Getting to know Kris

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent: Apr 1, 2014 8:55 AM
Hi Sassy (is “Sassy” really your name?),
What I’d like to do even more than email is IM/chat with you.  My Yahoo Messenger IM username is:  amfreespirit77.  If you don’t have Yahoo Messenger it’s a free download.  It would let us get to know each other with more immediate “give and take.”  Everyone has different “levels of comfort” and “speeds of getting to know someone.”  Eventually–I like to meet personally–preferably for lunch or dinner where we have a few hours of time to get to know each other.  Let me know your comfort level.  If you’re available to IM/chat—I have some time tonight after 8:00pm—if you’d like to and are free then.  Looking forward to getting to know you….[his first name].
From: Sassy
To: Kris
Sent: Apr 1, 2014 9:33 AM
Subject: A connection
Hiya Kris, 
It will be great to talk to you in real time!  And get away from AM!  I don’t like them taking your money!  
Thanks again for your long note!  It is so fun learning about you.  I’m not usually so verbose, but your initial message inspired me to use up every single letter of AM’s 2000 character limit!  And to move along quickly… not be coy and make you write 65 messages before we get to what matters! 
Wow!   You have moved around.  Want to say why?  I feel downright stationary having lived in only two places since I left college.  
Glad to know you have a cat, so I know you’re not allergic.  
Are you a newbie to affairs?  Doesn’t matter either way, just curious.  
So glad you can cover your tracks.  The last thing either of us needs is your angry wife making our lives hell.  
Thank you very much for your frank answer about your fantasy!  The demure lady side of me balks at saying so, but Sassy screams I REALLY LIKE SEX A LOT!  đź™‚   When men ask what I want, it’s tough to answer because it varies so much!  My short answer is… “I like men.  And sex.”  Some days a back rub seems like heaven.  Other days I want to be shoved face down on the bed and fucked until I am screaming and sweating.  Most days, I want a conversation… hours long, punctuated by a kiss… a touch…. laughing… sucking… more talking… moaning… soaring… Can you help me with that? 
 I crave the basics – holding hands, a back rub, kissing, being touched by a man who knows what a G-spot is and how to find it with his fingers while he’s licking my clit.  I want a man who knows a breast is more than a nipple and uses his hands and mouth over the entire surface.  I want different positions – doggie, deck chair, side by side, me riding… I dream about shower shenanigans.  I am willing to “teach” and “be taught” as the AM boxes say. 
I don’t know what “wild” or “kinky” is anymore.  I used to think anything but missionary in the mostly dark was kinky.  Now almost everything seems “normal” to me.  I have to laugh when men ask, with great care…. “Would you do… doggie?”  Heh.  Of course!  “Would you… you know… touch me?”  “Could we leave the lights on?”  That makes me so sad that the woman in their life has made that seem exotic.  And challenges me to grab them and suck every chance I get!  
Toys… I have a box of five!  A friend talked me into buying them when Amazon had a sale, and I thought they’d enhance things with a man.  But I haven’t had a chance.  Would you explore with me? 
Yikes… what a hussy I am today.  Hope I haven’t been too forward.  Life is short.  đź™‚ 
Looking forward to this evening!  
From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent: Apr 1, 2014 2:37 PM 
Re: A connection
Hi Sassy,
I moved around a lot for different reasons.  When I was younger it was because my wife and I were hard-core “hippies.”  Lived in communes out West, all over New England, “group houses”–sex and drugs (mostly hallucinogens–pot, hash, acid, etc…no smack, coke, meth or hard stuff like that) and rock ‘n roll.  
Later–I moved because of work.  I don’t drink because I’m a recovered alcoholic.  Last drink I had was January 1993–and I hope to die sober.  You can drink if you like–doesn’t bother or tempt me at all.  If I pick up again I’ll either be dead or in jail (been in jail–not going back there).  I was a “very scary man” back then–separated from wife 2X, lots of “bad ass” behavior–and did some jail time for 3 DUIs.  
Which leads to whether I’ve had affairs before.   Both times when I was separated from my wife I had affairs with women.  But mostly the women were “drinking buddies”–and partying and drinking at the worst, bad-ass bars in town was our main “entertainment.”  We fucked too–but it was almost “secondary” to drinking (if that makes any sense).
I haven’t been with anyone but my wife in 25 years…so this will be completely different than those “affairs” in the past.  Today I’m a gentle, good, and sober man.  BUT—there’s still that “bad boy who’s wild” who wants to come out and play.  (Oh yeah–then there’s the brand new $33,000 Harley I’m having delivered to a storage shed on Friday–because my wife doesn’t know about THAT yet.  I’ve told a few people about it–and they’ve all said the same thing.  “You’re a fool and a dead man.”  Oh well—there’s that “bad boy” again.)  Call it a mid-life crisis–or whatever you want.  Just want to express some of it in bed with a woman who loves sex.
 By the way–all your descriptions of sex sound like great variety!—-and a lot of fun!  Honestly—I’ll be a little nervous if we get there— but I have a feeling you’ll “put me at ease” very quickly.
Well–if all that “over-self-disclosure” didn’t scare the hell out of you….chat with you later…
From: Sassy
To: Kris 
Sent: Apr 1, 2014 10:33 PM
Subject: The black
Here’s my famous cleavage.  đź™‚ 
[photo – you know the one!] 
From: Sassy
To: Kris
Sent: Apr 1, 2014 10:34 PM
Subject: Opening night

