Lone Star Taco Bar

March 17, 2018 Saturday

11:24 AM Sassy
Brunch at Lone Star Taco Bar in Cambridge
Guacamole and house-made chips
Grilled street corn with cojita, cilantro, and garlic lime aiol
Breakfast taco with scrambled eggs, longhorn cheese, 
avocado crema and roasted salsa on a flour tortilla with chorizo
Moronga – house-made Mexican blood sausage,
 roasted poblano grits, radish slaw, salsa verse and a fried egg

12:08 PM Sassy

Hiya!  How’s your Saturday going?  Hope you’re having fun!
1:32 PM Phil
Taking it easy
1:33 PM Sassy
1:45 PM Sassy
You home again?
1:45 PM Phil

3:35 PM Sassy
And they’re done! The last musher crossed the finish line! 3 days after the first one, two weeks since the start, almost 1,000 miles across Alaska. 52 people and their dogs made it to Nome! Woot! #iditarod #iditarod2018

Iditarod winner

March 14, 2018 Wednesday

7:54 AM Sassy
Beautiful morning! 
19 inches of snow – broke March 13 record and March record for snow in a day!

[photo out my balcony window of a clear day with lots of snow on the ground]

8:44 AM Sassy
Joar Ulsom made it to Nome! #iditarod #iditarod2018

Norwegian Joar Leifseth Ulsom wins 2018 Iditarod

“The 31-year-old Willow resident pulled under the Burled Arch in Nome at 3 a.m. Wednesday.”
8:48 AM Sassy
Good morning!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!!  I’m staying home again.
8:53 PM Phil
Good morning!  Enjoy the day off! [little flower emojis]

Storm Skylar

March 13, 2018 Tuesday

7:10 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!   Snow day!  Going back to bed.  Whee

10:19 AM Sassy
Storm Skylar is here!

[photo out my balcony window of the white out with ice on the window and snow coming down and already piled up]

1:02 PM Sassy
Video of Harvard Square this morning… a lot less traffic on Mass Ave than usual!

[facebook url=”https://www.facebook.com/CambridgeChronicle/videos/1938096709536157/” /]

[33 second video of snowy street with more snow coming down, no people and no traffic except city bus]
1:42 PM Sassy

Storm Skylar continues to pile up snow! 

[photo out my balcony window of the white out with ice on the window and snow coming down and being plowed]
3:13 PM Sassy

The Norwegian, Joar Ulsom, is in the lead! He’s in midst of the 8-hour mandatory rest, then on to the last checkpoint in Safety and the finish line in Nome! #iditarod #iditarod2018

3:41 PM Sassy
Using a corgi to give you some scale of the snow depth!
Olive hops through deep snow

[facebook url=”https://www.facebook.com/CambridgeChronicle/videos/1938341276178367/” /]

4:12 PM Sassy

Storm Skylar still snowing and blowing! 11″ on the ground, 8″ more to go!

[photo out my balcony window of snow coming down and covering the formerly plowed ground]
10:45 PM Sassy

“Drag Elsa” saves the Boston Police van single-handedly!

[95 second video of someone dressed as Elsa from “Frozen” pushing a police van out of the snow]
10:49 PM Sassy

Storm Skylar is over!

[photo out my balcony window of snowy ground]

Show Dogs

March 12, 2018 Monday

8:41 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!  Have a marvelous Monday!
8:43 AM Phil
Good morning! Back at ya! Enjoy the day!

2:12 PM Sassy
My employer announced a snow day for tomorrow!  
6:31 PM Phil
[Philip in his hot tub outside with a cigar and glass of scotch, showing his naked shoulders and smile]
6:32 PM Sassy
Hiya hot stuff!
6:38 PM Sassy
Excuse me while I slip in beside you and reach around under the water for something to play with?
6:58 PM Phil
[purple devil emoticon]
6:58 PM Sassy
You got… like… a rubber ducky or something under there?
7:03 PM Phil
Something 😀
7:04 PM  Sassy
7:04 PM Sassy
You gonna get any of this wicked weather?
7:27 PM Phil
Sure hope not!
7:44 PM Sassy
We’re getting it all then… at least 10″ and maybe 20″.  Whee.
7:59 PM Phil
8:00 PM Sassy
Not going anywhere tomorrow.  

10:23 PM 
Quite a race with lead changes, lost trails, bad weather closing scheduled stops… a 3-man race and probably a new winner as they reach the Bering Sea and head for Nome! #Iditarod #iditarod2018

Iditarod update: Norwegian musher Ulsom is first to Koyuk after Petit backtracks

11:36 PM Sassy
Here’s a silly movie trailer about dogs for you to chuckle through

Show Dogs – Official Movie Website | In Theaters May 18
 starring Will Arnett, Ludacris, Stanley Tucci, and Natasha Lyonne. 


