Street corn craving

September 26, 2017 Tuesday

8:30 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!
Heading back to the office. Whee.
Have a super Tuesday!

2:18 PM Phil
Good morning! Hope your day is terrific

6:00 PM Sassy
Dinner at Lone Star Taco Bar in Cambridge filling my craving for street corn 

Hubby’s pina colada to benefit Puerto Rico hurricane relief
 and my limeade
Hubby’s yellow fin tuna ceviche
Street corn
Tacos! Carnitas pork and beef barbacoa
Hubby’s huevos rancheros

Old school on sushi

September 25, 2017 Monday

From: Thad
To: Sassy
Date: Sep 25, 2017 at 2:17 AM
Re: Sushi article

Hi Sassy,

Sorry to be slow in responding. I don’t check my mischief email all that often.

My favorite on this list is Cafe Sushi, near Harvard.

I’ve been to about half of the places they mention, and none are clunkers. Some of the places they mention that I haven’t been to sound pretty sketchy (that is trendy, not traditional sushi, mayo etc.)

I’m kind of picky and old school on sushi!

I’m a fan of how things feel when I can wrap lips and tongue around a morsel!


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A vision of you

September 25, 2017 Monday

12:47 PM Sassy
Good afternoon Philip!

Working at home…sore throat! Talked too much at reunion. Heh.

1:04 PM Phil
Hey there! Hope you feel better.
I’m smoking a chicken and some jalapeños

1:35 PM Sassy
I had a vision of you with a chicken like a cigar. Hee hee

1:44 PM Phil
Ha! Me too but I put these in the smoker and basted them with garlic butter. Hope they come out good

1:50 PM Sassy
Mmmm… sounds yummy!

Gateway Diner

September 24, 2017 Sunday

11:07 AM Phil
Good time?

11:11 AM Sassy
It was fine.

Talked to [3 people – names he’d know redacted] and about 40 others

11:16 AM Phil
Oh good, I’m glad. I like to go and chit chat.
Got to see people who are no longer here and I’m grateful for that

11:17 AM Sassy
They treated me like a celebrity or an interesting alien
[Woman’s name redacted] hugged me.  She was such a bitch in school!

11:18 AM Phil
I like her, always did. She rides a bike.

11:18 AM Sassy
It was just “meet in the hotel bar”

No speeches, no food, just standing around

[Name redacted] came from way out west with his wife, just retired after 30 yrs in the military

11:21 AM Phil
Nothing wrong with a bar thing, we did it a touch more formal but I’d actually prefer to mingle over drinks. When you do dinner, you just spend time with those folks. I liked the pre-dinner mingle best and several people came for that and skipped dinner. I was just happy to see everyone

11:22 AM Sassy
I made plans to see see people who live near me in MA

11:28 AM Phil
I remember all of those people. Interesting to see how life turned out for people and how they turned out. Many were the same as High School, same people, same smiles. The older I get, the more I care about family, a few close friends, old friends who impacted what I became, helping others and I find I just don’t give a rat’s ass about superficial people or famous people who don’t have a clue

11:29 AM Sassy
I talked with [name he’d know redacted]. He said your church chorus is mostly done since the leader died last year.

I was a good girl, went up to person after person, hugged, chatted even though it was tough to find any common ground.

11:33 AM Phil
That’s too bad. The leader I worked with is doing other things. That group included people of incredible faith, kids who enjoyed the music, kids hooking up, socially awkward kids who found a place, but it worked. It was a family and a highlight of my lifetime

Good girl

11:35 AM Sassy
My brain is so odd… knew so many people and others I swear I never heard of them.

Interesting to be around all people my age

11:40 AM Phil
Yeah it is.
I work with mostly young people and it is interesting to hear of their experiences

11:42 AM Sassy
Breakfast at the Gateway Diner in Albany

Hubby’s ham and cheese omelette 
with home fries and wheat toast 
My eggs over easy, wheat toast, home fries and bacon
Biscuit with sausage gravy
11:43 AM Sassy

Heading home down the highway.

Have a super Sunday watching guys kneel.

Fuck me later. : )

11:52 AM Phil
I’d fuck you any time.

I’m not watching anyone kneel. Those rich assholes can kiss my ass. I’m going to a friend’s house to enjoy good company and conversation.

This evening, I will have my cock in hand thinking about your tight hot pussy. Safe travels!

3:49 PM Sassy
Made it home! Pike was full and fast!

7:32 PM Phil
Oh good! Happy to hear.

7:42 PM Sassy
You have some fun?

8:41 PM Phil
I did

Great lunch with friends and a win for my team makes for a great day!