Here I am dressed up to go out about two years ago.  Look the same, just long hair now. 

Kris Kringle

Monday, March 31, 2014 
I didn’t hear from “Santa Claus” later on Saturday.  Or Sunday.  Or early Monday.  I started to give up.  How could I be the only one who was so excited and felt this great sense of urgency? 
I told the folks in chat how excited I was by this guy that looked like Santa Claus, and asked them to think good thoughts.  They told me I could NOT nickname him Santa.  Ha!  I asked if “Kris Kringle” could work and they allowed as how, if I mostly used Kris, that would be fine.  So here we are.  
Finally, late-afternoon Monday I got another message from AM saying he had written.  Hooray!  I logged in to read it! 
From: Kris 
To: Sassy 
Monday, Mar 31, 2014 1:46 pm 
Hi Sassy, 
Wow! That’s the most detailed reply ever (which I liked!) To answer your questions: 
1) Lived in NH for over 10 years. Mostly lived in New England with some spells in the West and Midwest.  Age 19 married my 16-y.o. girlfriend. Moved out west for a few years then back. Wife got pregnant but shortly after that she divorced me. I remarried to wife of 30+ years. 
2) I have grown children, grandchildren, 1 cat, some fish. 
3) Mostly “something at home, WANT SOMETHING ELSE.” Probably looking to have an affair due to “boredom” and my most recent “mid-life crisis.” I want to “cut loose and act a little wild” (without getting in trouble or hurting anyone). So I stopped listening to classical music–and listen to classic rock. The brand new Harley I just bought (which my wife doesn’t know about yet) cost $33k–more than I’ve ever paid for a car. These are signs of a man having a mid-life crisis (or lost his mind–take your pick). 
4) Communicate in all ways: email, text, IM/chat, phone—whatever you like. I DEFINITELY know how to cover my tracks!!!! 
5) Don’t know if you’d call this a “fantasy”—or just “what I’m hoping for.” I’m hoping for A WOMAN WHO REALLY LIKES SEX A LOT. I envy women’s ability to have multiple orgasms. Men have to “wait” after they get off. I have great stamina and self-control. So unless we decided otherwise (on occasion)–usually I’d want you to get off first. But even after I cum I’d be happy to “keep working on you”—if you want more. I’m hoping you would—because I’m ready “to play as long as you like.” Speaking of “playing”—have any toys you like to use? 
Like to talk more–if you’d like. (“Hugs with groping” made me laugh–which is a good thing!)


