Frozen Sangria Slushies

March 24, 2016 Thursday
9:06AM Sassy
Good morning kid!
1:13PM Sassy
I signed the hospice papers…they said it won’t be long – hours, or a day or so.  
Not even going to move her to the hospice space. 
She’s in a coma.  So glad I saw her awake yesterday.  
Now we wait.  
3:22PM Phil
Oh lord, wow
9:23PM Sassy
This looks like your sort of thing.  Ever tried it?  Sounds easy to make.

Frozen Sangria Slushies 

10:28PM Sassy

The doctor called… she died.  *sigh

Focus on comfort

March 23, 2016 Wednesday
8:42AM Sassy
Good morning!
8:43PM Sassy
Wanted to put the phone between my legs with that licking graphic.  : ) 

8:44PM Sassy
Today’s tough…my friend in the nursing home is in the hospital with pneumonia. Is in ICU.  Doctors are asking me tough questions.  Pray for me please.
1:26PM Phil
Aww, hope it works out ok
1:27PM Sassy
I signed the DNR.  
Talking with hospice people tomorrow.
Not much hope. 
1:28PM Phil
Oh wow, that doesn’t sound good
1:29PM Sassy
Time to focus on comfort.  Sigh
2:24PM Phil
So sorry
2:25PM Sassy
Thanks.  It is what it is.

3:35PM Sassy
Took Hubby to see a doctor, gave us a chance to have a late lunch at our favorite Chinese place near there.

4:05PM Sassy
We tried some new dishes! Shanghai Gate in Allston is delicious!

 Garlic green beans with chicken 
 Yu Shiang pork with Chinese bread
Lotus beef

Three directions

March 22, 2016 Tuesday 

From: Sassy
To: Brett
Date: Tu, March 22, 2016 10:17 PM

Subject: Three things
Hiya Brett! 
Hope you got home okay and have been smiling today. Thank you again for a very special time.  It felt magical in a whole new way.  Just when I think I know what’s up, it gets better! 
Sorry I didn’t write sooner.  Life happened in three directions!  Last night Hubby talked me into going out for Chinese so I got to drive home and then out to Malden!  And got home late. Whee!  

Then today my boss, the one who started in September, gave notice and the office went crazy!  I am so relieved that he is leaving.  

And then tonight my church friend in the nursing home ended up in the hospital with pneumonia, so I had to dash to Everett and try to answer questions about her care that are too tough on a random  Tuesday.  This is where an off-hand agreement 20 years ago to be a health care proxy meets reality.  
I could smile through it all… thanks to being able to escape in my mind to memories of you!  Thank you Brett.  

Happy dance

March 22, 2016 Tuesday
9:21AM Phil
Good morning sexy girl : ) 
Hope your day is wonderful!
9:22 AM Sassy
Thanks kid!  Same to you!
11:42AM Sassy
12:22PM Phil
That’s good correct?
12:28PM Sassy
It’s great!

Katy Perry Firework Happy Dance
1:49PM Phil

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[Snoopy licking the screen gif]

Meet #7 Brett Snowy afternoon delight

March 21, 2016 Monday

From: Brett
To: Sassy
Date: Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 10:04 AM

I have a long meeting this morning, perhaps lasting until 1:00pm.  It will be a welcome distraction, but just wanted you to know that I won’t be able to respond to your emails until then.  Looking forward to this afternoon….let me know if you can get an earlier check-in and I’ll see what I can do.



From: Sassy
To: Brett
Date: Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 11:14 AM
RE: Next chance

Good morning hot stuff!  You are so cute when you’re horny.  Isn’t anticipation delightful?  I thought of you in the shower and was a little late to work.  Hee hee.  
I’m stuck at work until about 3 pm, so 4 pm ETA is most likely.  Hoping traffic is better than usual with the school closings so I can feel your arms around me soon!
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Report Canadian #7

Hubby brought me the car at work at 2:30 pm.  Thankfully it has stopped snowing by then! I dropped him off at home and headed out to Lexington.  I wanted to stay on the big roads for the best chance of the snow having been cleared.  The GPS sent me through one of the busiest intersections around – where Rte 93 hits 128, but there was no one around!  I was amazed at how good the roads were, with having had 5 inches of snow in the morning.  I made it to the hotel in record time!  

