Hard hard-on

May 4, 2019 Saturday (Part 1)

9:45 AM Phil

[photo while he was riding in a car on a highway you can barely see because of fog]

9:46 AM Sassy

9:46 AM Phil
Driving through the mountains. Soupy! 

Enjoy the day!

9:46 AM Sassy

9:47 AM Phil
The boys and I are heading to a guys weekend 

9:47 AM Sassy
 Thank goodness I am not driving to MD today like I was last year!

Ping me later for naughty photos. ; )

10:08 AM Sassy
Put this at the top of the “figure skaters in odd positions” photo competition!

10:08 AM Phil
I will! That sounds like fun!
Love those naughty photos
10:10 AM Sassy
I was inspired while waiting on The Northerner

10:11 AM Phil

10:12 AM Sassy
There was a huge mirror.

10:12 AM Phil
Now riding with a raging hard hard-on. Thank you very much

10:12 AM Sassy
Yay! Hope the boys aren’t staring at your crotch!

10:13 AM Phil
😛 xxoo <3

10:16 AM Sassy
I’d touch it if I was there

10:20 AM Phil
If you rub it, it goes off

10:23 AM Sassy
What if I suck it?

10:24 AM Phil
It goes off then too but harder 🙂

10:26 AM Sassy
I’d like to test that.

10:33 AM Phil
You have tasted, I mean tested that

10:34 AM Sassy
Need more data

10:35 AM Phil
Always a good thing, might go off sooner and harder

10:36 AM Sassy
I am the best companion on a long drive.
10:56 AM Sassy
Chewie & Leia

11:28 AM Phil
[photo of two men sitting at a picnic table.  Both are wearing dark t-shirts and blue jeans]

The boys

12:07 PM Sassy
Nice! Do you have on a t-shirt and blue jeans?

12:23 PM Phil
T shirt and shorts for me

12:24 PM Sassy
Is it warm? We’re stuck in the wretched 50s and rain rut.

12:25 PM Phil
It’s about 70. Perfect

12:25 PM Sassy

We’re off to meet our new lawyer, update our wills, poa, and health care proxy! Have to make use of my employer’s free legal benefits while I can!

1:40 PM Phil

[photo of three smiling men in front of a tent, one of which is Philip]

Good luck

2:15 PM Sassy
Awesome photo! 
You’re looking so healthy and happy!
4:21 PM Phil
: )

4:22 PM Sassy
Just finished with the lawyer! Lovely woman, brilliant mind

5:11 PM Phil
I will be looking for naughty photos in a bit with my hard cock in my hand

5:28 PM Sassy
Tasty Chinese supper at Beijing in Lexington

Chopsticks and a ceramic rest
Beijing ravioli
Salt and pepper shrimp appetizer
Neptune shrimp and scallops fried rice
General Gao’s Chicken

6:17 PM Phil
[photo of a small house in the woods]

Our little place in the woods. I will be all alone in the basement stroking my cock till it sprays cum all over my belly

Been horny all day. Looking forward to being naked

6:53 PM Sassy
Quick visit to Wilson Farm in Lexington to see flowers and pick up prepared foods!

7:47 PM Sassy
Finally home. Hope you’re having a good dinner

7:52 PM Sassy
Strange day at the Kentucky Derby. Winner disqualified and long shot Country House anointed!

Controversy swirls over Kentucky Derby finish after disqualification

Country House (middle, yellow silks), ridden by Flavien Prat, races down the stretch as Maximum Security, Luis Saez up, seemingly wins (far right) the 145th running of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs on Saturday in Louisville. Maximum Security was taken down due to an objection by Country House’s rider, Flavien Prat. Photo by Mark Abraham/UPI

May 4 (UPI) — Country House, a 65-1 long shot, finished second in Saturday’s Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, but became the 145th winner of the most storied race, thanks to an historic ruling by the stewards.

After examining video and interviewing the jockeys, the officials disqualified first-place finisher Maximum Security for interference at the top of the stretch and elevated Country House to just the second win of his career.
It was the first time in the history of the Run for the Roses that a first-place finisher had been disqualified before the race was made official.

8:27 PM Phil
We are grilling steaks.

Going to have dinner and then get naked and stroke my cock, while thinking about you sucking it

Makes me hard thinking about it

[photo of a man tending a barbecue grill outside in the dark]

The grill master

8:36 PM Sassy
military buddies?

8:38 PM Phil

2 thoughts on “Hard hard-on

  1. NightlySun says:

    Neptune shrimp and scallops fried rice – this instantly aroused my appetite.\”Going to have dinner and then get naked and stroke my cock, while thinking about you sucking it\” – and this, it aroused my sexual appetite. Instantly.

  2. Hiya Nightly! So glad I could get you going on multiple levels. Thanks for reading and writing a comment. Helps get me through these strange days.

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