Naked outside

March 9, 2018 Friday

5:31 AM Phil
Love Joe Cool!
6:12 AM Sassy
Happy Friday!
8:10 AM Phil
Happy Friday! Have a good one!
8:15 PM Sassy

[photo of him in the hot tub smiling]

You outside naked again?

8:21 PM Sassy
“There’s no place like Nome!” Ha… I never realized there’s two weeks of fun around the race! Dog sled rides, soup bowl social to benefit the local youth center, crafting workshops, concerts, DJs, art shows, karaoke, spaghetti suppers and more! #iditarod #iditarod2018
8:53 PM Phil
Why yes!
8:58 PM Sassy

Gold Nuggets

March 8, 2018 Thursday
6:34 AM Sassy
Snowy March morning thanks to Storm Quinn!
[photo of the view out my balcony window of a gray day with the ground covered in snow]

7:05 AM Sassy
Good morning!  Still snowing!  Whee!
8:28 AM Phil
Ha! Glad I stayed home. Good morning!

8:34 AM Sassy
Snowy morning in Harvard Square

3:23 PM Sassy

The leader at this point in the Iditarod is half way to Nome! And richer for it!! #iditarod #iditarod2018

Ulsom’s long run to Iditarod rewarded with $3,000 in gold nuggets

Joar Leifseth Ulsom drives his dog team during Sunday’s restart in Willow. (Bill Roth / ADN)

Norway’s Joar Leifseth Ulsom claimed the Iditarod’s halfway prize Wednesday night when he reached the race’s namesake checkpoint with a full team of 16 dogs.”

3:32 PM Sassy

Fun drone footage! #iditarod #iditarod2018

Watch Iditarod teams arrive and get situated in Takotna

6:12 PM Sassy

“…because our only officer able to perform the Patronus charm is off duty.”

Fun post from the Essexville MI Public Safety Department:
Earlier this morning, the Public Safety Department received a call from a concerned citizen who reported seeing a Dementor in Smith Park. This is particularly concerning since everyone knows muggles can’t see dementors and because our only officer able to perform the Patronus charm is off duty.  

Further investigation revealed it to be merely trash. 

The Ministry of Magic assures us that all dementors are accounted for at Azkaban. 

Please help us keep the City beautiful and help trash find its home.


10:34 PM Sassy

Iditarod beauty

March 5, 2018 Monday
8:45 AM Sassy
Good Morning Philip!  Have a marvelous Monday!  
I’m off to the burbs to meet The Trainer!
9:25 AM Phil
Learn well! Enjoy the day.
9:25 AM Sassy
Oh you…LOL.  thzx

7:49 PM Sassy
Chinese dinner at Qingdao Garden in North Cambridge 

 Pork fried rice
 Sesame chicken
 Minced chicken corn soup
 Peking ravioli
Pupu platter with egg roll, crab rangoon, 
chicken fingers and beef teriyaki

9:38 PM Sassy
Wow – the leaders are through the Rainy Pass area already! #Iditarod #iditarod2018

9:58 PM Sassy

Look at the slideshow from the Iditarod official photographer. They took my breath away! Mountains, doggies, mushers = beauty in all directions! #iditaord #iditarod2018

Mushing time

March 3, 2018 Saturday
7:41 AM Phil
Good morning! 
No power since 10 am yesterday! Sucks!
You guys ok up there? Nasty storm.
7:42 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!
Wow!  Power ever been out before?
We’re fine.  Was very wet and windy, mostly watched Facebook reports of trees down and coastal floods.
Friend in Rochester just said TWO Feet of snow!
12:06 PM Phil
Wow!  Never lost power before. It was pretty windy though
12:37 PM Sassy
Is it back on?
12:39 PM Phil
May be days
12:40 PM Sassy
Oh my

1:25 PM Sassy
It’s mushing time! #iditarod #iditarod2018

Sled dog teams parade through Anchorage to start 2018 Iditarod

Dozing musher

March 10, 2017 Friday

7:18 AM Sassy
Wow! The Alaskans have such an… interesting sense of humor.

“Wish I had some great story about how a moose attacked my team, but I just fell asleep,” Linwood Fiedler said. #iditarod #iditarod2017

Iditarod dogs reach checkpoint without their dozing musher

8:45 AM Sassy
Snowy morning!

6:31 PM Sassy
Snowy trees!

7:46 PM
My first dinner at Stone Hearth Pizza in Allston. Yum!

Meatball appetizer with herbs and garlic cream sauce
Meatball appetizer with spicy tomato sauce
Chopped salad with bacon
Meat lover stromboli with spicy tomato sauce