Always interested

December 11, 2016 Sunday
From: Sassy
To: Landshark
Sent: Sun, Dec 11, 2016 at 12:50 PM
Subject: Re: Hands
Hiya hot stuff! 
Great to see your message.  Makes me smile.  And tingle!  
How are you dear man?  
Are you home or away?  
Sorry to be slow answering… nutty times with holiday stuff and such.  
Always interested… 😉

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Landshark resurfaces

December 9, 2016 Friday
From: Landshark
To: Sassy
Sent: Fri, Dec 9, 2016 at 11:08 AM 
Subject: Re: Hands
scrolling through emails …still interested in dinner some time?  or just dessert?
hope you are well and staying warm!

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December 9, 2016 Friday
6:27AM Sassy
Happy Friday Philip!
8:32AM Phil
Happy Friday!  It’s my day off!
8:35AM Sassy
Yay!  Hope you have fun!
8:37AM Phil
[a sinister oyster emoji kissy-facing]
8:40AM Sassy
Mwah!  And some groping…
8:48AM Phil
ha ha, have a great day!

Dinner at The Foundry in Davis Square Somerville

Hubby’s French onion soup
 Raw oysters
 Pasta bolognese
Hubby’s steak frites

Santa Claws

December 8, 2016 Thursday
10:52AM Sassy
Good morning!  Hubby lost his wallet this morning (it showed up in the back seat of the car half an hour later) so I am running a little behind.  Hope you have a terrific Thursday!
11:31AM Phil
Always a great way to start the day!
11:36AM Sassy
There was a goof up with a new doctor that left him without 2 important meds for 9 days… life has been… “interesting.”  *sigh But it got fixed yesterday so I have hopes for better!
12:01PM Sassy
This is my kind of Santa…

2:49PM Sassy
The annual Holiday party at the office! Festive food, fun and a photo booth!

7:05PM Sassy
Dinner at Meju Korean restaurant in Davis Square Somerville

Spicy meatballs
Pumpkin and butternut squash soup, 
mandoo beef dumplings 
and General Kim’s chicken
 Beef bulgoki
Veggie sides with beef bulgoki and purple rice

Brave dogs

December 7, 2016 Wednesday
8:16AM Sassy
Good morning kid.  Hope your Wednesday is off to a wonderful start!
9:49AM Phil
Woo Hoo!

10:15AM Sassy
Brave dogs! 

10:18AM Phil
Ha ha… brave or foolish?!
Have you ever opened the mail on a random Tuesday night and found a HUGE check?
11:20AM Phil
Can’t say I have
11:22AM Sassy
I cashed out my pension from a former job and they sent me a check in the mail.  I’m dashing to my broker to deposit it.
1:09PM Phil
Oh cool!
1:42PM Sassy
It’s the biggest check with my name on it I’ve ever seen!  And it’s gone again into an IRA… sigh.
1:58PM Phil
I got a check for 16k once. After that everything was electronic transfer
7:54PM Sassy
I’ve gotten wires from other big rollovers, but my eyes nearly fell out when I saw [amount redacted] in a check!
You behaving tonight?
8:27PM Phil
That’s a big ass check! Wow!
Yeah, watching TV
8:39PM Sassy
Gonna buy an annuity, hope to live a long time and get it monthly!
Watching football?
9:27PM Phil
Awesome and smart! 
I am worn out from a very hectic week. Early to bed for me
9:27PM Sassy
Sweet sexy dreams.
9:27PM Phil
We are hosting a Christmas Open House next week so much to do to get ready!
[photo of his living room with lots of Christmas decorations]
9:28PM Sassy
Wow!  Nifty
9:28PM Phil
Getting there. Every room is decorated
9:29PM Sassy
We have the big holiday party at work tomorrow.
Will be glad when that’s ovet
9:29PM Phil
Singing and I’m cooking breakfast at church Sunday. Wearing me out : )
9:29PM Sassy
Your house is gorgeous!
9:29PM Phil
Thank you
9:29PM Sassy
Good tired though
9:30PM Phil
Yup, I like all this stuff

Enough to grab

December 6, 2016 Tuesday
8:28AM Sassy
Good morning!
1:03PM Phil
Good morning!
2:03PM Sassy
I got my hairs cut!
[photo of me with shorter hair in the bathroom mirror]
3:21PM Phil
3:22PM Sassy
Still enough to grab.  : )

6:36PM Sassy
Quick, fast and good dinner at Border Cafe in Harvard Square
Crawfish etouffee

10:14PM Phil
Well yes there is!

