Camp fire chat

September 15 chat

10:40pm Me My diary says you ate a lot of pancakes at camp… won some prize.  
10:40pm Phil oh yeah, ate 23 – think I won the competition, they were amazing
10:40pm Me That’s what my diary says… man, you have such a mind!
10:40pm Phil I could always eat
10:40pm Me heh
10:44pm Me I can’t believe I found all those photos from camp online!  Gotta love the internet!
10:45pm Phil I enjoyed the trip through memory lane.  Could go back there with you.
10:46pm Me It is almost bizarre the things I am finding to show you…So much history!
10:46pm Phil I’m enjoying it all
10:46pm Me We may run into Doctor Who if we keep time traveling!
10:47pm Phil LOL
10:47pm Me It is wonderful…especially with you holding my hand.
10:48pm Phil I’m ok here, now, this is good
10:48pm Me You make both the past and the present so shiny!
Yes, I am usually right here in the moment… this week has been an aberration.
10:49pm Phil you are the same funny, quirky, loving girl you always were. I’m so pleased to discover that. Time sometimes changes people and not always in a good way
10:49pm Me I like that I held on to the good stuff…and added some good stuff
10:50pm Phil fun to look back too, it’s how we found our way here
10:50pm Me bless the road – I give you all the credit for that
10:50pm Phil I take no credit, we did this together
10:53pm Me yeah…together. Lots of amazing “together”
the most amazing I’ve ever felt… with someone 600 miles away.
10:54pm Phil that’s pretty cool. Anytime people can make each other feel good, it’s a wonderful thing and you make me feel very good
10:56pm Me I’ll be very honest here and say that you make me feel incredible, and that is not usually the case. I am used to making the guy happy and taking what I can get. But this is the most… equitable? it’s ever been. It’s odd…most men just take. And I think if they took the time to give, they’d realize it’s even better. For both parties
10:59pm Phil it’s suppossed to be that way. You both give and do what it takes to make each other happy. I don’t want you make me happy> I want us both to be happy, both to enjoy, it’s no good any other way
11:00pm Me There you go with the Prince Charming thing again.. you are made of awesome!
11:02pm Phil I’m no prince and not always charming but I believe that any relationship is a two way street. Has to be. If you feel good, if you are enjoying yourself, I will too
11:03pm Me I would drink to that… if I drank!
11:04pm Phil I’m drinking to it
11:04pm Me heh.  So idea of us going back to camp, to the pond…you…me…my mind is racing… I can so see that …that was a great idea
definitely BUNK material!
11:04pm Phil back where the fire pit is, where the first kisshappened
11:05pm Me it’s slightly up the hill, on the other side
11:05pm Phil I like bunk material. I remember the spot
11:07pm Me might take a blanket this time…naked…in the dark…under the stars…ooh..
11:08pm Phil  oh yeah, my tongue tracing its way down your body
11:10pm Me I am never going to be able to look at the photos of that area in the same way again…
11:13pm Phil good! Want your legs thrown over my shoulders as my tongue dances on your clit, slipping deep inside you, licking up your sweet juices, making you writhe, and twist and thrust
11:14pm Me yes…please…more…
11:14pm Phil feeling you cum on my tongue, slipping a few fingers inside, my tongue back on your clit
11:15pm Me fingers are so good… both for that moment and for the promise of what’s to…cum!