Monday musing

Monday, March 31, 2014 
Me: Good morning hot stuff! How was your conference weekend? 7:46 AM
NH Man: Good morning. The conference was very good. First of many more. We had class all day Sat and Sunday toured properties for sale. One is on the same street where I lived as a teenager so kinda interesting. 7:49 AM
NH Man: Long weekend though. I’m at work and kinda burned out 7:50 AM
Me: Nifty! Looking at places is the best part! 8:00 AM
Me: I hear ya. Not much longer til you retire! 8:01 AM

Folsom Prison Blues

Sunday, March 30, 2014

9:52am Phil

Here’s looking at you kid

[photo of him looking at the camera and smiling]
Good morning kid!   You have the best smile!

4:42pm Phil

Working out, hoping it lifts my mood.

5:26pm Phil

That didn’t help. Maybe a beer at the pub.

5:59pm Phil

Nothing works, this is bullshit. Down 14lbs though. Watching my diet more, which is helping. I wanna be 50 lighter. That’s a challenge but already wearing the next size jeans


Sorry for the funk!

Yay for smaller jeans!

6:07pm Phil

Ah well, comes and goes. Smaller jeans is good though. I swapped out a light fixture, swapped out shoes and I’m going to go sit and relax a bit. Hope your day is going great!


Here’s a fun 3 min music video… hope it chases your blues away!

Russell Crowe and Jimmy Fallon Sing Folsom Prison Blues


Ever been to Wrightsville Beach near Wilmington, NC?  A cousin is at this restaurant tonight – looks like your kind of place!

Welcome to the Oceanic! The only restaurant in Wrightsville on the Atlantic Ocean where tourists and coastal residents have come to enjoy our culinary expertise on ocean front you will not soon forget!

Right on the ocean, with paella for only $22!

8:41pm Phil

Looks awesome! I’ve never been to Wrightsville but may have to go.

I love the places on the beach, my dream remains a little house on the beach, couple dogs and lots of love and laughs

My cousins have beach places along there from Wrightsville all the way down to around Myrtle Beach

8:45pm Phil

Cold beer and good food fresh from the sea.
Made blackened fish and veggies. Yummy.

That’s awesome. I want a jeep, a Harley and a place in a beach town.  And the opportunity to throw out all my suits!

Flip flops and shorts, let my hair grow.  Not too long but longer.

And I want the body to walk the beach. Working on that.

Look at the stretch along Rte 17 in NC, just north of Myrtle… Ocean Isle, Holden… near Calabash that has the most amazing seafood places… fun for a week or maybe longer
 – has the Inland Water Way on the back side for more fun

8:52pm Phil

I want to live at the beach, have to look, oysters and beer everyday.

Makes me happy. Miss my girl but I gotta get over that


Should pull up a map of that area.


or this one – great name!   
Check out the county web site hat covers that whole area… fasting growing county in NC…

Fun to poke around!

9:08pm Phil

Oh cool!


trick is not to spend too much on a house because it’s going to get ruined every 20 yrs or so by a storm

9:13pm Phil

Yeah there’s that.  Should have bought the place I was looking at years ago with the Beach Gal.
Forward!  looking on’s some fun real estate listings

Real estate… so fun to browse!

9:21pm Phil

Like the yellow one with the porch cute


The prices seem crazy cheap to me but you may have a different perspective

9:52pm Phil

Cheap to me too

A New Man from NH

Saturday, March 29, 2014

So… it gets to be a month since I’ve seen the NH Man… and he shows no sign of wanting to meet again.  It seems fair to give up after a month?  I am getting really frustrated!  I need to be touched!  But I don’t want to put myself out there again.

Then Ashley Madison sends me an email mid-afternoon.  A man has written me a message.  They say that whether the guy “winked” or “made you a favorite” or wrote an actual message.  But they don’t tell you what or show you the message.  Of course, I have to log in to see it.  They used to send the message but now it’s all about the clicks.