10:14PM Sassy
It looks like steel wool but it’s actually still really soft…
10:17PM Phil
: ) 
10:18PM Sassy

10:25PM Phil
[lovely photo of his cock and leg as he lies in bed]
10:25PM Sassy
Oh helloooo there!
10:27PM Phil
Hee hee
10:30PM Sassy
I want to be right there… licking that cock!!!
10:30PM Phil
Ha, perhaps that will be my dream  😛
10:34PM Sassy
Good night dear man.

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Breakfast Pizza

December 5, 2016 Monday
7:58AM Sassy
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  First real snow.
[photo of my balcony with a little Christmas tree and snow on the ground below]
9:31AM Phil
Awesome! Good morning!

8:19PM Sassy
Breakfast pizza… it’s what’s for dinner! Egg, cheese and BACON!!  

10:06PM Sassy
The movement…

10:08PM Phil
There you go, deep and hard
10:09PM Sassy

Sixth Blogiversary!

Dear Readers,  

Same Sassy Girl is passing a major milestone today – six years of blogging.  Wow!  Time to celebrate!  Have a cupcake!  I got one for you! You can have some hugs with groping and… mmm… what was I talking about?  Oh yes!  SIX YEARS!  YIKES!

  • Over 315,000 hits.  
  • Over 43,000 hits this year.
  • This is my 3,615th post!  
  • Whee!
Some days six years ago seems like forever – I have come so far, learned so much, seen so many bloggers cum and go.  Other times it still feels so shiny and new. How can it be six years?!  If you haven’t read about my humble beginning, please click “The Start” above and read about how I reconnected with my old flame and started on the road to Sassy-ness!  

I had no idea when I started this blog experiment I’d reveal all this crap strange and wonderful stuff.  I just wanted a seat at the table with the likes of Riff Dawg, Ryan Beaumont, Holly or Ms. I.  I figured I’d write for a month or two, tell people about Philip and me and then stop, like you do when you write a book.

Every post is still tough – I think… “can I do this?” I am half-excited and half-terrified every time I hit “Publish,” but telling my story seems worth it – remembering, recording, trying to make sense of it and sharing it.  I work so hard to entertain Philip and keep the connection open.  And I’ve met the strange and wonderful men from AM… have to tell you all about it!  I keep wondering how my story will turn out, but it’s still happening… and I hope still interesting to you!

I am astonished I have kept the blog a secret. It is strange not to share what I consider a major accomplishment with my real life friends and family, and to share so many feelings with you and none of the usual facts!   There are many of you I trust, but it’s simpler to stay anonymous.

This blog led me to so many fantastic blogs and the wonderful people who write them!  Be sure to check out my blog roll on the right.  I’ve learned so much about life, love, great sex, and myself.  I’ve connected with so many wonderful bloggers and other readers.  I hope you’ll join with me in hoping we all keep sharing for a long time!  In these strange days, the personal sexy stories are such a marvelous distraction from the world’s ills.

The best part, which I didn’t know about when I started writing, is the blogger community online. I am so happy to be part of it!  Where else can you talk with the likes of supportive and sensual Naughty Kitty?  Or the uber-sexy smart stud Advizor54 who has been blogging since February 2006 and still comes up with the hottest twisted fiction tinged with reality in the blogosphere?  And the amazing adventures of James from Break Out!

As the brilliant and beautiful Ryan Beaumont of “The Ashley Madison Adventures of a Regular Guy Gone Bad” put it so poetically in his four-year blogiversary post, [how freaky is that?!  We started posting on the same day, a year apart] blogging is “that little something extra we need to feel good about where we are in life.  Yeah, a little life lagniappe.” I hope to keep adding something extra to my life and yours for awhile longer! 

I’m still writing!  Wow!!  And you are still reading!  Wow!!!  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  Your comments and emails make my day! 

If you have a story to tell, join me!  Start blogging today!  Google’s Blogger is mostly easy and there are lots of us to help you get your words out there.  This could be your blogiversary next year!

Hugs with groping!