October’s here

October 1, 2018 Monday

From: Sassy

To: Brett
Sent: Oct 1, 2018 at 8:40 PM
Subject: October’s here

Hiya Brett! Hope your October got off to a grand start!

Work is nuts but I am rolling along. Hope your office is being pleasant!

My NC cousin was here over the weekend, so I got to have a tasty Italian dinner, a seafood brunch and a short shopping trip to Kittery Maine with her.

A friend had a massive heart attack on Thursday, quad bypass surgery on Saturday and finally got off the respirator and stop being sedated today! We are rallying his friends around him, assigning someone to go in to the hospital every day, mostly to help his gf watch over him. I get to go in at lunch time tomorrow. 

I am thinking of you, feeling a tingling on my neck and chest as you stand behind me! Hope you can pull out some hot memories to brighten your evening!


Trip to Kittery

September 30, 2018 Sunday

11:35 AM Sassy
Wonderful brunch at Waypoint in Harvard Square Cambridge with NC cousins!  

If the shoe fits mocktail
Bucatini carbonara
Breakfast sandwich
Fried oysters on a waffle
Eggs Benedict on potato latkes
Raw bar – we had oysters and shrimp

3:28 PM Sassy
Tagging along while my NC cousin shops at the outlets in Kittery, ME!

4:17 PM Sassy
I actually bought stuff at the Kittery Trading Post! Found holiday presents for the office.

5:58 PM Sassy
Supper at Bob’s Clam Shack in Kittery ME!

My lobster roll and clam chowder 

Fall on me

September 29, 2018 Saturday

7:56 AM Sassy
Good morning kid! Have a super Saturday!

8:39 AM Phil
Good morning!
You too!

Heading out for adventures

8:08 PM Sassy
Italian dinner at Regina Pizzeria in Medford with my NC cousin!

Giambotta pizza
Sausage lasagna
Quieter back corner of the dining room 

8:36 PM Sassy
Stopped by Mike’s Pastry at Assembly Row for a florentine cannoli!

11:22 PM Sassy
Beautiful men making beautiful music

Andrea Bocelli, Matteo Bocelli – Fall On Me 

I thought sooner or later
The lights up above
Will come down in circles and guide me to love
But I don’t know what’s right for me
I cannot see straight
I’ve been here too long and I don’t want to wait for it

Fly like a cannonball, straight to my soul
Tear me to pieces
And make me feel whole
I’m willing to fight for it and carry this weight
But with every step
I keep questioning what it’s true
Fall on me
With open arms
Fall on me
From where you are
Fall on me
With all your light
With all your light
With all your light
Presto una luce ti illuminerà
Seguila sempre, guidarti saprà
Tu non arrenderti, attento a non perderti
E il tuo passato avrà senso per te
Vorrei che credessi in te stesso, ma sì
In ogni passo che muoverai qui
È un viaggio infinito
Sorriderò se
Nel tempo che fugge mi porti con te
Fall on me
Fall on me
Fall on me
Finché vorrai
Finché vorrai
Finché vorrai
Finché vorrai
I close my eyes
And I’m seeing you everywhere
I step outside
It’s like I’m breathing you in the air
I can feel you’re there
Fall on me
Fall on me
Fall on me
With all your light
With all your light
With all your light
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Fortunato Zampaglione / Chad Vaccarino / Ian Axel / Matteo Bocelli

Early Elephant

September 28, 2018 Friday

8:25 AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid!

9:05 AM Phil
Ha! Happy Friday!

9:10 AM Sassy
You ready to roll out a there?

10:19 AM Sassy
Tonight – 45 years ago. At camp. A kiss by the campfire. 

Thank you for making that such a special night! 
And for giving me the memory back when you found me again. 
You were a wonderful teenage boy who grew up into a fantastic man!

1:48 PM Phil
Awwww, thank you. I try to be a good person.

2:28 PM Sassy
I’ve been seeing a lot of people in the news who look bad and you are a striking contrast! I love you.

4:48 PM Sassy

San Diego Zoo gets surprise early birth of baby elephant

5:37 PM Phil
Love you back!

5:38 PM Sassy

You done with the old job? 

7:01 PM Phil
As of now

7:02 PM Sassy
How does that feel?

8:33 PM Phil
Not sure yet

8:33 PM Sassy
I hear you.

Dragon Pizza

September 27, 2018 Thursday

8:03 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! 
Hope your penultimate day goes well!

3:12 PM Phil
[Biscuit sticker from Ghostbot – little dog sitting at a desk typing]

4:13 PM Sassy
Hee hee… that’s cute. But you’re cuter. 

4:15 PM Sassy

7:07 PM Sassy
Delicious dinner from Dragon Pizza in Davis Square Somerville – ricotta and garlic sausage slice!

7:09 PM Sassy
Pumpkin macaron from Caramel Patisserie in Davis Square Somerville

New Smith Center

September 26, 2018 Wednesday

1:02 PM Sassy
Hiya! Hope your Wednesday is going well.

Waiting to see the surgeon, taking skin from under my arm to test. Whee

2:17 PM Phil
Oh that sounds like no fun

2:18 PM Sassy
Eh. Done. Surgeon is so lovely – older lady

2:20 PM Sassy
Had a ham & cheese croissant at Swissbakers at the new student center at Harvard! They’ve done an amazing renovation of that space! 

2:30 PM Sassy
Fun photo tour of the new Smith Campus Center in Harvard Square that opened officially last week – lots of restaurants and events open to the public! 


                                   Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer

Take Social Security when?

September 25, 2018 Tuesday

7:42 AM Sassy
Good morning! Here’s to a terrific Tuesday!

1:04 PM Phil

4:27 PM Sassy
Interesting article about a big financial question as we plan to retire, with a good link to the Social Security estimator. The one bit of advice they don’t offer is, “talk with a financial planner.” Most of them have rubrics to put in your info and come up with good choices

When should I start taking Social Security? 60-somethings want to know

Tips and triple treats

September 24, 2018 Monday

5:24 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! Hope your Monday is marvelous!

7:54 AM Sassy
Friend who lost a brother recommended this cartoon, and said I did well at it.  That’s nice to know because I always feel like I don’t know what to say or do.

11:04 AM Phil
Good morning!
Catching up on work at home. Busy week closing everything out at work so I can leave this week. Start my new job on Monday. Enjoy the day!

11:44 AM Sassy

2:45 PM Sassy 

Tasty chicken katsu over rice at Takemura in Harvard Square with Sis and a visiting friend! 

7:20 PM Sassy
Superb Supper at Snappy Patty’s in W Medford

Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich
Beet salad
Caesar salad with steak for Hubby
Roasted acorn squash with pistachios
Fried chicken
Dining room 

7:59 PM Sassy
Dessert at C B Scoops in W Medford

Cheery interior 
Huge menu
Butter pecan in a chocolate-dipped waffle cone
Strawberry ice cream in a waffle cone bowl 
dipped with chocolate and with jimmies 

Fall flowers and food

September 23, 2018 Sunday

8:56 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!

9:48 AM Sassy
Fall flowers on a beautiful Sunday morning!

11:30 AM Sassy
Breakfast at the Arlington Diner – not our intended destination but it worked out.  

Don’t you love it when a restaurant website says they open for brunch at 10 am and when you arrive at 9:55 am their sign says they open at 11 am?   Grrr…. no Summer Shack for us! 
French toast with sausage
Sausage eggs Benedict with home fries 
My Eggs Benedict with home fries
Side of bacon

11:57 AM Phil
Good morning! Nice rainy day!

12:23 PM Sassy
Beauty at Wilson Farm in Lexington