I’ve been getting a lot of these emails, but no actual messages.  I dutifully go look at the guy’s profile anyway and… I dunno.  No one interests me.  They don’t write enough for me to tell.  Or they write way too much about role playing and one-night stands.  Or there are 10 typos in the three sentences they wrote.  *sigh

The email shows the stats from his profile and a photo.  His profile name is fine – something like FreeSpirit77.  Doesn’t mean much, but it’s way better than the Best69-4U or BigSchlongUdig guys.

I stare at the photo.  It’s a color photo of the back of a man steering a boat.  Not a cropped photo with his arm around a woman barely cut out or a strange selfie with a mask photoshopped over his eyes, but a great photo of a man and a body of water on a beautiful day!  I am not into boating but he has nice shoulders.

I read that over the stats:

Age: 62
Location: [Small Town], New Hampshire, United States
Height: 5’10” (178cm)
Weight: 190 lbs (86kg) – A few extra pounds
My Limits Are: Something Long Term
Status: Attached Male seeking Females
Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)

Hmm… 62.  That’s about the same age as the NH Man.  Age doesn’t mean much to me, except that I’ve had good luck with older men.  It probably means he is a couple years older, at least.

Another NH Man?  Never heard of the town.  I check Google Maps for the location.  It’s about an hour away.  That sounds perfect.  Not the coast but near the big highways.  He probably lives somewhere around there.  Most men pick the swankiest town near where they live, so they don’t give away their true location, and sound better than they are.

Hmmm… I ask for men 6’0.  He’s close…

190 pounds?  That seems skinny to me.

Something long term?  Nice.  Please let it be true!  Men think women want to see that so they say it no matter what their real goals are.

Attached.  Good.  I don’t deal with single men.  They have odd expectations.

And he is male.  I like those!

Ethnicity: White… fine.  Whatever.  Most of the men on AM are.


So… definitely worth a look.  I logged on to AM and read his profile.

No checkboxes!  Yay!  He wrote three complete paragraphs with no typos!  He sounded wonderful.  It had me smiling and nodding, even giggled a bit.  It went something like this:

Preferences and encounters I am open to:
I like most of the check boxes. (Not all–I’m not into pain, and you’ll never see me in your underwear. Hope you have a sense of humor.) I’m an unselfish lover and good listener to what you like and want. I’m open to many things–but only what my partner’s interested in and comfortable with. I have high stamina. Your sexual pleasure and satisfaction are very important to me. Let’s get to know each other a little. If we’re a good match–the sex will be good.
What really turns me on:
I need to like you as a person to enjoy you in intimate ways. I want to get to know you. The main thing is just be yourself. If we like each other–we like each other. If we don’t–well, we keep looking.
What I am looking for:
“The thrill is gone”–so looking for a woman to get some of it back with. Not looking to change my situation or hurt anyone. I’m an intelligent, fun-loving, down-to-earth, man looking for a woman who’s fun to be with, easy to talk to, has a good sense of humor, and is looking to get some “lost passion” back in her life. To see what I look like ask for for the Key to my Private Showcase. We could meet for drinks, a cup of coffee, or even lunch or dinner (my treat)–just to see if there’s a spark there or not. Don’t feel we need to like EVERYTHING the same–and we may just not have time. But if time allows–I enjoy boating, downhill skiing, working out, camping, music, museums, arts, motorcycle, concerts, some sports, theater, shows, eating out–a wide variety of things. Don’t drink but am fine with a social drinker. Prefer a non-smoker–but as long as I don’t have to “practically smoke it with you” in an enclosed area–I can live with it. (Here’s where I show my flexibility–and where you need a sense of humor.)

