Happy Fourth!

July 4, 2019 Thursday
7:21 AM Sassy

7:31 AM Sassy
Here’s a sexier one for you.

8:36 AM Phil
Happy fourth!

8:37 AM Sassy

[photo of my smiling face, and upper chest in a printed nightshirt with a tiny bit of cleavage]

9:10 AM Phil
Hey there! Have a fabulous day!

9:11 AM Sassy
Thanks! Gonna eat oysters and think of you!
9:19 AM Sassy
Ha! If you use the word locked you know where my mind goes!!

9:20 AM Phil
Ha! So cute!

9:20 AM Sassy

I definitely want mine licked

9:27 AM Phil
Ha! That too made me laugh out loud!


1:09 PM Sassy
Holiday lunch with the family at CK Pearl in Essex

The Essex River from inside the restaurant
Oysters and shrimp cocktail
Clam chowder
Swordfish sandwich
Fish and chips
Warm buttered lobster roll
Specials board with particulars of the oysters and charcuterie 

1:46 PM Sassy

Dessert time at Down River Ice Cream! Salty C cone for me with salted caramel ice cream!
3:25 PM Sassy
Stopped by the pie stand in Essex – In addition to fruit pies and chicken pot pies, they have vegetables, fruit, honey, beans, eggs, cold drinks, flowers, small trees and jewelry!  And some animals (who are not for sale)

4:56 PM Phil

[photo of cars in a driveway in the pouring rain]

Raining pretty good!

5:51 PM Sassy
Wow! That’s quite something!

Hope you don’t need to be outside for anything

6:54 PM Phil
Sitting in the garage watching
6:56 PM Sassy
7:45 PM Sassy
Beautiful night in Boston

Boston Live Charles River webcam

8:04 PM Phil
Pretty town

[photo of the view from his balcony – lots of trees]

Green and pretty here

8:20 PM Sassy
I’m watching military men singing at The Pops concert on the Esplanade!

4 Vibes at once

June 2, 2019 Sunday

11:22 AM Sassy
Hope you’re having a most excellent Sunday!

I’m enjoying a quiet day. Hubby brought me breakfast from McD’s! Doing laundry and plant work. The balcony door is open!

6:19 PM Phil
I did, church. Cleaned the entire house because apparently I am the only person who knows how to use a vacuum, mop and dust cloth. Then time for a drive. Now grilling Cornish hens on the grill

[photo of his hand holding a glass of Scotch]

6:22 PM Phil
My plants are taking off

6:23 PM Sassy
Hiya kid!

6:23 PM Phil
Hey cutie

6:24 PM Sassy
I’m lying in bed figuring out how to use 3 vibes at once. ; )

6:25 PM Phil
Mmmmmm, love that visual.
Jerked off on the deck last  night thinking about you doing that

6:26 PM Sassy
Would like your tongue

6:27 PM Phil
On your clit or flicking in and out

I’ve got a long tongue

6:28 PM Sassy
Tongue on clit, fingers inside

6:29 PM Phil
Oooh, that’s an easy one!

6:29 PM Sassy

6:30 PM Phil
Like to feel you shiver as my tongue hits the right spot

6:32 PM Sassy

[photo of three vibrators between my legs, a bit of pubic hair and white panties with a purple and blue flowers pattern]

Bit of a 3 ring circus

6:33 PM Phil
Mmmmm, see a bit of pussy

That looks like a fun circus

One on your clit, one inside

Work that sweet pussy

6:36 PM Sassy
The white one on the top

Just stuck a 4th on my ass


6:36 PM Phil
Mmmmm, be happy to replace it with my tongue
Or this

6:38 PM Sassy
A little revved up tonight

6:38 PM Phil
[photo of his erect cock sticking out of his shorts while he’s standing outside]


6:39 PM Sassy

6:39 PM Phil
That’s so fucking hot

6:40 PM Sassy

[photo of four vibrators between my legs]

4! Whee!

6:40 PM Phil

That has to feel unreal

6:42 PM Sassy
Kinda crazy

6:43 PM Phil
Hot purple toy gently pressing into your ass, others making you quiver

Be fun to be managing those toys based on how you moved, how your hips thrust up or down

I have other nice toy that would fit in there somewhere

I’d let you use that purple toy on me

Be happy to lick those toys clean

Toes curling? Mmmmmmm

6:56 PM Sassy

You are so fun!

