All over those tits

April 18, 2018 Wednesday
8:29 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!   Have a wonderful Wednesday!
8:44 AM Phil
Good morning!  You too!
8:44 AM Sassy
I feel so much lighter today!  So happy to have the big event for work over!  
8:47 AM Phil
Hope it’s warmer
8:48 AM Sassy
Warmer but not warm…38 now, might get to 54.  But sun is shining!
8:54 AM Phil
Better than freezing for sure!
9:06 AM Sassy

8:01 PM Sassy
Ribs!  Texas Road House!  My hands were too messy to take photos but boy, were they meaty!

9:10 PM Phil

[photo of his smiling face and sexy shoulders in the hot tub]
9:10 PM Sassy
Howdy Handsome!
9:11 PM Phil
[photo of his belly button and erect cock sticking out of the water in the hot tub]
9:11 PM Sassy
Oh my…yum
9:12 PM Phil
: P
Thinking bout you
9:17 PM Sassy
[photo of my breasts – naked from the waist up standing in the bathroom at the sink]
9:22 PM Phil
Nice baby. I love your big nipples
Believe I’ll cum all over those tits in a bit
9:27 PM Sassy
Mmm hmmm.. sounds good
9:52 PM Phil
certainly does

9:58 PM Sassy
Stunning to see hundreds of officers from all over – humans and canines – saluting Officer Gannon, the officer shot with his police dog (who survived), one last time on the way to the cemetery in Yarmouth.  Here’s the 8-minute video from the Yarmouth Police page of the procession.  *sigh 

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What We Live For

April 13, 2018 Friday

6:35 AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid!   Mwah!
8:45 AM Sassy
Fun tune for your Friday!
[3-minute music video]

American Authors – What We Live For


11:08 PM Phil
Loved it! Thank you!

11:09 PM Sassy
Delectable deli dinner at S&S Deli in Cambridge

Hubby’s filet mignon and rice pilaf. 
There was a classic Ceasar salad too!
Rachel sandwich with sweet potato fries

Make you wet

April 9, 2018 Monday

8:51 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!  
Have a marvelous Monday!  Mwah!
1:54 PM Phil
Hey there!  You too!  
Catching up on work but quitting soon.
4:45 PM Phil
[photo of his smiling face in the hot tub with trees in the background]
A smile for you
4:45 PM Sassy
Thank you ever so much!
My work credit card was compromised.  In the midst of paying vendors for 2 big receptions this week.  Argh
4:47 PM Phil
Oh, that sucks!
5:00 PM Sassy
You look so sexy!
5:05 PM Sassy
[photo of my face sitting at my desk in the office]
5:29 PM Phil
Hey there cutie!
I look wet. I ain’t bad for my age I guess
5:35 PM Phil
My goal is to make you wet 
[Devil emoticon]
5:36 PM Sassy
You are excellent at that
5:38 PM Phil
I’m very happy. I like to encourage your imagination

7:02 PM Sassy
Fun 1-minute video of the start of an Easter sermon by Anthony Burton

Silly goat

March 29, 2018 Thursday
8:33 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!  Hope you have a particularly good Thursday!
My day was made by a package I thought was lost showing up!!
12:06 PM Phil
Happy Thursday! Happy to hear it!

2:15 PM Sassy
Woo hoo! Time for baseball!
5:46 PM Phil
6:29 PM Sassy
Be nice! May the best team win! 
Except not the Yankees. ; P
7:04 PM Phil
8:02 PM Phil
[Philip in his hot tub with naked shoulders and smile]
Enjoy the evening
8:03 PM Sassy
Thanks Mr Sexy
I was just looking at the cutest puppies… wondering if you wanted another one?  Friend’s mom rescued five of them from beside the highway in PR!  They are hoping to fly them here and get folks to adopt them.

[Photos of five sweet puppy faces]

9:40 PM Phil
What cuties!
11:40 PM Sassy
Have a silly goat drinking water – make sure the sound is on


Something salacious

March 25, 2018 Sunday

From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Sent: Sun Mar 25, 2018 at 12:09 AM
Subject: Reconstructing ruins
Hiya T!  Saw this cool series of gifs about the ancient world and knew I had to send it along to you!  Mwah! 

From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Sent: Sun Mar 25, 2018 at 10:40 PM
Subject: Sunday sleepiness
Hiya T!  The sun has long set on this Sunday, and I am sliding off to my bed, thinking of you.  
I had a low key day, made ham & cheese omelettes for breakfast and goofed around on my computer looking for a new Tumblr to send you, without any success.  Maybe tomorrow!    
I had a late lunch with my gal pal at Greek Corner and caught up.  We went to see my niece and brother-in-law in the North Cambridge Family Opera’s world premiere of “Weedpatch” about the people who left Oklahoma in the 30s during the Dust Bowl for the promise of riches in CA that didn’t quite work out, and how they were segregated and managed to make their own community out there.  
I made chili with hot dogs, onions and cheese for supper.  Not high cuisine but tasty! 
Hope your weekend is ending well and you are facing the coming week with less than the usual blues. 
Something salacious here… mmmm…. insert what you’d most like me to be doing!  I enjoy being the gall who says YES!  Mwah! 

Take On Me

March 20, 2018 Tuesday

8:04 AM Sassy
From Sara Boynton’s Facebook page

It’s Spring! Theoretically.

8:14 AM Sassy
Happy Spring!
8:15 AM Phil
Doesn’t feel like spring! Snow tonight.   Hope your day is special
8:16 AM Sassy
Yeah, telling us 10 inches tomorrow!
9:58 AM Phil
9:08 PM Phil
Love the tumblr! Mature, curves women, love it! Gonna go play <3
9:22 PM Sassy

11:54 PM Sassy
I took another quiz.  I don’t know much about tarot cards but this sounds about right:

Everyone Has A Tarot Card That Matches Their Personality — Here’s Yours

You got: The Sun
You have a natural vibrance that draws people in. How could you not? You’re positive and optimistic, enthusiastic and warm, energetic and fun. You can be a bit arrogant and have a hard time dealing with more serious situations, but there’s no denying you can make people happy.

