Deluxe Town Diner

July 20 2019 Saturday

9:00 AM Phil
good morning! Have a terrific Saturday!

10:18 AM Sassy
Breakfast in Watertown at the Deluxe Town Diner!

Yes – a real diner!
Corned beef hash with eggs, home fries and multigrain toast
Apple Fritters
Crab cake eggs Benedict
Sausage patties
Ham omelette with an English muffin – my stomach
 is still iffy so I ordered something simple

10:44 AM Sassy
So many lilies!

11:10 AM Sassy
Good morning kid! Record heat today! 
Survived breakfast out, staying in the central air from here on!

Patriotic Skivvies

July 5, 2019 Friday

7:09 AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid!
9:13 AM Phil
Happy Friday!

9:13 AM Sassy
Another hot beautiful day here!

9:14 AM Phil
Same temp in the office but looks nice out. Empty building today so good chance to catch up on routine admin.

9:15 AM Sassy

10:08 AM Sassy
She gives me hope for the future. Such power in poetic words last night at the Boston Pops!

11:24 AM Sassy

Another reason I adore Alaska!
Should get you some of these patriotic skivvies

From Mountain Men of Alaska Facebook page
12:54 PM Sassy

So many delicious Chinese buffet choices at Changsho in Cambridge

Flowers at the front door 
Floral welcome
Salt & pepper calamari
Vegetarian summer rolls with peanut sauce
Soup dumplings!
Peking ravioli
Lion’s head meatball
Fruit bowl
Chocolate cake
Pineapple mousse and jello
Egg drop soup
Festive drinks – Diet Coke with lime and a Passion punch
Dining room 

Penultimate work day

June 20, 2019 Thursday

7:54 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!
Have an excellent Thursday!
I get my farewell lunch today.

1:58 PM Sassy
Farewell lunch with my colleagues at Henrietta’s Table in the Charles Hotel in Cambridge!

with Creamy Garlic and Peppercorn Dressing and Croutons

6:58 PM Sassy
Supper at Yoshi in Powder House Square Somerville

Soft shell crab tempura
Yellow tail jalapeno
Tuna poke bowl
Shrimp and vegetables tempura
10:12 PM Phil
Enjoy. Been unbelievably busy! 
Hope your lunch was fabulous.
10:15 PM Sassy
Lunch is over!  Everyone appeared! I got flowers, Belgian chocolates, a framed photo of a local scene, and theater tickets!
Thanks for checking in.
One more day!
10:40 PM Phil
Awe that’s neat. Enjoy your last day

Brain space opening

June 18, 2019 Tuesday

8:32 AM Sassy
Good morning!
Off to MGH for a check-up with the radiation oncologist. Whee!

12:20 PM Sassy
Aced another cheery check-up with my radiation oncologist at Massachusetts General Hospital! 

12:21 PM Sassy
Sis knows how to perk up my last days at the office! Roses!  

12:51 PM Sassy
My colleague gave me a sign! Thanks for the chuckle. It’s so true!

6:12 PM Sassy
Tasty time at Twyrl Pasta Bistro in Arlington

Kitchen and dining room
Side salad with beets, carrots and celery
Hubby’s shrimp scampi over shells
My pasta Alfredo with bacon and peas

6:27 PM Sassy
Dessert at the new Abbott’s Frozen Custard in Arlington

Salty pecan caramel custard cone

6:18 PM Phil
I keep most, why? 
Congrats on good results!
6:20 PM Sassy
Yay! Facebook won’t let me access them.  If I send you the directions to download and email them to me, will you try it? I just need the past year. I had the others archived, thank goodness!
8:46 PM Sassy
Never mind… they have mysteriously reappeared! FB is so weird. Never seen that before!  Maybe they locked me out for a day for sending you p0rn! ; ) 
9:02 PM Phil
9:23 PM Sassy
How are you this fine evening?
9:50 PM Phil
I’m very good! How bout you?
9:50 PM Sassy
Getting better all the time.
9:50 PM Phil
Ha! That’s a good thing!
9:53 PM Sassy
I can feel brain space opening up as I turn over projects and can forget about them!
More time to think of a sexy man and what I’d like to do with him…

Last working Monday

June 17, 2019 Monday

8:37 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!
My last working Monday!!

