Vacation Step #12 RI

May 30, 2015 Saturday

Happy Saturday!

9:39am Phil
You too!

You off to the countryside again?

9:44am Phil

10:06am Phil
middle of the state

Ah. ..that’s sounds like fun.

I’ll see Mom, then heading to the Boat House in RI!

11:53am Phil
Lovely day all ready

Lunch with mom – Shrimp Monterey @ Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant Lexington

Vacation step #12
The Boat House Restaurant in Tiverton, Rhode Island!


The spectacular view of Mount Hope Bay from our table at The Boat House, Tiverton RI


 Raw bar sampler – oysters, shrimp and clams
 Smoked chilled duck, 
with Hubby’s spicy corn chowder in the background
 Baked stuffed lobster
 Hubby’s fish and chips
Rhubarb tart with blackberry sorbet and hot chocolate

Rhode Island water views

 Mount Hope Bay
 Mount Hope Bay
 Grinnell Beach
 Grinnell Beach
  Grinnell Beach
 Tiverton Harbor

 Tiverton Harbor

Viennese tortoise secrets

May 29, 2015 Friday


From Jonathan Carroll’s Facebook page

“On my first night in Vienna, Jonathan Carroll walked me over to the Danube, where we sat on a flight of steps leading down to the river. The dog walkers were out in force. Greetings were exchanged with small movements of the eyes, and the dogs sniffed one another fondly…Jonathan kept his eye on a woman at the next bridge. She was moving so slowly I thought she might be leading a dogsled pulled by escargots. After an hour, the woman walked in front of us, and she bowed her head in acknowledgment of Jonathan. With great dignity, he returned the gesture. To my surprise, she was walking two enormous tortoises, displaced natives from an Ethiopian desert. The woman walked them every night, and Jonathan was always there to admire their passage. 

‘That’s what writers do, Conroy,’ he said. ‘We wait for the tortoises to come. We wait for that lady who walks them. That’s how art works. It’s never a jackrabbit, or a racehorse. It’s the tortoises that hold all the secrets. We’ve got to be patient enough to wait for them.’”

Pat Conroy
from *My Reading Life*

Lake W Day 2

May 28, 2015 Thursday

Good morning kid!

A quiet morning at the lake. Ahhh…

8:00am Phil
Good morning!  Looks very quiet

The summer tourist season has not started here. So strange!

At supper last night there was a handsome older man at the next table where I saw his face every time I looked up. And his bright yellow t-shirt with 4 blue letters. And I caught words here and there… kept you high in my mind. ; )

8:07am Phil
Older gentleman?!

Looked like a military man. : )

As compared to the teens who work the place.

You are my favorite older man you know…

They’re about to have Bike week in Laconia. Bet you’d have fun with those folks.

8:11am Phil
Ahhh. Would be fun. Starting to ride with a local group. Fun people

Great! The folks I met with Kris were the best.

8:13am Phil
Free spirited people, enjoying life

I work with such an uptight, workaholic crowd

Loosen em up.

8:43am Phil
I try very hard, people have no lives, just work. We go on travel, put in 10-12 hour days and they go back to the hotel and work till they can’t see anymore. Come home and they work all weekend. And they do it for free cause they don’t claim the time. Screw that!

It is so beautiful here…restores my soul

9:26 am
Morning walk by the lake

Momma Mallard and her 9 ducklings

The Margate beach bar

Me at water’s edge


Flowers in a planter by the hotel door 

More rhododendrons

Delicious breakfast @ Kitchen Cravings, Gilford NH

Dining room full of kitsch

All the beverage

Hubby’s “fluffiest ham & cheese omelet evah” 
with asiago cheese bread toast

The trainer – 1 egg, 1 bacon, 1 sausage, 1 french toast 
with a side of bacon and a side of kielbasa!

The unicycle – french toasted cinnamon swirl danish

12:01pm Phil

: )

A Lake Winnipesaukee day!

Weirs Beach…everything closed and empty.

The lake

Kellerhaus sign

Kellerhaus itself

Flowers near the Kellerhaus entrance

A big marigold near the Kellerhaus entrance
The ice cream buffet topping list

The ice cream buffet

The Kellerhaus ice cream parlor

Shibleys at the Pier, an amazing lake front restaurant in Alton Bay

Shipley’s at the Pier menu with a fun map of Lake Winnipesaukee

The bandstand in Alton Bay

Interior of Shipley’s at the Pier. 
They also have a water-level outdoor deck.  But it was too hot to sit out there. 