Three things

September 23, 2017 Saturday

from: WrySmile 
to: Sassy
date: Sat, Sep 23, 2017 at 10:53 PM
subject: A few things

Hey Sassy,

Can we schedule more time to talk? Maybe Tues or Wed evening or next weekend? I like talking with you and I also want to hear more about local project stuff.

2: I’m going to have to remove some big things from my GDrive. Please download the movies you like and let me know so I can delete them.

3: I’ve posted a longish story for your entertainment (and mine) on my GDrive. Let me know what you think.

I hope to see you soon.


PS: What year did you graduate from college? I think you and my wife were there at the same time.

High School Reunion

September 23, 2017 Saturday

8:48 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!

Off to reunion!

1:49 PM Sassy
Lunch with old friends! At the Ala Shanghai Chinese Cuisine Restaurant in Latham!

3:15 PM Phil
Have fun!

7:21 PM Sassy
Reunion time at the Desmond Hotel.  It so fancy here.  Seems odd not to have it in our hometown, but this is lovely.  Whee!

9:30 pm Sassy
Talked to so many people!  Everyone behaved.  Strange and wonderful to see them.  Survived two hours.

De-camped to Olive Garden on Wolf Road near Colonie Center for a late dinner.  Woot!

Thinking of boobs

September 22, 2017 Friday

5:56 AM Sassy
Happy Friday!

7:08 AM Phil
Happy Friday!
Just looked up a few photos of you
 and got light headed as all the blood rushed to another body part
[devil emoji]

8:19 AM Sassy
I’d lick that body part.

9:04 PM Phil
[photo of his cock and a photo of my boob below it]

9:05 PM Sassy
Oh my
Oh, to be that close!

9:07 PM Phil
Was just thinking about you

9:08 PM Sassy
Awww…what about me?

I’ve been reading my classmates Fb profiles, prepping for reunion

9:08 PM Phil
Cool! I hope you have fun!

9:14 PM Sassy
I’m looking at 58 yr old faces, trying to match with 18 yr olds…tricky!

You thinking of my boobs?

9:25 PM Phil
I obviously am 😛

At my reunion, there were people who looked the same and others who were unrecognizable

I was thinking about kissing you at camp and then I was thinking about kissing you at the airport and then I was thinking about a lot more at our meets

9:29 PM Sassy

9:29 PM Phil
Wonderful and different times

9:30 PM Sassy
We do manage to create fireworks wherever

9:33 PM Phil
There will always be fireworks.
I always hoped I wasn’t a disappointment.
I never expected it to be the way it was.
It’s always very spontaneous and I love that

The boob pic yesterday was exactly what I needed and it made me smile

9:36 PM Sassy
I like to make you smile

9:37 PM Phil
I’m smiling!

[close-up photo of his erect cock]

9:38 PM My current situation

[photo of his smiling face and chest in a yellow t-shirt]

9:43 PM Sassy
You make me tingle

[photo of my smiling face and shoulders at my desk in a black t-shirt]

9:45 PM Phil
Hey there Sass!
Let’s get naked and fuck each other silly
Just saying

9:49 PM Sassy
Or to put it another way…

9:51 PM Phil
Ha ha! I love the way you think

Think I’ll get naked and jump in the shower and wash my cock till it accidentally spits
[devil icon]

9:55 PM Sassy
Think of me kneeling there

9:55 PM Phil
Of course
wishing it was you washing with your tongue

9:55 PM Sassy
To help with spitting

Maybe slides between my boobs?

9:56 PM Phil
Oh hell yeah!
Love you my sweet girl

9:57 PM Sassy
Love you Philip!

[graphic of a puppy blowing kisses with its paw]

Birthday beer, BJ and boob

September 21, 2017 Thursday

7:43 AM Sassy
Have a fantastic day!

7:47 AM Phil
Now that’s a birthday cake! Thank you!
Enjoy the day!

8:47 AM Sassy
Wish I was with you.
I’d give you the best birthday blow job ever!

[photo of me in my blue night shirt in the bathroom with my hair down]

10:05 AM Phil
Ha! Blow the candle

10:08 AM Sassy
Certainly hope it burns bright

10:34 AM Phil
You look freshly showered

11:10 AM Sassy
Coulda used your help

12:06 PM Phil
[a Snoopy icon dancing]

