The L Weird

September 16 at 9:22pm
Hey, there! Had a burst of productivity at work after our call…all keyed up. It was grand talking with you! Wish I could have gone all the way with you. πŸ™‚
Phil September 16 at 9:24pm
Sipping scotch enjoying the evening. Thinking about camp, church, our hometown, a sweet sexy girl, a mature sexy woman. Love is a wonderful thing, stays with you forever. I think when you have loved someone, that never stops. You may not end up together, life moves in mysterious ways but it’s always there. I have loved a few people and it never stopped. The joy, the pain, all the other feelings but I think once you have loved someone, you will love them forever. They may hurt you, they may leave yet you always love them. I don’t really understand that but I know its true. I’m going to go sit by the pool, sip a fabulous scotch and think about a girl and a woman. I miss that girl and I look forward to meeting the woman. I look forward to it very much. I think I will love the woman as much as I think I loved the girl

September 16 at 9:39pm
Had a great dinner at one of my favorite restaurants – Mary Chung’s on Mass Ave in Cambridge. Mary Chung Restaurant
It’s a hole-in-the-wall Chinese place near MIT. Very hot Szechuan food. They have this appetizer – Suan La Chow Show – dumplings with sesame oil, garlic, ginger and soy… hot and yummy. Wait…that sounds like you! πŸ˜‰

September 16 at 10:18pm
My goodness… you’re mellow and philosophical this evening.
Careful… it makes you even more attractive. Didn’t think that was possible. *fans self*
What brought that on? Is this the pre-birthday “taking stock of your life” thing settling over you? or the Scotch talking? or what?
Phil September 16 at 10:22pm
Just me. Nothing else, just me. Sorry if I was serious. Did not mean to be. Just a mellow relaxing evening.

September 16 at 10:36pm
Glad you are having a mellow time. You deserve it after all the hard work you’ve been doing in the evenings. πŸ™‚
Serious is fine. If you feel serious and you want to share, I want to read it. Nothing wrong with it. You’ve certainly been very understanding when I had one of my rare serious spells.
September 16 at 11:51pm
I am not ignoring that you typed the L-word. I’ve written six messages… none seem right. Don’t feel like you have to answer any of this… just want you to see where my head was tonight.
#1 cussed you out for changing lanes without signaling… shifting from 2nd gear into overdrive. Not the right first response to such sweet musing from you. Delete.
#2 started in 1973. Told you “I love you” every day. Married you. Had your babies. Traveled with you. Chased you around the kitchen to grab your ass the day after you turned 50. Made love naked in the hot tub with you. Whoa…strange. delete.
#3 when did you start thinking about love again? Before Classmates? When you mentioned camp and I didn’t balk? The night we talked about Mexico? When I said something or did something? A little at a time or suddenly? Too many questions! Delete.
#4 was about not getting serious. Just having fun. Love hurts. It’s not convenient. It comes with so much baggage. Downer. Delete.
#5 sitting on your face. Lovely but off topic. Delete.
#6 mused about the girl’s voice from the past saying: “I will always love him… even if I were married someday (heaven forbid) I would give him my love if he came and asked for it.” ARE YOU ASKING FOR IT? DELETE!!!
#7 You’re asleep. I want talk to you and hold you and fuck so much that I can’t even formulate a simple response when you mention love to me for the first time in 37 years.
Okay. Here is the real message:
What a beautiful thought! I am so glad you told me where your head is tonight. I’ve been thinking about it, too. I look forward to hearing more when you are ready. If you don’t say more, we’ll talk when I see you. de…send!

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