Wow.  I like this guy!  And I could be the woman he describes.  Interesting how he gives a woman clear indication of what he wants, what can happen, what he’s like.  I was eager to read his first message to me. 
5:06 pm via AM 
Hi, Your profile sounds very appealing–both your description of your personality and alluring physical features. I’m a little older than you (8 years to be exact). But don’t count me out based on that. I have a GREAT PASSION for life, LOTS of energy, LOTS of STAMINA in bed–and workout regularly to stay fit. I’m just a little shorter than you say you prefer (5’10”)–but I’m in great shape for my age. I’m giving you my Key for access to my Showcase so you can see what I look like. I like eating at a variety of restaurants–plus enjoy doing many other things as well. Contact me if interested in getting to know me a little. I’d love to treat you to lunch or dinner–just to see if there’s that important “chemistry” needed to move forward. No pressure and no expectations–just a friendly, low-key lunch or dinner. Although I live in southern NH–I work in MA M-F. Traveling to your area  is easy for me. My name is: [redacted]
Wow!  What a great message!  I wanted to write back!  I wanted to know more!  He sounds so… real.  I don’t usually start with a longer message, but he made me want to use every single letter of the 2,000 characters AM will allow.  
I noticed he had already given me access to his photo.  There was a great one of his smile!  It made me feel like he would be a lot of fun.  And make my day better.  He had white hair and beard and looked like… a skinny Santa Claus!  Ho ho ho!

I set about crafting a message with random questions to learn more about him, and a few more tidbits about me.  
6:52 pm via AM
Hiya [first name redacted], 
Thanks for getting in touch!  How are you this murky afternoon?  You brightened my day with your great smile and wonderful words.  I adore your profile without the checkboxes.  Thank you for your kind offer of a meal.  Please talk to me just a bit more before I decide?  Here’s five quick questions: 
1) Have you always lived in NH?  I was raised in upstate NY, came here for college and stayed. 
2) Do you have kids?  Pets?  I don’t have children but am owed by two cats.  
3) What brings you to AM?  Are you the “nothing at home, need something” type?  Or “something at home, need something else?”  Or “more more more!”  
4) iPhone or Android?  I’m Apple with my computers, Android on the smartphone.  I can email, text, chat, calls… whatever works best.  Tell me you know how to cover your tracks? 
5) Say more about your sexual wishes.  A favorite fantasy?  I’ve run into the man wearing panties, the dom, sub… even a man who wanted to listen to me in the bathroom! Nice men but I could not help them.  I am not vanilla… let’s say butter pecan?  I want variety, exploration, equal shares of you do things, I do things, we do  things. I read a lot of sexy and watch videos and want to experiment!  No pain beyond a gentle bite or a slight spank.  Men say I am the best kisser ever, but you’ll have to decide.  
Here’s more about me:
I’ve been told I’m the nicest woman ever, a great sense of humor, discreet, no drama… just looking for fun and passion and a confidante. Is that you?  Age doesn’t matter to me.  If you’re ready to hug a big, tall woman, I’m fine with your height. Thanks for saying you can get down here.  I’m an office manager. I help run a community project in my spare time.  Hubby and I are great friends, but no sex. I beat cancer three years ago. I’m whole and healthy now, but want to live life to the fullest! 
What else would you like to know?  I want to be sure I don’t waste your time.  
Hugs with groping! 
And now I wait… will he write back?!  Please please please… 

Live Sex Shop

Saturday, March 29, 2014
Wow! What a night!   Sorry – I fell asleep at 7:30!  Safe travel!

8:56am Phil

Why thank you!


How was the lobster?

9:00am Phil

Delicious, had clams, mussels and oysters too!

Stopped into the adult book shop, a young couple got naked and put on a hell of a performance.


Whoa.  On purpose?   What a sexy trip you had!

9:04am Phil

Yeah, they started necking and then undressing and then fucking and sucking. She made a lot of noise and ended up with 20 guys jerking off on her. I was not one of those. Just an amused spectator


This isn’t a world I know but I like hearing about it!

Were your buddies with you?

9:06am Phil

They had gone back to their rooms

It was interesting. The couple drove 2 1/2 hours to get there.


Was the woman good looking, well endowed?

9:09am Phil

Nice kids, was her fantasy.

Cute blond, shaved, nice tits

Only the boyfriend penetrated but she had a dick in each hand


Did he use a condom?

9:12am Phil

He did not, came all over her face


did she suck others?