7:54 PM Sassy
Dinner at Jimmy’s Steer House in Arlington

Hubby’s swimming pool sized margarita
A salad for me!
Hubby’s teriyaki steak and stuffed lobster tail combo
Baked stuffed scrod with spinach rice pilaf
8:40 PM Phil
Loved the pic today! Thank you!
Always delighted to enjoy your wonderful assets!
Hope you had a great day sexy girl!
8:41 PM Sassy
You are most welcome!
8:43 PM Phil
[graphic of two little animals in formal attire – one is kissing the other on the cheek and a heart is above them]
8:44 PM Sassy
9:23 PM Phil
Oh Sassy! That’s an amazing birthday gift! Thank you!
Made me spring to attention!
You know what I like!
9:24 PM Sassy
You betcha!
9:24 PM Phil
Would love to take advantage of that blow job!
Love ya Sass!
You make me smile and that’s priceless.
You are so special to me.
9:31 PM Sassy
Awwww… you are so sweet. Thank you kid.
9:39 PM Phil
It’s true.
If you had any idea how many times I have um
pleasured myself thinking of you…
9:40 AM Sassy
I’m so glad
It stunned me when you first told me
9:41 AM Phil
Did not surprise me.
You were hot in high school and hotter now.
9:41 AM Sassy
I imagine you in the military far away remembering our teenage shenanigans
9:46 AM Phil
Oh that happened. I remember so vividly touching you, kissing you, still the most amazing times of my life. It’s all crystal clear, I can still feel you, smell the powder on your breasts. Remember slipping my fingers inside you on the school bus and tasting you.
9:51 AM Sassy
I’m going to back there Saturday for reunion.
Will probably think of you often.
9:54 PM Phil
Oh cool! I hope it’s fun!

Completely open

September 20, 2017 Wednesday

from: Sassy
to: WrySmile 
date: Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 7:23 PM
subject: Re: The Storm

Hiya Darrin! Hope you stayed dry today. Seems like we got off easy on the tropical storm thing.

Have you written erotica taking the woman’s point of view? My brain just churns it out… male view, female view, overview… no clue where it comes from – glad to have a man say it’s readable. Share whatever, whenever.

Let’s think about next week? I’m off this weekend for my high school reunion, and I need to prep. Maybe an evening next week? Or over the weekend of Sept 30-31 for an afternoon? What would you like to do? I feel very comfortable with the idea of talking, and eating… still not sure about anything else. You are such an interesting man, can’t resist hearing more of your stories!



from: WrySmile 
to: Sassy
date: Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 8:10 PM
subject: Re: The Storm

Hey, Sass,

Did it rain today? I spent the day in a hermetically sealed office building stepping out only to buy a double espresso.

When I was thinking about you earlier today, I realized one of the reasons I enjoy our conversations (voice


from: WrySmile 
to: Sassy
date: Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 8:55 PM
subject: Re: The Storm

oops.. I usually put in a junk email recipient so I don’t accidentally hit send. oops… continuing,

When I was thinking about you earlier today, I realized one of the reasons I enjoy our conversations (voice and email) so much. You are the only person (possibly in my life) that I can be completely open with. I feel comfortable talking about the good and the bad, the intimate details of my inner life that I’ve never shared — even with my beloved wife. For who else would I dare sneak an anal sex double entendre in middle of a nearly innocent sentence? (Don’t tell me you missed it!)

Intimate without “intimacy”… hmnnn!

And that’s without even mentioning what I enjoy about you. Let’s talk more and soon. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are possible, but only for an hour or two at most.

The afternoons of 9/30 and 10/1 (not 9/31, silly Sassy) will work. There’s a Jazz festival I hope to attend on 9/30. If my wife (let’s call her “Sue”) doesn’t want to go, maybe we can attend together. You pick. Sue is going to be out of town a lot in October, so scheduling will get easier.

(BTW, we’re going to see Gypsy next weekend. [Remember the cast member I spoke to on the bus?])

The vibrator story is the closest I’ve come to writing from a woman’s point of view. I’ve tried but it always comes out clichéd. I might try again.

I’m trying to write the story of my time with a college friend. (I was her first lover; cunnilingus was a new idea for her. [I’ll always remember her saying “WHAT ARE YOU DO –oo–ooing?… Oh god!”] I think she was already in love with me, but that wrapped it up tight.) Anyway, maybe I’ll try to flip it around and write from her point of view.

Let me know when you’d like to talk again.


PS, did you enjoy the videos I sent you? Let me know if there are any you particularly liked; I might be able to share more like it.

The Abbey

September 20, 2017 Wednesday

7:41 AM Sassy
Good morning!
 Have a wicked good Wednesday!

6:35 PM Sassy
Dinner at The Abbey in Porter Square Cambridge – our first time

Hubby’s Autumn Sangria and my Arnold Palmer
Free bread with oil and housemade hummus
The front windows with a view of Mass Ave
The interior
Bacon deviled eggs
Spicy lamb meatball with spinach polenta
Cold buckwheat noodle salad with tuna sashimi, 
avocado aioli, scallions and sesame vinaigrette
Braised lamb chili with cotija cheese and tortilla strips