6:57 PM Phil
Hope that was spectacular

6:57 PM Sassy
And patient with my wackiness

I’m back down to one on my clit

6:58 PM Phil
You could take one of those coated in your juices and slip it up my ass while you suck my cock

I love the wackiness

7:00 PM Sassy

[gif of a man rubbing a woman’s clit with his thumb while he shoves his cock in and out of her and she rubs his index finger]

7:01 PM Sassy
I’m thinking of your thumb on my clit while you pump in and out

7:02 PM Sassy
[gif of a woman kneeling in front of a naked man and licking his balls]

7:03 PM Sassy
Do those work?
They won’t let me open them…bleh

7:03 PM Phil
Mmmmm, fucking your sweet pussy

VIDEO – 23 seconds of him standing outside stroking his cock

Oh Yeah, they work

7:06 PM Sassy
Oh man…you are so hot!

7:07 PM Phil
You just do me

7:08 PM Sassy
[simple line drawing of a woman sitting on a man’s face]

7:08 PM Phil
Yeah, sit on my face, feed me your sweet pussy

That position lets you control where my tongue is

7:10 PM Sassy

7:10 PM Phil
I wouldn’t mind sliding my cock between your tits either

Into your mouth when lubrication is needed

Nothing like stroking outside

7:12 PM Sassy


love4transform.tumblr.com – Tumbex


I found this site called tumbex

7:14 PM Phil
Love those

7:14 PM Sassy
They found a way to access tumblr posts without having to log in and w/o the censors!

7:14 PM Phil
That’s pretty cool!

those are hot as hell

7:14 PM Sassy
I type into Google tumbex sexy [or whatever] and up come links

7:15 PM Phil
I think big tits and pull up a picture of you

7:17 PM Sassy

7:17 PM Phil
I’ve had your tits in my hands and mouth for over 40 years so they are special to me

As is the girl who comes with them

7:18 PM Sassy
I look at these sites looking for poses I can try.

You are so sweet to me.

7:18 PM Phil
Any pose is sexy as hell cause it’s you

[photo of two Cornish Game Hens on the grill]


7:19 PM Sassy

7:19 PM Phil
Cute little buggers

7:20 PM Sassy
What did you put on them?

7:20 PM Phil
Salt and pepper, fresh rosemary, onion and orange in the cavity

Cute little suckers. My Mom used to make them

7:21 PM Sassy
I’ve never had one

7:21 PM Phil
I’m going to go eat and then jerk off in the hot tub to photos of you

They are delicious!

7:21 PM Sassy

7:21 PM Phil

7:49 PM Phil
They were juicy, crispy and delightful

7:50 PM Sassy
Side dishes?

7:50 PM Phil
With roasted beets, turnips, carrots, onion and fennel. Healthy and delicious

Cheesecake for desert. Not as healthy

7:51 PM Sassy
With fruit?

7:51 PM Phil
Fresh blueberries

7:52 PM Sassy

7:52 PM Phil
My favorite is bread pudding with bourbon sauce


7:52 PM Sassy
We had Chinese at 5 PM so of course I’m starving

7:53 PM Phil
Chinese is so good but only lasts an hour.

7:53 PM Sassy
So odd

7:53 PM Phil
I know! WTF?!

7:53 PM Sassy
I had this new dish with shrimp, scallops and green beans sauteed

7:54 PM Phil
doesn’t matter what you eat either

7:54 PM Sassy
Called the Imperial couple. Heh

7:54 PM Phil
I have them make it all spicy
So good!

7:55 PM Sassy
This was spicy – right on the edge of too much but I tossed in lots of rice

7:55 PM Phil
Never too much for me, I like it Indian hot

7:55 PM Sassy
You’re hot all around

7:57 PM Phil
So easy to find in England and Canada, so hard to get here. We ate curry in Newquay and watched people cry. I was licking it up

You ain’t so bad yourself you hot sexy thing

7:57 PM Sassy
Ha! Charmer.

You inspire me

8:01 PM Phil
So much fun to read back and look at your photos. Last night, my cock was really flowing and I was coating my fingers and licking them clean and stroking some more till my fingers were again coated and finally shooting all over my chest and belly.

You inspire me

VIDEO – 25 seconds of him stroking sitting outside

8:11 PM Sassy
Mmm…so amazing to see you and hear you

8:13 PM Phil

[selfie of him smiling up at the camera]

The other half
A smile for you

8:14 PM Sassy
Awww…thanks! Melts me

8:15 PM Phil

love ya Sass

8:16 PM Sassy
I love you!

