Daytona 500 and Oscars

Sunday, February 24, 2013
Good morning!  Hope you’re feeling better and have an easy day!
10:28am Phil
I am. Going to relax and watch the Daytona 500 and then the Oscars
Sounds like a great plan!  I hope Danica wins!  I have the monthly project meeting late afternoon but hope to be back in time to see the Oscars… if I can get my TV to work.  I haven’t had it on in… forever!  Enjoy the day!
12:11pm Phil
Feeling a bit better. Running to the store. 
Making roast chicken for supper, with Mac and cheese, made blueberry scones for breakfast. 
I’d like to see Danica win too
12:19am Phil
Did you watch the Oscars?
12:50am Phil
Good show
What cha doing up so late
12:51am Phil
About to stop…
12:51am Phil
Enjoy  🙂
xx00 🙂
12:52am Phil
🙂 <3
Sleep well, sweet man.
12:54am Phil
You too sexy girl

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