Full-length lick

Monday, December 10, 2012
Hey kid. Jumping into the shower – wash my back?
7:51am Phil
After laying awake most of the night crying into my pillow, I decided I was pathetic and I was hurting The Beach Gal. My little comments and posts were pulling at her heart. I would wait for a response and then be broken hearted when none came. Sat in the office sobbing as I told her I would not post any more. Was killing me and hurting her. I love her, I don’t want to hurt her and I don’t want to force her to tell me to stop. I’m not functioning. Not sleeping, eating enough to stay alive and I’m miserable. I’ll love her till I die but I have to let her be.
7:52am Phil
Ha! might help you out.
Hope your day is marvelous!
Enjoy the shower
All clean except my mind
1:36pm Phil
Sent The Beach Gal flowers like you said. just wanted her to know I love her, unconditionally and I’ll leave it there. Sent the bracelet too. I know she will love it. No more notes from me though. Tears me up when she does not reply. I’m better this afternoon. That gut wrenching sob helped. Don’t believe I have ever cried that hard. Guess I needed it. How is your day?
Hey kid! Wild day here. Another meeting with the boss at 3 pm. Let’s see what he can say to scare the crap out of me today. Pray!
2:16pm Phil
I will pray. Hope this one is more positive. I’ll be thinking of you. Going to cross my fingers too. What the hell, can’t hurt
Well, that worked! Thank you, Philip. It feels so good to have someone else pulling for me. Gives me courage. He was upbeat today!
Did you see “The Princess Bride” where the Dread Pirate Roberts talks about how the Captain would say, “Good work. I won’t kill you today. Probably tomorrow.” That’s what it feels like. *sigh
3:49pm Phil
That’s awesome! I did see Princess Bride. Fun movie. I know how that feels. Been in that situation once before. Was an absolutely miserable feeling. Hang in there, work hard and it will all work out. I’m always pulling for you!
I’m off to deliver papers to the project meeting. In theory I am “not working” this project…we’ll see.  I hope to be home by 7 pm if you need my expert counsel or boobs this evening.
A new guy emailed from the dating site. I tried a new thing… sent him a photo (met other guys w/o it). Means I probably won’t hear from him, but who knows?

FYI – a pal from your area said lots of your co-workers are on the “married but looking” web site! :0

6:55pm Phil
I know they are. 
You never know that. Wait and see. Have fun tonight. 
Had a good afternoon. Actually talked to The Beach Gal for an hour this afternoon. Went well. May yet be hope for me.
He wrote back! Twice! I am astonished. He said I have a nice smile. Awwww. Just hope he’s not wearing ladies undies like the other one! 
WOW! Hooray! YAY! Did you call her? Did she say why she’d been quiet? I should point out that right after you gave up, things changed. More patience! I told you… you’re irresistible!
8:31pm Phil
I knew he would. You have a great smile, a sweet heart, and some other intangibles. You are the only woman I know who says cunt! I loved it 😉
Oh, you….
8:33pm Phil
I sent a note this morning saying I was not going to bother her any more. She asked me to call. She got the flowers when she got home. She was so happy I sent her flowers. We cried, laughed and agreed we both needed a hug.
Hee hee… cunt.  You can say it more. 
Oh, my! FLOWERS! I told you.
8:34pm Phil
Going to have a scotch. Think about my beach gal
Yellow roses and blue iris

Yes you did.  Thank you.

Best few dollars you ever spent, right there.
10:05pm Phil
So you might get some sleep tonight?
10:29pm Phil
Are you watching MNF?
11:05pm Phil
Yeah, sucks!
My FB is lit up with Pats fans being oh so happy so I knew you wouldn’t be!
11:12pm Phil
Yeah yeah, fucking Patriots
A little lick to make you…. smile.   
11:32pm Phil
Love it! I’m smiling
Sleep well and I mean it!  Mwah!

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  1. Red Shoes says:

    HOLY COW!!!!!

    The gif is what caught my attention..

    However, I would have been more impressed had she gone down an equal distance as she went up..

    Just sayin’…


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