Do they have a stage or is this down some aisle or what?

9:16am Phil

No she did not, just hands. They were in the video viewing section.
She was splattered in cum and begging for more

Seemed a little risky to me


Part of the thrill probably

9:20am Phil

I’m sure.
She let people touch her and they did but she did not fuck or suck anyone else


Quite a bf to help her with that

9:23am Phil

Young serviceman and his girl. Above average dick and he fucked the hell out of her so he was enjoying too


Most men don’t like to share
9:24am Phil
I talked to them, normal, nice kids.

I know. I have friends who swing and they have done stuff like that


You get off on it after?

9:26am Phil

Not my thing. Fun to watch, maybe if you had been up


Sorry I missed that!

9:28am Phil

Me too!

Taking off, have a great Saturday!
Thought you’d enjoy more of my interesting life. It ain’t boring


Adored hearing!

9:30am Phil

Ha ha!


Are you facebooking in the air?

2:54pm Phil

I am


Oooh.  We’re living in the future!

2:55pm Phil

The future is now!


Did you feel the earthquake?

3:01pm Phil

No, I didn’t, guess it was decent sized too.

3:09pm Phil
Doing anything fun?


Just got home from lunch with Mom.

3:11pm Phil

Oh fun!     
You ready to land?
3:12pm Phil
Be there soon?

3:37pm Phil

About half an hour.
Looking forward to a scotch. I think my kid is there too.

3:41pm Phil

Wish you were waiting for me. I’d taste you


Awww… I like the way you think!

3:44pm Phil

Ha ha, after last nights activities.  Never seen anything quite like that


I have but only in p0rn vids!

3:45pm Phil

Perhaps I could spray you with cum


Always wanted to see you spurt!

3:46pm Phil

Different live when you can smell the cum, hear her moan and see every detail.
Next time I get up there


I will help you get to that point.

3:51pm Phil

Sure hope so!


With my hands.
And my hot mouth.
my gorgeous chest

3:52pm Phil

Mmmmm, many places I’d like your mouth and tongue, and I’ll be spraying those gorgeous tits.

Pound your tight pussy first.

Let you cum first and then let you play


Sounds perfect!

3:55pm Phil

Why yes!
Since you don’t use your toy, maybe we can find some uses for it


Oh yes… I dream of that

3:56pm Phil



Yes… trying them out with you.

Seeing how they enhance

3:57pm Phil

Ah cool!

They are a lot of fun.


Need a teacher, co-conspirator, playmate!

3:58pm Phil

Having a toy vibrating your clit while my cock is inside you feels amazing to both


Well, I have five… lots to try!

3:59pm Phil

Being sucked while a toy is slipped up your ass, also wonderful, a toy pressed against balls is wonderful

4:11pm Phil



Hmmm… you’ve given me some great activities to ponder!

4:14pm Phil

Best is girl sitting on my face, while she strokes and sucks while fucking my ass with a toy. Wow!
Lobster, crab, shrimp, clams for supper! Making a seafood boil. Thanks for keeping me occupied sassy girl. I needed the distraction and enjoyed it.
My pleasure!

4:18pm Phil

: ) 
8:26pm Phil
[photo of a bigger pile of seafood]
Wow!  Where?  How much?

I’ve never seen anything like that!

8:28pm Phil

I made it – four lobster tails, 4 pounds of crab, 3 pounds shrimp, 4 dozen clams/mussels

Also had andouille sausage, red potatoes and corn! Yummy


Awesome!  Especially with me staring at a KFC chicken bowl.

8:31pm Phil

Yuck! It was delicious and all fresh. Got it at the fish market

[gorgeous photo of a fish market]
Wow.. what a great photo!  I adore seeing what you’ve seen.

Fun Friday

Friday, March 28, 2014
What a frisky kid!  Mmnm.  Here’s to a fantastic Friday!

8:54am Phil

You too! Enjoy the day!