12:35 PM Sassy
Lunch at Border Cafe in Harvard Square

Taco salad
Chicken quesadillas
My gumbo
Crawfish etouffee

5:04 PM Sassy
Spring flowers on the way home from the office

5:57 PM Phil
Wooo Hoooo

5:58 PM Sassy

[photo of my naked chest and light blue panties]

10:27 PM Phil

10:38 PM Sassy
Awww… thanks!

Quick question… do you keep our Messenger messages?

Spectacular spring flowers

June 11, 2019 Tuesday

8:47 AM Sassy
Big Papi made it to MGH about 10:30 PM!  I am so relieved.  

‘Big Papi’ David Ortiz lands in Boston on medical flight, escorted to Mass General

“Retired Red Sox slugger David Ortiz has been transported to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston after his medical flight landed at Logan International Airport on Monday night.

“Big Papi” took an air ambulance from the Dominican Republic, where he was shot on Sunday night. Red Sox officials sent the plane so Ortiz could be brought to Mass General for further treatment.”

8:48 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!
It’s murky here…going off to make my own sunshine! Have a super Tuesday!

8:49 AM Phil
Cool overcast day here as well. A day of meetings and then a drive back home. Love working at different places.

[photo of a river and grasslands and trees]

8:50 AM Sassy
Looks so rural!

8:51 AM Phil
Outskirts of town

9:03 PM Sassy

6:10 PM Sassy
Quick supper at Orleans in Davis Square Somerville

Fried chicken bowl 
with mashed potatoes, corn, cheese and gravy
Parmesan truffle fries
Hubby’s hot chicken tenders with sweet chili sauce

7:15 PM Sassy
Spectacular spring flowers in Somerville

A perfect pink peony!
Roses in the most amazing shade s
omewhere between pink and orange.
Red roses
Don’t know what these are but t
hey are so complicated for something so tiny!
A pink rose
A huge red rose
An orange rose
Such a peony!
A yellow rose
A pale purple iris
A pale yellow rose
Don’t know what these are but the purple is fun!
Are these zinnia or gerbera daises? So yellow!
A delightful daisy! My mom adored daisies.
A rose that smelled so sweet!
Stunning mix of pink and yellow roses 
Gorgeous pink rose
Pretty white flowers 

Holiday treats

May 27, 2019 Monday – MEMORIAL DAY HOLIDAY

9:03 AM Phil
Good morning! Hope you have a terrific Memorial Day!

9:23 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! Another beautiful day!

11:24 AM Sassy
Breakfast at Bambara in the Marlowe Hotel in Cambridge is so civilized!

My oatmeal with fruit and nuts (and a side of bacon)
Wild mushroom omelette with home fried potatoes and toast 
Chourteg French toast
11:32 AM Sassy
Flowers on my walk home

7:24 PM Phil
[photo of his smiling face and chest standing in front of the hot tub]
Cigar and scotch time necked in the tub
7:26 PM Sassy
Oooh! We’re out with a friend for sushi!
7:26 PM Phil
[photo of his foot sticking up out of the water of the hot tub]
7:27 PM Sassy
7:27 PM Phil
Ha ha! Have a piece of octopus for me
7:59 PM Phil
[photo of the tip of his cock sticking out of the water in the hot tub]
Look what popped up
7:59 PM Sassy
8:11 PM Sassy

Sushi and more at Genki Ya in Davis Square Somerville

My soft-shell crab tempura
Tori no karage (fried chicken) 
Volcano roll
Hubby’s sushi – inari, shrimp, yellowtail, and salmon nigiri
My sushi – shrimp tempura maki roll, egg and eel nigiri

Hard hard-on

May 4, 2019 Saturday (Part 1)

9:45 AM Phil

[photo while he was riding in a car on a highway you can barely see because of fog]

9:46 AM Sassy

9:46 AM Phil
Driving through the mountains. Soupy! 

Enjoy the day!

