a good one.  Looks like I missed a good time last nite. :):)
7:35 am Just make sure they don’t lock you up!
2:10 pm You make me smile.  🙂
2:23 pm Phil:  Did not lock me up.  Looks like no fun!
2:25 pm Glad you escaped.  Should be bad, deter people, right?
2:30 pm Phil:  Certainly deterred me!
10:06 pm Wants.  You.  Sleep well.
Wednesday, February 9
7:18 am Good morning! Sun and 16. Brr.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!
7:58 am Phil: Good morning!  The temp here is ridiculous!  It’s just friggin cold. Have people coming to tour and see how we do things here.  Then of course we have to entertain them this evening, dinner with the bigwigs tomorrow.  Always interesting and always great food.  Have a great day!
8:06 am Phil:  It’s 2 out, TWO!
8:16 am Yikes!  That is COLD!  Wow, busy you!  My immune system is tanking, no fun.  Be patient w/ me.  Escaping into fantasies of us.  Thank goodness for memories!  Tell me things, you are my joy.  Have fun w/ visitors!
4:05 pm Lots of meetings?  Quiet here.  Feeling better, got a new drug.  Whee.
7:39 pm Phil:  Still meeting.  Glad u feel better
7:40 pm Eating that Thai soup.  Cures all. 🙂
9:00 pm Exciting evening – figured out how to tell one cat from the other.  Heh.
9:35 pm Phil: Does one have a dickie and one not?
9:38 am You are a strange man.
9:46 am Phil: Well that would help tell the kitties apart would it not?
9:47 am Phil: I am not a strange man.
10:00 pm What did you eat?
10:13 pm It’s late.  Hard not to type sexy stuff.  Should stop before I tell you what I’ve been thinking…
10:32 pm You’re right… Not strange at all.  I meant to type sweet and skipped keys. 🙂
10:47 pm Bedtime.  Wishing you were here to tuck me in.  sleep well.
11:11 pm Phil: Nite. :)Had a burger.  Simple food.  Was good.  Off to bed.  Beat.
Thursday, February 10
6:41 am Good morning!  27 and sun.  Busy night!  Big project event.  So psyched.  Have a great Thursday!
6:43 am Phil: Woooo!  Got up at 4:30 am to work out with the staff!  Awesome.  Gonna grab some coffee and hit the elliptical!  Have a great night and an awesome day!
5:40 pm Good meetings?  Quiet day, wrote erotic story at work.  About us as kids.  Heh.  Wanna see?  At the event now, ordering dinner, helping set up.
9:35 pm Event is going so well!  Hope you’re having a fine evening.
10:45 pm All done.  Woot!  1 event down, 9 to go.  Sleep well, sweet man.
11:13 pm Phil:  Awesome!  Glad it went well.  Dinner was great!  Off to bed!
Friday, February 11
Good morning!  18 and sunny.  Rubbing warm kitty tummy.  Life is good.  Say more about dinner?  Have a fab Friday, Philip.

3:45 pm Great photos of you with the visitors!
3:58 pm Phil:  Yeah, that was a lot of work.  Dinner was good, not terribly stuffy.  Had macadamea chicken.  It was actually enjoyable.
6:08 pm Eating Thai food again – satay is especially good!
6:18 pm Phil:  You suck.  I love satay
7:27 pm at event #2, prepped the volunteers. Whee.  So good to see everyone.  Quiet evening for you?
10:06 pm Another event done.  Fun to see people.  Thinking of you, wondering what you’d think of it… Sleep well, sweet man. 
Saturday, February 12
6:39 am Good morning!  23 now-to 37 – melting!  Up late working on a newsletter w/ sis.  have 5 projects in various stages w/stuff going on in March.  Signed up w/a fancy email graphic co co we’ll have a spiffy format.  
6:47 am Busy or quiet today for you?  Hope it’s fun!
8:15 am Phil: Morning.  Hoping for a quiet day.  Going to try to get a little work done, clear a box or two at home
11:58 am You are a nice guy. 🙂
1:47 pm Phil: Well thank you. 🙂
5:24 pm Had an awesome dim sum.  Yummy steamer buns…
5:54 pm Phil: Leftover pot roast
6:23 pm You may not believe me, but I’ve never had pot roast.
6:37 pm Phil: I believe you. 🙂
6:48 pm Wasn’t on my Mom’s menu… Good day?  I’m at event #3!
8:40 pm Huge, responsive audience tonight – talked to someone’s parents here from WVa.
8:56 pm Phil: That’s always nice when the audience is into it.  Did some work, went to the theater.  Was good.  Now sipping a drink, unwinding.

10:22 pm What’s on your mind?
11:04 pm Done with event #3 –
they were so on tonight!  Awesome!
11:06 pm Phil:  Cool!
11:44 pm Home at last.  What a night!  This is what it’s all about.  I am so pumped!  You asleep?
12:40 am Thank you emails all sent to volunteers… Maybe I can chill now.  Sleep well, sweet man. 
Sunday, February 13
[I decided it felt like I’d been bugging Philip too much, that I should back off.  I was also interested to see if he would write to me if I didn’t write to him.  The answer was no. :(]
Monday, February 14
7:54 am  Good morning!  Warmer, 37, headed to 48.  Melt!
8:01 am Phil: Us too.  Water every where!  Bring on Spring!  Busy week here.  I guess they all are.  Waiting for a down week to catch my breath.  Glad the event went well.  Have a good week and Happy Valentine’s Day!
11:48 am Happy Valentine’s Day, kid.  This year it seems sweeter to me for some reason. 🙂
9:24 pm Full of Korean food – yummy seafood scallion pancake.  Hope you had fun.
11:10 pm Hey kid.  Figured out why this day is better this year.  Because you showed me how to have fun again.  Thanks!  Sleep well, sweet man.

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  1. I guess I had not realized that this was 2010/11. Maybe I should have read more carefully but I think in sports so the GB/Pitt reference made it clear. You have held onto these texts for some time!

    Glad you had a good V Day (year before last)!

  2. Happy Spring, Ryan! I’m only a year off! Gives me a little perspective? I am a digital pack rat. Since I don’t have to hide from Hubby, I keep almost everything. And read it over when I am missing Phil…

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