Superb supper

August 1, 2017 Tuesday

8:46 PM Sassy
Superb supper at All Seasons Table in Malden

Hubby’s tuna tataki
Crab rangoons
Seafood scallion pancake
Crispy spicy cod
Hubby’s General Gao’s chicken
Crispy thai basil duck

Sumiao Kitchen

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July 31, 2017 Monday

6:13 PM Sassy
Dinner at Sumiao Hunan Restaurant, just opened in Kendall Square Cambridge

Entrance, corner of Third and Binney
Festive dining room
The bar
Lovely place setting
A+ for fancy mocktails
Cabbage soaked in pineapple juice with dill and radish sprouts
Doppler Shift mocktail with dragon fruit puree, 
fresh lime juice, simple syrup, soda water 
and dragon fruit garnish
Dragon fruit daiquiri for Hubby
Molten Gold soup – pumpkin and millet
General Tso’s Chicken
Shrimp fried rice
Soup bao – steamed dumplings with pork, Ginger soy sauce

DNA surprise

July 29, 2017 Saturday

9:09 AM Sassy

Happy Saturday!  
Gray cool day here… got the balcony door open to let the breeze in!
9:14 AM Phil
Happy Saturday!  Knocked out some chores and now going to enjoy the day. 

Gray here too. I’ll take it after the heat we had
9:14 AM Sassy
Hope you have lots of fun!  Maybe it won’t be as crowded.
1:24 PM Sassy
Fascinating story about a DNA test with surprise results, and how they solved the mystery
How Alice Collins Plebuch’s foray into “recreational genomics” upended a family tree.

Yard House

July 27, 2017 Thursday

3:10 PM Sassy
Saw a gastroenterologist in Kenmore Square.  Such a waste of time.  I know it’s good to keep any eye on my insides, and I may need him someday for something but right now, he chats about his vacation, orders blood tests and sends me on my way.  At least he tells fun vacation stories! 
5:11 PM Sassy
Happy hour! First time at The Yard House near Fenway Park.  
Indoor patio
Deviled eggs with bacon
Moo shu chicken egg rolls
Blackberry jasmine green iced tea
Happy Hour menu – all half-price! 
Vampire taco – carnitas, bacon chorizo, chipotle, 
cumin crema, guacamole, roasted garlic and cilantro in a 
grilled, crispy cheese-crusted flour tortilla shell
Carnivore pizza – pepperoni, seasoned beef, spicy sausage, 
crispy bacon, mozzarella, tomato sauce.
Mini dessert trio – chocolate souffle cake with vanilla ice cream, 
banana creme brulee and peach apple cobbler with caramel ice cream
One of two beer fridge rooms
The distinctive door handles
The facade on the left 

So beefy

July 26, 2017 Wednesday

6:56 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!

4:14 PM Sassy
We went to the Super88 food court and I had Korean beef bulgoki from the Misono Grill!  So beefy… so tasty! 

photo from

Fun socks

July 25, 2017 Tuesday

9:01AM Sassy

Good morning!  
Another cold rainy one here!  
Have a terrific Tuesday!
9:19 AM Phil
Good morning! Pretty one here!
9:31 AM Phil
[photo of his feet up on his desk at work with his shoes off]
Hard at work
9:32 AM Sassy
Awesome socks!  You can give Justin Trudeau some competition.
9:35 AM Phil
I try to wear fun socks
9:37 AM Sassy
It makes me smile.

6:44 PM Sassy
A tasty dinner at the Ninety-Nine in Somerville.  Their french onion soup rocks! 

Sonoran hot dog

July 24, 2017 Monday

7:41 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!
8:05 AM Phil
Good morning! Happy Monday!
8:06 AM Sassy
It’s cool and rainy…makes it okay to head to work!

6:39 PM Sassy
Dinner at Lone Star Taco Bar!
Another day, another Sonoran hot dog! And street corn! 

The Big Sick

July 23, 2017 Sunday

7:33 AM Sassy
Fascinating story of how a writer’s visit to Osborne House led her to Queen Victoria’s Urdu diaries at Windsor and on to Karachi to open a trunk in an attic and uncover the Queen’s friendship with an Indian man. She wrote a book and it’ll be a movie in September!


‘How I uncovered the hidden friendship between Queen Victoria and her Indian servant Abdul’

1:43 PM Sassy
Hiya kid!  Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday!
The heat broke… it’s a blissful 73 here!
2:44 PM Phil
Hanging with family on my wife’s side 
Fabulous day

4:17 PM Sassy
I’m seeing the movie “The Big Sick” at the Kendall Square Cinema!