I checked in and went to the room #2104.  It was a regular room this time with a king size bed, but in the same back row as before.  I texted The Canadian at 3:43 pm.  He texted back within a minute.  I set my phone and watch and the room keys down on the desk.  I took off my shoes and socks, rolled down the covers, looked around the room.  The clock was unplugged so we won’t get fooled on the time like we did in February!

He knocked on the door right at 4 pm.  I let him into the room and he grabbed me for a long hug. He apologized for not having a pizza but said that would’ve taken more time and he just couldn’t wait to get his arms around me!  He is so sweet.  

We kissed on and on.  It felt like it could go on forever… like he adores it and can’t get enough. That makes me feel so wanted!

He finally broke away and started unbuttoning my top.  He stared… and whispered “Boobs…ah…” in his worshipful way that makes me feel so beautiful.   He kept helping me out of my clothes, kissing here and there as he revealed more skin.  He got me down to my panties, then rushed to take off his clothes.  

He jumped onto the bed and held out his hand.  I joined him there.  He guided me onto my stomach, and removed my panties, running his hands down my legs.  He gave me a marvelous massage, kneading, pressing, pulling… oh that man has great hands!

He got up briefly and grabbed a towel from the bathroom – so thoughtful!  

He settled in beside me and I faced him, lying cross-wise on the bed.  He smiled such a big smile… took a deep breath.  He looked so happy! He kissed me some more… then devoured my left breast – sucking, twisting, pulling… mmm mmmm mmmmm!  I held his head and played with his hair, stroked his shoulders.  It is so tough to concentrate when he does that but I want to keep touching him, letting him know that I am there with him and like what he’s doing!

He kept sucking and let his hand trail down my torso, his fingers playing with my belly button and then my slit and inside to my clit… oh yes!  He commented on how I seemed ready already.  You betcha mister!

He kept sucking my breast, tweaking my clit… oh my oh my.  I closed my eyes and imagined being outside like the photos I’ve seen recently on tumblr.  Naughty naughty Sassy girl!  

He grabbed a condom, rolled it on quickly, winked at me then grabbed my legs, put my feet on his shoulders and shoved his cock deep inside.  The look on his face was priceless… eyes almost closed, big smile… pleasure personified!  I watched him and started to squirm as he moved confidently in and out… grinning and then grimacing as he revved up.  He didn’t last long… maybe three mintues?  Then he was moaning and filling that condom.  I could feel the heat… my inner muscles went crazy squeezing him.  Ahh….

He fell over beside me.. Handed me the towel.  I pressed it between my legs and let the post-coital stupor roll over me as he put an arm around me and pulled me close.  He fell asleep!  That’s a first.  I like it.. Shows a complete trust and satisfaction.  I listened to him breathe, enjoyed having a man to cuddle while he sleeps.  

I puzzled over how long to let him sleep… it got to be 10 minutes… I decided to wake him up the best way I know how.  I slipped carefully from his grasp and kissed my way down his body.  He didn’t stir.  I leaned over him at a 90 degree angle at his waist, and picked up his flaccid cock, squeezed it a bit with my hand.  It was awake!  It grew in my hand and I sucked it into my mouth.  He woke up!  

He’s given me a tough time about sucking him… said he doesn’t really get into it.  I know he means he’s never been with a woman who knew what she was going or enjoyed it.  But this time was different.  I bobbed up and down… pressing him deeper and pulling him out, using my hand and my mouth to pleasure him.  He put his hand on my head and I was afraid he’d stop me, but he pushed me closer!  His hips popped toward me… I moaned around him and swallowed, making a tight, wet, hot place for his cock.  I went deep and stayed deep… he pushed me even deeper.  

He said, “Mmm… I could get used to this.”  HA!  Victory!  I tasted pre-cum and thought I had a chance to help him cum again, and from a blow job for the first time ever… I sucked and twisted and… he stopped me.  WHAT?  

“I want to be inside you again and I won’t be able to if you keep going… next time…,” he offered.  

I thought he’d pop right up inside me but he pulled me down in front of him and spooned.  I can’t explain but there was something magical about it.  So much skin-on-skin, his breath on my neck, the way we fit together… I whispered… “We.. FIT!”  And he nodded, nuzzled, shifted even closer.  Ah…

He started telling me stories.  He gets to go to Florida with his wife later in the month – she has a conference so she’ll be in meetings and he can play!  I told him about places I enjoyed in that area when I was there.  He sounded calmer, happier than usual.  I told him that and he squeezed my breast… said it was my influence.  Awww…

He asked what time it was.  I told him he could grab my watch off the desk.  He got up and said, “Ugh… it’s 7 pm!”  He was supposed to leave at 7 pm!  I was astonished… we’d  been together three hours and I had not once wondered what time it was or when I could leave.  That is rare for me.  I feel like we hit a new level today… closer, comfortable, sexier.  I realized I was starving, and that made total sense.  