8:03pm Phil

Happy Friday!
[photo of him smiling at the camera with a wild casual shirt on]
9:12pm Phil
: )

9:14pm Phil

Having fun with the guys

[photo of him and a bunch of men smiling and holding drinks]
10:20pm Phil

[photo of a pile of seafood]


Friday, March 28, 2014
Me: Good morning hot stuff! Here’s to a fantastic Friday! 7:48 AM
NH Man: I love Fridays. Did you go back to work today or still protesting the new leadership ? I am going to a training seminar all weekend in Boston. Going with daughter so would not be able to meet up. 9:06 AM
Me: Back at work. Have fun down here. 9:16 AM
NH Man: We are going to a real estate training conference. Probably won’t be that much fun but hopefully it will be interesting.  9:24 AM
Me: Nifty! I’ve thought a lot about working in real estate – enjoyed buying and selling for my family. 11:20 AM

Frisky Phillip

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Good morning!  We didn’t get any snow!  Me like!  I’m home today taking a break from new boss and all that… Have a wonderful Wednesday!
9:41am Phil
No snow here either! I’m teaching today. Wish me luck
11:00pm Phil
How you doing girly? Crying in my beer but happy to be alone to do it            
Awww kid…
I’m great! Was just thinking of you and the beautiful mark you made on my breast
11:01pm Phil
I’ll live

Needed a smile. Thank you.

Having a cigar at a place I love, thinking about a girl

Nice to think about another one
Teaching go okay?  They get it?

11:05pm Phil 

Yeah it went really well
Yay!  Same tomorrow?

Is this more of the same stuff or different?

11:07pm Phil
I do that pretty well. I’m good in front of a crowd. I do well when my mind is occupied.  New stuff.  
Listening to Rod Stewart and Brian Adams. Always does me in
Been eating anything good?
11:08pm Phil
Just showing folks how to do stuff I just learned.
Aha… cool!
11:09pm Phil
No, watching my weight
Going to have seafood Friday evening
Working out, getting fit and trying to move on
in chat they say, “To get over one, get under another.”
11:12pm Phil
Maybe but I love the hell out of that Beach gal.
Going to take time
I know.  Hope I can help, somehow.  Even if it’s just listening…
11:14pm Phil
Just could not put my kids through a divorce
Guy in chat is going to see his old flame Monday… stirred up a lot of memories.
11:16pm Phil
Yeah, that’s a lot of fun but I didn’t want anything but her.
I enjoyed hooking up with my old flame
Have wonderful memories and occasional explosive experiences 
All I want is a gentle touch, loving words, to be called darling, walks on the beach, sitting on the front stoop baked
Naked not baked
You ever get the chance to do it on the beach, go for it
: )
Will do!
11:26pm Phil 
Combination of being outside, sound of the surf, moon above, amazing,
Gets a rise out of me every time
Maybe I just love being naked. 
We should have done it on the balcony


If it had been above freezing, I’d have been up for it!

11:30pm Phil 

I certainly would have been up for it
I was dreaming today about a trip someplace warm… 
sitting out on a balcony… 
doing it with the sound of the surf and breezes blowing
11:32pm Phil 
It’s an amazing experience especially when you could care less if anyone sees


Just a pipe dream for me
11:34pm Phil 
Did it once in front of another couple and once while a guy watched from a distance jerking off
You never know kiddo

The other couple stripped down and got busy just down the beach

Fucked in a hot tub while people were walking about, that was hot as hell

Guess I’m a bit of a freak


Not at all.

I know about freaks and you are not.

11:38pm Phil 
Ahhhh, well good
After Panties Man, Mr. Scat, Guilt kings, email kings, doms, subs… you are SOOOO normal!
11:39pm Phil 
I just like sex and fairly normal sex

Just find the bedroom boring

I wish I could get enough sex in the bedroom that I’d consider it boring!
11:42pm Phil 
Kitchen table is good, under the table in a restaurant, the bathroom in a bar
All good
Nothing like a wink from the waitress when she sees your cock being stroked.