11:17pm Me you have me twisting right now…
11:17pm Phil oh yeah, moving back up your body, over your belly, to your tits, up your neck, my cock now poised against you, rubbing the outer folds of your pussy, slowly pressing into you, so hot, so wet
11:19pm Me I may be begging at that point…need you so bad…
11:19pm Phil your hips rise to meet me, we kiss deeply, joined together, our tongues entwined
11:19pm Me want you so much
so much so much
I wish I had more words to tell you what your words do it me…
that you could be inside my head for just a few moments…hearing the explosions…
knowing what it’s like to be so empty and then suddenly filled…
so right so right
11:22pm Phil oh yeah, thrusting slowly and deep, so hot, so wet, your hands on my ass pulling me into you
11:23pm Me I wonder what I can reach while you are doing that…
can’t wait to explore your body
11:25pm Phil you may explore anything you like, I dream about that. Dream about your tongue on my cock, my balls, my ass, damn
11:27pm Me watch your face… feel your hips…listen to your breathing…
so many so much joy out there to grab onto… and give back…
11:29pm Phil my breathing will be fast, hips rising to give you access, eyes rolled back, trying to watch but not able to
11:32pm Me man oh man… wishing… wanting…
11:33pm Phil moaning, oh Sassy, it feels so good, oh oh yeah, right there, oh yeah…
11:33pm Me mmmm…
11:35pm Me I have the feeling I am going to lose control… in a very good way…
11:35pm Phil baby swing your legs over my face, oh let me eat that sweet pussy, slip my tongue into that tight ass, I love it
oh yeah, grind it on my nose, on my tongue
11:36pm Me I can ride your face…until I can’t…because I.. man…
11:37pm Phil yeah babe, slide up and down, get my tongue right where you want it. Cum into my mouth
11:37pm Me this is wrecking my head… the explosion is massive…
I don’t know what’s happening… shivers…rocking…
all those inner muscles going wild…
for real…right now…
11:39pm Phil oh yeah, baby, cum for me, I want to taste it, want to feel it
oh yes
11:39pm Me my back is arching so far…trying to get to you…closer
you are going to be able to tell how I feel this time…
11:41pm Me you may have to hold me down…I may go off into outer space if you don’t…
11:42pm Phil I want it all, my fingers in your pussy while my tongue is in your ass
11:42pm Me man I am so high… all because of what you are saying… doing…
11:43pm Phil oh yes, my cock is so hard, need to be inside, deep inside, fucking you silly, balls slapping your ass, pussy is so tight, oh yeah
11:44pm Me damn…the ache is so deep right now…fill me…
tell me…tell me…
11:46pm Phil oh yeah, need to cum, want to be buried deep when my hot white cum shoots deep inside you
11:46pm Me let go…let it all go
give it all to me, Philip… I want it so bad…
11:47pm Phil oh yeah Sassy, oh yeah, cumming, shooting deep inside you, oh man
11:50pm Phil midnite again! messy again! I love it
11:51pm Me oh my goodness…My poor desk chair!
11:52pm Phil hope its soaked
11:52pm Me Just about…I’ve never…I mean…well….you know. like this. 
11:53pm Phil actually massaged my balls, rubbed a finger over my ass, slipped it inside slightly, came like a geyser
that’s wonderful!
11:54pm Me Umptth… what an image…good word…geyser… you have the best vocabulary…
I mean that!
damn…it’s not stopping…
what have you done!
11:56pm Phil tasted it, sweet, smells good, room smells like cum again
11:56pm Me It’s like there this…spring…turning inside me…
I don’t know how you do that…set it off and make it keep going…
that is… different…
11:57pm Phil oh yes, keep cumming, like to kneel over you stroking my cock, spraying cum over your tits, your face
11:57pm Me I can’t typte…feel like I am going to break in half!
11:58pm yeah baby, get wet, stay wet, cum again for me
11:58pm Me I didn’t know… I mean..Crap. This is fierce.
11:59pm Phil licking the cum off your tits, kissing you, my cum on my tongue
11:59pm Me AAAAAHHHH!
12:00am Me I am making way too much noise…ok… deep breaths…
12:00am Phil your tongue like fire, sharing, enjoying each other
12:00am Me you like it
12:00am Phil I want to make you scream
12:00am Me watching me squirm…You did! Shit…
12:02am Phil oh yes, want to make you squirm, scream, cum, and cum and cum
I want you completely spent
12:02am Me This is wicked wicked…burns, Philip…
I don’t know what’s going on…it’s still… I mean.. roiling…there’s a word.
12:03am Phil burns is so good
12:03am Me a good burn. yes…good is soooo mild compared to what is going on inside me.
12:03am Phil my cock rubbing against your ass, over your pussy
still covered with cum
12:04am Me How can it keep getting worse? I mean…better…wetter…
This is like riding a damn bull…
ah…that’s it…like being on a horse…a stallion…going so fast…wind in my hair…
12:06am Phil I am a bull, with a cock that never goes down, I can literally fuck all night, damn thing never goes down till we are done
12:06am Me crap…I just made it worse myself
I don’t know whether to curse you or worship you…damn this is so fierce…
12:07am Phil curse me, I like it, Love it when you talk dirty, so fucking hot
12:08am Me there are some very bad words on the tip of my tongue right now… but they’re mixing with some pretty heady stuff… big ball of mixed up want sitting here pulsing so deep you can see the frickin Marianas trench above me!