He came back to bed, said he could take 5 more minutes… he kissed me and groped my breast again like he just can’t get enough of that.  Such a boob man!  Then he was up and dressing.  I sat on the edge of bed naked, giving him last looks at my chest.  He handed me a $100 bill to cover the cost of the room, pulled me up for another hug and quick kiss.  I was careful not to get too close – don’t want to leave my smell on his clothes!  And he was gone.  

I took my time getting dressed, making sure I had all my stuff then went back to the car and headed home.  I texted Hubby – asked him to order dinner delivered so it would be there by the time I got there.  I smiled and sang to myself… such a wonderful afternoon!

Shower time

March 21, 2016 Monday

6:53AM Sassy
Spring snowing but not really sticking.

8:36AM Sassy
Good morning kid! 
Shower time! 

[photo of me naked about to get into the shower]

Good morning sexy girl : ) 
Hope your day is wonderful!

8:48AM Phil
Oh! Very nice!

8:32PM Sassy
Another delicious dinner at All Seasons Table in Malden

 Fresh Island Creek oysters from Duxbury
My shrimp with pineapple and walnuts
Hubby’s General Gao’s shrimp

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Don’t worry

March 20, 2016 Sunday

From: Brett
To: Sassy

Date: Sun, Mar 20, 2016 at 2:18 PM

The snow won’t keep me away.  I’m not sure if you like driving in snow or not, but hopefully it won’t be enough to deter you.  I think the storm will be over, and I don’t think that my wife is thinking of cancelling her event.  She may change her mind and cancel, but if the snow turns worse than expected, I can always use that as an excuse for getting home late.
Don’t worry about the reservation, if things go to pot at the last minute and you can’t get a refund, I’ll make good on it.

From: Sassy
To: Brett
Date: Sun, Mar 20, 2016 at 2:24 PM

re: Next chance
Hiya Brett,
Thanks for checking in.  Very glad to hear you think you can make it.  I don’t mind driving in snow.  I’ll see you tomorrow! 
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Octopus in Love

March 20, 2016 Sunday

12:31PM Sassy
Even though we didn’t live right there, I still know most of these!
Nothing like Freihofer’s chocolate chip cookies.

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10:23PM Sassy
Awww… octopi in love! Hee!
[2 minute video – Music: “Octopus I love you” by Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones off of their 3rd album Psychedelic Monsters release on the Music 4 Goldfish label.]
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Octopus in Love

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Snow plot

March 19. 2016 Saturday

From: Sassy
To: Brett
Date: Sat March 19, 2016 10:33 AM
Re: Next chance
Hiya Brett!  Hope you can enjoy the sunshine today. 
Checking to see if the snow forecast might change our plan for Monday?  I’m trying not to take it personally – feels like a plot to keep me out of your sexy arms!  Sounds like it won’t be that much snow, and should be over by Monday afternoon but wanted to ask.  Plan to look at the forecast tomorrow and check in?  Thanks!  Mwah!


New profile photo

March 19, 2016 Saturday
9:08AM Sassy
Hey there Handsome!
10:48AM Phil
Good morning!
10:52AM Sassy
11:04AM Sassy
How are you this fine morning?

Mom smiles at you from her recliner!  

Shar pei puppy or croissant? 

My niece is singing on stage!  She is such a star.  🙂

7:30PM Phil
[photo of a plate with two grilled fish on it]
7:31PM Sassy
Hiya Kid!  Looks like you had an amazing day.
What was that fish?
7:32PM Phil
Mackerel and The little was Croaker
7:33PM Phil
Was an enjoyable day
7:36PM Sassy
Beautiful landscapes
7:38PM Phil
Very pretty
It’s a beautiful state
7:54PM Sassy
[he posted a new Facebook profile photo – the one I took of him eating an oyster!]
That new Facebook profile photo of you is fun.  😉
Makes me smile.
8:01PM Phil
Ha ha : D
8:02PM Sassy
Your wife ask who took it?
8:03PM Phil
No, I’m sure she thinks someone on the team
8:06 PM Sassy