The lunchtime view

Lunchtime view of Alton Bay, NH

My lunch – split pea with ham soup and scallops wrapped in bacon

Reuben egg roll with delicious mustard

A last look at the lake

Lake W Day 1

May 27, 2015 Wednesday

Vacation step #9

Maine Lobster

Salad bar extraordinaire @Warren’s Lobster House, Kittery Maine

Lake Winnipesaukee views

 Alton Bay – we made it!
 Alton Bay with its cute little bandstand out in the center
 Precious cottages
 The scenic overlook

Vacation step #10

a Lakeview room at the Margate Resort in Laconia, NH

Hiya kid! I’m at the lake!  Heading to lobster and thinking of you.

6:41pm Phil
Cool! Enjoy!


Eating lobster in a thunderstorm in Meredith, NH

 Eating inside for the first time
 Thick clam chowder!
Hot buttered lobster roll

More than a money pony

May 26, 2015 Tuesday

Good morning kid!

Vacation step #8
Trying a different car wash.

Whoa… four jets just flew by low and tight. Whee!

12:54pm Phil
Why are jets flying low in Boston?

Blue Angels are in town for a photoshoot

4:11pm Phil
Hey girl! Hope your day was grand!
Enjoying some much needed Phil time. Having oysters and beer.

The wife goes out to lunch with her buddies, buys what ever she desires. Gave me, the one who makes the money, a hard time for wanting to get some oysters. I took her home and left her there!


4:20pm Phil
She’s ok most of the time but sometimes, I just get enough and the best thing I can do is take a time out. Be different if she earned anything and did not spend like it was water. I keep hoping that will change but like my kids, she takes everything for granted. I’m just the money pony. Work him till he drops and then live off the benefits and insurance

I think it’s wise to get away when your patience ebbs.

I’m sorry they make you think that… you are so much more!

You know if I was there I’d smile at you.

4:52pm Phil
I know.
My kid is mad cause I won’t give her a house. I could just smack her but I won’t.

You know that’s nuts right? No one does that!

4:54pm Phil
Uh yeah.  I already let her live there way under the market price, pay all the fees, pay the taxes and do all repairs

You are better to them than anyone I know.

Where are you? Can you see water?

5:21pm Phil
Nah, just traffic


New product alert! These Cookie Chips jumped into my cart at RiteAid yesterday. They are a cross between a cookie and a potato chip… avoid unless you adore chocolaty crunchy deliciousness without artificial stuff!


May 25, 2015 Monday MEMORIAL DAY

Blessings and dear remembrances. You always strike the perfect note in your reminder of the day.

9:48am Phil
Riding into the country to relax at a winery and listen to tunes. Beautiful 2 inch thick rib eyes marinating for dinner and I have tomorrow off!

Sounds awesome! I get to have lunch with my niece. And spoil her. : )

I wish I could spoil you…ride along the ocean, feed you lobster!

9:53am Phil


11:48 am
May our remembrance and gratitude be a blessing this Memorial Day. Every year, the Massachusetts Military Heroes organization plants a Garden of Flags – 37,000 of them – in front of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Boston Common to commemorate each of the Massachusetts service members who have given his or her lives to defend the United States and our freedom since the Revolutionary War.

Having lunch with my niece in the park.  Her parents never take her to McDonald’s, so she always asks me to take her!  We had fun on on the swing and jungle gym.  She is such an athlete!

Vacation Step #6
Dinner at Asian Gourmet, Concord

Shirley Temple

 Juicy pork buns (soup dumplings)
 Sausage fried rice
 Beef wrapped in scallion pancakes
 Lamb with onions and scallions
Kung pao beef

Connecting old friends

May 24, 2015 Sunday

Back at the Ninety-Nine in Woburn again.  Having lunch with Mom and an old friend of hers from our hometown.  You remember [name redacted]?

You have fun today?

I adventured into the Back Bay to pick up Mom’s friend and get to see her. 

Her daughter is Sis’ best buddy from high school, so she set it up and I carried it out!  I think the message has gone out, “If you want to see her one last time, come now!”

6:17pm Phil
Oh yeah! That’s cool!

Vacation Steps 3-5

May 23, 2015 Saturday


Vacation step #3 
Sleeping in. : )

Vacation step #4 
Big breakfast!

Happy Saturday! You home?

12:43pm Phil
Yup! Got the kid and heading to wineries

Yay! I’m out for lunch with Mom

  Mixed grill special @The Ninety Nine Restaurant Woburn

Vacation step #5
Getting the food that expired in 2012 out of the freezer. I will spare you any photos!

I was going to make step #6 cleaning up my car, but the car wash place has gone out of business after 50 years. Now where can I get my car detailed?