9:46 AM Sassy

9:47 AM Phil
The boys and I are heading to a guys weekend 

9:47 AM Sassy
 Thank goodness I am not driving to MD today like I was last year!

Ping me later for naughty photos. ; )

10:08 AM Sassy
Put this at the top of the “figure skaters in odd positions” photo competition!

10:08 AM Phil
I will! That sounds like fun!
Love those naughty photos
10:10 AM Sassy
I was inspired while waiting on The Northerner

10:11 AM Phil

10:12 AM Sassy
There was a huge mirror.

10:12 AM Phil
Now riding with a raging hard hard-on. Thank you very much

10:12 AM Sassy
Yay! Hope the boys aren’t staring at your crotch!

10:13 AM Phil
😛 xxoo <3

10:16 AM Sassy
I’d touch it if I was there

10:20 AM Phil
If you rub it, it goes off

10:23 AM Sassy
What if I suck it?

10:24 AM Phil
It goes off then too but harder 🙂

10:26 AM Sassy
I’d like to test that.

10:33 AM Phil
You have tasted, I mean tested that

10:34 AM Sassy
Need more data

10:35 AM Phil
Always a good thing, might go off sooner and harder

10:36 AM Sassy
I am the best companion on a long drive.
10:56 AM Sassy
Chewie & Leia

11:28 AM Phil
[photo of two men sitting at a picnic table.  Both are wearing dark t-shirts and blue jeans]

The boys

12:07 PM Sassy
Nice! Do you have on a t-shirt and blue jeans?

12:23 PM Phil
T shirt and shorts for me

12:24 PM Sassy
Is it warm? We’re stuck in the wretched 50s and rain rut.

12:25 PM Phil
It’s about 70. Perfect

12:25 PM Sassy

We’re off to meet our new lawyer, update our wills, poa, and health care proxy! Have to make use of my employer’s free legal benefits while I can!

1:40 PM Phil

[photo of three smiling men in front of a tent, one of which is Philip]

Good luck

2:15 PM Sassy
Awesome photo! 
You’re looking so healthy and happy!
4:21 PM Phil
: )

4:22 PM Sassy
Just finished with the lawyer! Lovely woman, brilliant mind

5:11 PM Phil
I will be looking for naughty photos in a bit with my hard cock in my hand

5:28 PM Sassy
Tasty Chinese supper at Beijing in Lexington

Chopsticks and a ceramic rest
Beijing ravioli
Salt and pepper shrimp appetizer
Neptune shrimp and scallops fried rice
General Gao’s Chicken

6:17 PM Phil
[photo of a small house in the woods]

Our little place in the woods. I will be all alone in the basement stroking my cock till it sprays cum all over my belly

Been horny all day. Looking forward to being naked

6:53 PM Sassy
Quick visit to Wilson Farm in Lexington to see flowers and pick up prepared foods!

7:47 PM Sassy
Finally home. Hope you’re having a good dinner

7:52 PM Sassy
Strange day at the Kentucky Derby. Winner disqualified and long shot Country House anointed!

Controversy swirls over Kentucky Derby finish after disqualification

Country House (middle, yellow silks), ridden by Flavien Prat, races down the stretch as Maximum Security, Luis Saez up, seemingly wins (far right) the 145th running of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs on Saturday in Louisville. Maximum Security was taken down due to an objection by Country House’s rider, Flavien Prat. Photo by Mark Abraham/UPI

May 4 (UPI) — Country House, a 65-1 long shot, finished second in Saturday’s Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, but became the 145th winner of the most storied race, thanks to an historic ruling by the stewards.

After examining video and interviewing the jockeys, the officials disqualified first-place finisher Maximum Security for interference at the top of the stretch and elevated Country House to just the second win of his career.
It was the first time in the history of the Run for the Roses that a first-place finisher had been disqualified before the race was made official.

8:27 PM Phil
We are grilling steaks.

Going to have dinner and then get naked and stroke my cock, while thinking about you sucking it

Makes me hard thinking about it

[photo of a man tending a barbecue grill outside in the dark]

The grill master

8:36 PM Sassy
military buddies?

8:38 PM Phil