I don’t get that anymore. Got the sex life of a monk and very tame on the rare occasion

Friday marks a month… getting very antsy
11:46pm Phil 
Me too
11:52pm Phil 
Did it for 13 hours once. 
Asses, oral, dildos, cum every where. 
We were both raw and sore but good god it was amazing.
Think you could deal with that?
Hmmm… no.  Probably only 10-12
11:56pm Phil 
Ha ha. Both our asses were sore.  Could barely walk


Right now I need someone to scratch my back.
11:58pm Phil 
That’s nice too

I happen to have a handy back scratcher.  

Spreads lotion on its own.  I can be such a bad boy
Bad is good.
12:02am Phil 
Yeah it’s very good.  And hot.  
Well this made me smile
: )            
12:07am Phil 
I desperately needed it
Any time kid.  And I mean that.  I got everything from dog videos to jokes to p0rn to listening ears and warm shoulders!
12:55am Phil 
Not interested in dog videos but I’d fuck your tight pussy, lick and fuck your ass and fuck that hot mouth any time. And take you for lobster and a romantic dinner
Mmmm… you have the best ideas!
12:56am Phil 
I’d fill your pussy with cum and luck it clean too.
Lick.  Just saying
[thumbs up]
12:58am Phil 
Would love to slip a tongue, finger and cock in your ass and have you return the favor

1:16am Phil 

Love to have a shot of your pussy to jerk off to

Strip Club

Thursday, March 27, 2014
10:10am Phil 
Thank you so much for giving me something else to think about. I feel so much better this morning. I needed to shift my mind and smile and laugh a bit. Thanks

You’re most welcome Philip!

10:46am Phil 
Feeling more like me this morning. 
Not many people call me Philip. Only a few special people.

11:11am Phil 
[gorgeous photo of a city]
Oh my!  That’s spectacular!

5:18pm Phil 
Lovely city
You are so lucky to get to be there and on someone else’s dime!

5:42pm Phil 
Yup! Mai Tais on the water in an hour! 
Taking one of our departing co-workers to a strip club tonight. Should be fun

8:51pm Phil 

[photo of him smiling at the camera, drinking something]
8:51pm Phil 
Have a great evening Sass

You look so hot.  I want to slide in next to you!  
9:00pm Phil 
I’d let you but you already know that


Could I nibble your ear and say naughty things?
9:04pm Phil 
Oh hell yeah baby, hell yeah
Could I stare into your eyes and tweak your nipple?
9:06pm Phil 
Yep, you could do anything you could think of


Mmmm… my imagination is racing!
9:33pm Phil 
Ha ha! Love it!
I think I’ll unzip your fly just a little… stick a finger inside… flesh on flesh… stroke a little bit.  Licking my lips…
9:37pm Phil 
I like that!
I might talk about what I will do later when I get you alone…
or what I’d like you to do
9:43pm Phil
I like that too or you could just stroke me through my pants, tell me what you wanted and go from there
 Ah yes… you know I like to touch you, wherever you are.

How were the oysters?

9:48pm Phil 
Oysters were wonderful
[photo of his beautiful cock fully erect]
Mmm… I’d like to slurp that!  Where did you take that?!

9:49pm Phil 

Laying on the bed
Phew… I thought you were in the men’s room acting up or something!


Are you stroking for me?
10:23pm Phil 
Not so big but ok I guess
[a cock and balls photo]
10:43pm Phil 
Ha ha
Cum get some

11:48pm Phil 

At the strip club


Any good?
11:57pm Phil 
Not bad
Had a very nice set of tits in my face
12:06am Phil 
[photo of a stripper dancing]
You are bad!  
You’re not supposed to take photos in there are you?
12:54am Phil 
Why yes I am bad
 Ha ha!

1:08am Phil 

Rather see you naked
1:35am Phil 
Nite girl
1:57am Phil
Still like to see that tight pussy. Jerking off again

2:07am Phil 

[photo of his cock with pre-cum on the tip]
2:10am Phil 
[photo of his cock with lotion all over the top]