11:56 PM Sassy
Be careful… this is one of those rabbit holes where I went to listen to one song and ended up listening to six! Each one worth a listen. Wow.  And a current version by the band who did the original!  

An Upbeat Acoustic Cover of the A-ha Song ‘Take On Me’ Performed in Gorgeous Guitar Finger Style

Bridge collapse

March 18, 2018 Sunday
11:15 AM
Amazing what a dashboard cam catches! Can’t see much other than one end of the structure collapsing, but I was heartened to see people immediately get out of their cars and run to the accident scene. [1 minute video]

Instagram video shows collapse of FIU pedestrian bridge

A dashcam video shows the FIU pedestrian bridge falling on Thursday, March 15, 2018.

Aerial view shows a pedestrian bridge collapsed at Florida International University in Miami, Florida, U.S., March 15, 2018. REUTERS/Joe Skipper

Read more here:

Storm Skylar

March 13, 2018 Tuesday

7:10 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!   Snow day!  Going back to bed.  Whee

10:19 AM Sassy
Storm Skylar is here!

[photo out my balcony window of the white out with ice on the window and snow coming down and already piled up]

1:02 PM Sassy
Video of Harvard Square this morning… a lot less traffic on Mass Ave than usual!

[facebook url=”” /]

[33 second video of snowy street with more snow coming down, no people and no traffic except city bus]
1:42 PM Sassy

Storm Skylar continues to pile up snow! 

[photo out my balcony window of the white out with ice on the window and snow coming down and being plowed]
3:13 PM Sassy

The Norwegian, Joar Ulsom, is in the lead! He’s in midst of the 8-hour mandatory rest, then on to the last checkpoint in Safety and the finish line in Nome! #iditarod #iditarod2018

3:41 PM Sassy
Using a corgi to give you some scale of the snow depth!
Olive hops through deep snow

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4:12 PM Sassy

Storm Skylar still snowing and blowing! 11″ on the ground, 8″ more to go!

[photo out my balcony window of snow coming down and covering the formerly plowed ground]
10:45 PM Sassy

“Drag Elsa” saves the Boston Police van single-handedly!

[95 second video of someone dressed as Elsa from “Frozen” pushing a police van out of the snow]
10:49 PM Sassy

Storm Skylar is over!

[photo out my balcony window of snowy ground]

Show Dogs

March 12, 2018 Monday

8:41 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!  Have a marvelous Monday!
8:43 AM Phil
Good morning! Back at ya! Enjoy the day!

2:12 PM Sassy
My employer announced a snow day for tomorrow!  
6:31 PM Phil
[Philip in his hot tub outside with a cigar and glass of scotch, showing his naked shoulders and smile]
6:32 PM Sassy
Hiya hot stuff!
6:38 PM Sassy
Excuse me while I slip in beside you and reach around under the water for something to play with?
6:58 PM Phil
[purple devil emoticon]
6:58 PM Sassy
You got… like… a rubber ducky or something under there?
7:03 PM Phil
Something 😀
7:04 PM  Sassy
7:04 PM Sassy
You gonna get any of this wicked weather?
7:27 PM Phil
Sure hope not!
7:44 PM Sassy
We’re getting it all then… at least 10″ and maybe 20″.  Whee.
7:59 PM Phil
8:00 PM Sassy
Not going anywhere tomorrow.  

10:23 PM 
Quite a race with lead changes, lost trails, bad weather closing scheduled stops… a 3-man race and probably a new winner as they reach the Bering Sea and head for Nome! #Iditarod #iditarod2018

Iditarod update: Norwegian musher Ulsom is first to Koyuk after Petit backtracks

11:36 PM Sassy
Here’s a silly movie trailer about dogs for you to chuckle through

Show Dogs – Official Movie Website | In Theaters May 18
 starring Will Arnett, Ludacris, Stanley Tucci, and Natasha Lyonne. 


Periscope up

March 10, 2018 Saturday

12:38 PM Sassy
Good afternoon!  
You are looking so thin and sexy!  Want to grab that face and kiss it!  Mwah!

[Photo of him out at a restaurant, smiling and toasting the camera with a beer]
12:42 PM Phil
Ha! Mwah back at ya!
12:43 PM Sassy
Hope you’re having fun!  Quiet day here – Hubby is out setting up for the project that starts Thursday and I am doing laundry.  Whee!
1:01 PM Phil
We are enjoying the day
3:04 PM Phil
[Philip’s naked chest and smile in his hot tub outside on a sunny day]
3:05 PM Sassy
3:15 PM Phil
Naked again
My periscope is above the water and searching
3:19 PM Sassy
Wish I could find it
3:23 PM Phil
Hee hee
[Philip’s naked chest and smile, holding a cigar and glass of scotch, outside on his back patio]
3:24 PM Sassy
Looks like you’ve got all the right stuff!
3:30 PM Phil
Wanna cum bobbing for the prize?
All the right junk in all the right places, as the song goes
3:33 PM Sassy
I do want to! *grin
3:48 PM Phil
One of many reasons I love you <3 🙂 
3:50 PM Sassy
4:02 PM Phil
5:48 PM Sassy
Fun duet!
Josh Groban on Ellen…I just found this video, it’s hysterical! I love Ellen!

Josh Groban and Ellen Sing 

“Total Eclipse of the Heart!”


7:28 PM Sassy
Winner winner chicken dinner! I actually ate at home tonight.

Rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy 
and green beans amondine!