12:09am Phil ask me to fuck you, tell me you want my cock
12:09am Me you better fuck me…you better bury it so deep…inside me…
12:10am Phil I’m going to fuck you, hard and deep, I’m going to pound your pussy till you beg me to stop
12:10am Me not just fooling around…serious goddamned intense fucking…
I am not stopping
I am going…going…
12:11am Phil oh no, this will be serious fucking, sweat dripping, bodies slapping, cum flying, fucking
12:12am Me how do you do this?! *##$%)(%]
Every time I think I’ve reached it…it just keep going further…
I don’t understand why…can’t think about that now… just feeling…feeling so…
12:13am Phil We will both be quivering piles of flesh, completely spent, covered in cum
12:13am MeI just want you to hold onto me and rock
solid rock…inside…crap this isn’t make sense…
all my brain can do is…you…you…you…
12:14am Phil why, your thighs sticky from your juices, my juices, cum running down your ass, in your hair,
12:15am Me there won’t have to be a bonfire…I am white hot just from you touching me…
I feel like my blood is boiling…
12:16am Phil I love it. Baby, I need to go to bed, you need to clean your chair
12:16am Me I know…I know…Sorry…you just…you know
You go…I’ll come down some day…
I don’t know what it is but you’ve got it…
12:18am Phil hope you got off cause I sure did. sounded like maybe a few times
12:18am Me I lost count.
I never lose count.
not that it matters
12:19am  Phil that’s wonderful. You will sleep well
12:19am Me Yes sir..
you have made this a very good night.
Rest now.
 I’m going to have that laid look again
12:21am Phil you too baby, was very hot, very wet,
good for you. I like it
12:22am Me I hope so
Because I am going to order this dish again!
12:24am Phil you may have this dish when ever you want. nite babe
12:24am Me good night.
12:26am Phil still hard, still dripping, thinking about my tongue in your ass, your tongue in mine, toys, fingers, ummmmph
12:27am Me I am still rockin here. Picturing you inside me.holding you so tight, milking it…
12:29am Phil take every drop, all of it, leaning back so you can watch my cock slipping in and out, feel it, touch it, hard and slick with our juices
12:29am Me ferocious…Who knew there was this much passion…so much
it just clenches and clenches…I know I sound like a broken record…
But…it is so intense!
I don’t understand what’s going on…
12:32am Phil cool, you need to be fucked, again and again
12:32am Me need…yes…
12:32am Phil you need a hard cock buried inside of you
12:32am Me oh. my. god. I swear it is ramping up again…no way…
12:33am Phil you need a tongue in your pussy, in your ass, need your tits licked, sucked
12:33am Me You know you won’t have to touch me…
You can just lie next to me and talk….
12:33am Phil need to feel hot cum spraying onto your tits, onto your face,
12:34am Me as if
how can I feel so alive?!
12:34am Phil fuck that, I am going to touch all of you, every inch, I am going to stick my tongue every where
12:35am Me I didn’t know this.. was possible…I mean…I’ve read about it but…I didn’t KNOW…you know?
12:36am Phil what happens when you are not the only one giving
12:36am Me It’s more though…more…
It’s not just my body…there is something going on in my head…
It’s like the blasted Olympics…faster, stronger, harder…something…
sorry…not making sense…just a blithering idiot breaking into pieces of joy over here.
thanks to you…
12:38am Phil wonderful. I’m glad. I am off to bed hon, I need sleep, gotta drive tomorrow
12:39am Me tomorrow? back to the beach so soon?
12:39am Phil yeah going tomorrow night 
12:39am Me ah…maybe I can tell you stories while you drive.
I’m sorry…I mean for you to sleep
12:40am Phil that would be hot AND FUN> Love the sound of your voice
12:40am Me You don’t have to stay…really
You’ve stayed way past… whatever…
12:41am Phil glad we could cum together, glad we could relive memories, glad we can make new ones
12:41am Me exactly right

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