[selfie of my face and the top of a purple nightshirt]

8:16 PM Phil
Aww thank you. There’s my girl

8:17 PM Sassy

[another selfie of my face and the top of the purple nightshirt]

I made a turkey and cheese sandwich.

8:18 PM Phil
With that in mind, gonna jump in the hot tub

8:19 PM Sassy
Have a grand soak!

8:19 PM Phil
Sounds good too!
I bought amazing smoked Gouda and spicy bison sausage yesterday. It’s fabulous!

8:21 PM Sassy
Never heard of bison sausage! Will have to look out for that…

8:22 PM Phil
Local butchers made it, lean and delicious, like a summer sausage. They sounded like all of my relatives

8:22 PM Sassy

I found this recipe – looks worth a try

8:24 PM Phil
Does look good! I’m a Shawarma fan.
Best thing ever at 2:00am

8:26 PM Sassy
Oh, that sounds tasty!

8:28 PM Phil
Amazing! Many of them in Haifa and Tel Aviv.

8:30 PM Sassy
I’ve been reading military news and it boggles my mind
Hope you can stay out of the headlines!

8:36 PM Phil
I try!

8:37 PM Sassy
Seems like your current slot might be less at risk for that…

So sad about shooting! Did you know any of the people?

8:51 PM Sassy
15 more work days… so ready to be done!!!

8:57 PM Phil
Didn’t know anyone but been in that building dozens of times.
So sad.
Woo Hoo! Retirement coming up!

8:59 PM Sassy
Hope I’m better at staying out of the workforce than you are!

Did you see the photos of the new Star Wars land at DisneyLand?

The Millennium Falcon blew me away!

9:32 PM Phil
It’s spectacular. We got a pretty good look when we were there.

I suck at this retired thing

9:34 PM Sassy
Indeed! But that’s fine… whatever works, kid.

9:38 PM Phil
I still enjoy making a difference

9:39 PM Sassy
I am looking for ways to do that… who knows what?!

9:41 PM Phil
Good for you, many ways to be impactful.

10:49 PM Sassy
The Red Sox won one! Whee!

Sexy gif

April 28, 2019 Sunday

From: Sassy

To: Truck 
Sent: Sun, Apr 28, 2019 at 1:14 PM
Re: April days

Hiya Stan!

Hope you’re having a fun Sunday! How’re things in your neck of the woods? 

54 days to retirement – I am counting the days! I have a lot to do before then… going to buy a new computer – always had ones that belonged to work. And do new wills since I get free legal help as a benefit at work. And sort out all my work papers and computer files. Whee!

I found a new source of gifs to explore. Click the title of this sub-reddit for some sexy snippets and let me know if you find anything inspiring! I’m still in an oral mood lately. Your scenario really got me going! HOT! 


My regular fella I call The Northerner. We manage a meet about once a month. He doesn’t correspond in between, just pops up when he can escape work for a few hours. He misses out on my excellent correspondence, but he sees it as too risky.  He is very sweet and very vanilla, which doesn’t exactly satisfy but is way better than nothing! I’ve been slowly helping him broaden out over the years. We’re having our first evening meet next week and going to a concert. That should be different!

Keep misbehaving!


Those eyes

April 28, 2019 Sunday 

From: Greg

To: Sassy
Sent: Sun, Apr 28, 2019 at 6:03 AM
Re: No more PF Chang’s

Will look forward to receiving your report:)

I didn’t understand that they had been daytime encounters. Where is your place of choice and how were you able to escape work?? I’m jealous!!

Have a great day!


Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone


From: Greg
To: Sassy
Sent: Sun, Apr 28, 2019 at 1:03 PM

Hiya G!

Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday! At least it’s not raining… yet.

Hubby and I went to the Cat Show yesterday! Probably the event you would be least likely to attend! It was good fun with beautiful felines, fun vendors and silly judging. A couple of Hubby’s lady friends came along and we had a nice Italian lunch at Alfredo’s.

Oh yes, we always meet during the day when he is supposed to be at work. I go out to the burbs close to where he works. We usually meet for a late lunch then head to a hotel for “dessert.” I make the hotel reservation so it doesn’t show up on his credit card, and he pays me back in cash. I can take all sorts of time off so that is not a challenge as long as I am not in the middle of some big event. Soon I will escape completely! 54 days….

I found a new source of naughty gifs to explore. Try this – not high class but worth clicking around? Start here and then click porn_gifs at the top to see other links. Enjoy! 

Hugs with groping! And some French kisses!


