Reconnect with Same Sassy Girl

So who am I?  I never know how to answer this question!

I’ve always gone by my middle name, so you can call me Sassy.  I’m that girl with the long hair that you knew in high school.  Maybe you sat next to me in homeroom or algebra or sang with me in the choir.  Didn’t we ride the bus together?  Maybe you never spoke to me.  Or you danced with me once?  Or we dated a couple of times and nothing ever came of it.  Was I your high school sweetheart?  Your first love?  Your old flame?  But you dumped me before anything really happened.  You didn’t know it then, but as the years rolled by you’ve realized that what we had was very special and you wonder what became of me.  Late at night, when your life gets crazy, you think about me.

For reasons that will become obvious, I won’t share my real name or specific location, and plan to strip all identifying details from my posts.  I will change certain details to protect myself and other people.  The specifics are not important, and could cause me a fair amount of trouble in the real world.  This blog will be our little secret.  And the less I say about me, the more you can fill in the details with what you remember about your first love.  See, won’t that make it more interesting?

There will be a lot more on this topic as we go along, but here are some basics for a start:

I am a demure woman in my early 50’s with an ordinary life with

  • a liberal arts college degree
  • a day job in an office, 
  • a husband, 
  • cats, 
  • a car, 
  • a condo
  • a loving family
  • faithful friends
i.e., nothing special.  I know lots of interesting people.  I love restaurants.  And long walks by the ocean.  I spend a lot of time clicking around the internet.  Geez, I sound like a boring personals ad!  
In typical “old married lady” fashion, most of my sex life is inside my head.  My husband and I are best friends everywhere except the bedroom.  So I gave up on that.  Turned it off.  Didn’t miss it much.   
Then my first love finds me again after 30+ years… and comes at me at 100 mph!  I discover a whole other side to myself.  And starting thinking about my past, and my future and sex in a whole new way!
Let’s get to the good stuff about how I went from zilch to a sex blogger in 60 seconds (okay, it took a little over a year… but still…)

2 thoughts on “Reconnect with Same Sassy Girl

  1. Hey, I am enjoying your blog. I thought you were describing me there for a moment. Glad to see at least that I am not alone out there. So I have to read more to see if you have actually started to live “the life”.

  2. Thanks, Kitty! Gold star for being my first commenter, and fellow traveler on this strange and wonderful journey. Ah… will she or won’t she? Email queen or alive and in person? Stay tuned…

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