A New Year’s Eve kiss

December 31, 2018 Monday

6:45 AM Phil

[Happy New Year! gif]

6:45 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!
I’m sick…bleh
Hubby is sick
Sis is sick
6:52 AM Sassy
Hope you have a wonderful last day of this year!

8:02 PM Sassy
Final dinner of 2018 at home – rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes and stuffing with gravy!

11:48 PM Sassy

[Happy 2019 gif]

11:49 PM Phil
Hope you all feel better!

Happy New Year!

12:08 AM Sassy
Thank you Philip! Love you@
12:33 AM Phil
Love you back!

Lick and pump

December 2, 2018 Sunday
7:51 AM Phil
Good morning! A little homework before church. Hope your day is good.

[photo of his desk with papers, laptop computer, glasses, bottle of San Pellegrino]

7:52 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!
I’m going back to bed to play and relive my Friday fun. ; )

8:01 AM Sassy
I will never look at a hotel desk in quite the same way!

8:40 AM Phil
Well well, enjoy! Back to work for me!
4:35 PM Sassy

5:17 PM Phil

[photo of his balcony with a TV showing a football game, and a fireplace]

5:23 PM Sassy
Your team having a good day?

5:29 PM Phil
So far, they are!
5:36 PM Phil
Hung the greens at church, sang, finished my homework, now enjoying the game. 
Good day. 
Hotel Desk?
5:54 PM Sassy
I’ve been doing stuff at home. internet is down so I’m stuck on my phone. Grrrr

The Northerner got quite frisky when we first entered the room – couldn’t wait, made good use of the desk!

5:56 PM Phil
Cool! Always fun to shake it up
5:57 PM Sassy
He’s usually…conventional. I was shocked and pleased.

5:58 PM Phil
Ha! Good for you!

6:33 PM Sassy
Beef stew! It’s what for dinner!

7:32 PM Sassy
Here are my easy recipe notes – 
Cook egg noodles in boiling water, drain and set aside. 
2 20 ounce cans of Dinty Moore beef stew
2 heaping teaspoons of minced garlic
2 cans of sliced mushrooms 
Simmer all ingredients in a pan. 
Pour over egg noodles, added freshly chopped onions for crunch and topped it off with shake cheese! 
Took about 20 minutes. Makes four big bowls worth. Yum!

One more try

July 29, 2018 Sunday

No word for over two weeks… at least I didn’t blather on without a response this time?  
So many questions… what the heck happened to move him from 100 mph to zero?  Why did he come after me so hard for months and see me twice and only then say he is conflicted?  
Ugh.  I can’t do this anymore.   Ooof…. I wanted this man SO MUCH.  *sigh
I am making one more try.  
To: Reggie
From: Sassy
Sent: Sun Jul 29, 2018 at 1:57 PM
Subject: A handsome man

Saw the handomse man as I was browsing tumblr today…thought of you. Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful day!

Corn dog

July 29, 2018 Sunday

11:16 AM Sassy
Dig this amazing video of a finely crafted old locket now in the British Museum.

The Lyte Jewel

5:16 PM Sassy
Sunday supper at Sonic in Peabody

My corn dog
Hubby’s cheeseburger, fries and corn dog with an Ocean Water
Chili cheese dog, popcorn chicken, tater tots, onion rings, fries 
and a cherry limeade
The front
Their huge menu board

The rather prosaic location on Rte 1

9:45 PM Sassy
Hope you had a grand Sunday!
Here’s a thought or two to help you sleep.

Library card online

July 21, 2018 Saturday

7:42 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!
Another beautiful morning – hope you’re seeing the same!

9:40 AM Phil
Gonna be a rainy one for us but temps are great

12:14 PM Sassy

12:45 PM Phil
Ha! That looks like fun

1:35 PM Phil
[photo of him in the bathroom in a long sleeve t-shirt and shorts smiling into the mirror]

1:36 PM Sassy
Oh my… between your smile and sexy shoulders… mmm… really gets me going!!

5:03 PM Sassy
Summer flowers in Malden

5:05 PM Sassy
Delicious late lunch at All Seasons Table in Malden

Hubby’s kung pao lamb
My “bird’s nest” – house special fried noodles 
with chicken, shrimp, beef and vegetables
Snow crab sushi

7:21 PM Sassy

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to share a new photograph of Prince George to mark His Royal Highness’s fifth birthday.

The photograph was taken in the garden at Clarence House by Matt Porteous, following the christening of Prince Louis on Monday 9th July.


10:23 PM Sassy
I got a Boston Public Library ecard! Any Massachusetts resident can get one! I can get ebooks and audiobooks online for free. Whee!