Smooth Talk

SmoothGuy and I got off to a great start on November 25, and then I didn’t hear from him for a few days.  He has a habit of popping up on Yahoo IM late at night.  I heard from him three times this week.  Here are some fun snippets:

Saturday November 30
11:55 PM SmoothGuy: Do you have an ideal date?
11:56 PM Sassy: Very interesting question…
11:57 PM Sassy: Hmmm…. sushi, conversation, sex?
11:58 PM SmoothGuy: Like all three….which is your favorite? 
11:59 PM Sassy: well… the first two are common, the third rare… so it seems more precious at the moment

Sunday December 1 
12:00 AM Sassy: I have this fantasy of eating a lobster maki off someone’s abs!
12:05 AM Sassy: What’s your ideal “date?”
12:08 AM SmoothGuy: Lunch, but a light lunch …nice scenic walk …quiet area and a lot of smooching….
12:08 AM Sassy: with some groping?
12:09 AM SmoothGuy: Oh yes!!
12:09 AM Sassy: Maybe a picnic.
12:09 AM SmoothGuy: Then a private place…undressing? Or too forward?
12:11 AM SmoothGuy: Picnics are great…some wine and cheese
12:11 AM SmoothGuy: Btw, what type of groping? 
12:16 AM Sassy: Hmmm… groping… Here’s a fun picnic photo…
12:17 AM Sassy: very forward!
12:19 AM SmoothGuy: Yes, so when can we go on a picnic?!! 
12:19 AM Sassy: Hee hee
12:20 AM Sassy: late April? 

12:20 AM SmoothGuy: Should I continue on our date when I undress you?
12:21 AM SmoothGuy: Indoor picnics are nice too 
12:21 AM Sassy: Oooh. You are a frisky thing tonight!
12:22 AM SmoothGuy: Somehow I got some help there!!
12:22 AM Sassy: Something about after midnight…
12:23 AM SmoothGuy: Okay to take off your top and kiss the back off your neck..
12:23 AM SmoothGuy: Yes, late night does change things… For the better 
12:24 AM Sassy: for a start…
12:25 AM SmoothGuy:  and…gently brush up against your nipples…
12:26 AM Sassy: mmm… what should I do while you’re doing that?
12:28 AM Sassy: Could I nibble on an ear?
12:28 AM SmoothGuy: Maybe lean back into me…press into me..turn your head and kiss me deeply…
12:28 AM SmoothGuy: You can nibble, but you would drive me crazy…
12:29 AM Sassy: make little sucking sounds? Breathe on it?
12:29 AM Sassy: run my tongue around a bit?
12:29 AM SmoothGuy: Oh yes…..
12:31 AM SmoothGuy: Okay to have my mouth on your breasts? …flicking your nipples and sucking on them…just gently….
12:31 AM Sassy: that sounds delightful… bite a bit… twist. You would hear some moaning then!
12:32 AM SmoothGuy: Done, with pleasure…
12:32 AM SmoothGuy: From me too!!
12:33 AM SmoothGuy: Should I move south? Or linger some more
12:33 AM Sassy: my belly button is calling to you?
12:34 AM SmoothGuy: We can call it that!
12:35 AM SmoothGuy: And what would you like to do, while I’m investigating your belly button?
12:37 AM Sassy: damn… you have addled my brain already!
12:37 AM Sassy: Sorry… I start picturing things and my brain goes wild
12:38 AM Sassy: and I can’t keep my fingers on the keyboard!
12:39 AM SmoothGuy: So I should stop…but just for now …?
12:40 AM Sassy: Hmmmm….
12:40 AM SmoothGuy: Though, the belly button, is never a place to end things….

12:40 AM Sassy: You write very well
12:41 AM SmoothGuy: As do you. Enjoy chatting
12:41 AM Sassy: You want to taste? Touch?
12:42 AM SmoothGuy: Very much so …you?
12:43 AM Sassy: I am thinking about it, yes…
12:43 AM Sassy: But don’t want to look like a complete hussy right off!
12:43 AM SmoothGuy: It’s been too long for me…
12:44 AM SmoothGuy: For me it’s being open and honest about what I want…
12:44 AM Sassy: It is refreshing
12:46 AM SmoothGuy: Agreed. I don’t think it’s being a hussy or the guy equivalent, but being confident and real
12:46 AM Sassy: So nice to be able to express it, after so much rejection
12:46 AM Sassy: to make it fun!
12:48 AM SmoothGuy: Agreed. Fun is the key. Low stress, pleasure each other, if I can be so bold
12:49 AM Sassy: Sounds perfect.
12:49 AM Sassy: I adore figuring out what will do that
12:49 AM SmoothGuy: And I’m pretty good at below the belly button…and happy to please, as I become bolder
12:50 AM SmoothGuy: I love figuring it out too

12:51 AM Sassy: Adore trying things… see what feels good.
12:52 AM SmoothGuy: Me too. Do you have anything in particular you like?
12:53 AM Sassy: fingers. inside. curled.  You? 
12:55 AM SmoothGuy: Nice…
12:55 AM Sassy: been so long… it’s the simple things I crave right now
12:56 AM SmoothGuy: I hear you…my biggest missing thing is ….
12:57 AM SmoothGuy: And I’m embarrassed a bit…
12:57 AM Sassy: Please don’t be… you can tell me.
12:57 AM SmoothGuy: But what the heck…Is…mouth sliding up and down my shaft …for a long time…
12:59 AM SmoothGuy: Until I just explode.
12:59 AM Sassy: I gather that is something many married men are missing
12:59 AM Sassy: I know how to do that. 
1:00 AM SmoothGuy: I know how to do the equivalent!

1:00 AM Sassy: I’ve watched a lot of… a certain type of video
1:01 AM SmoothGuy: I like your video tastes
1:02 AM Sassy: Am I allowed to play with your ass while I suck on you?
1:02 AM SmoothGuy: Yes, I think, but in what way?’
1:03 AM Sassy: maybe use a finger
1:03 AM SmoothGuy: And, of course, vice versa?
1:03 AM Sassy: a wet finger
1:03 AM SmoothGuy: Oh yes!!
1:04 AM Sassy: part of me… inside you
1:04 AM SmoothGuy: But I might yell a bit!
1:04 AM Sassy: I am gentle, subtle
1:05 AM SmoothGuy: Very nice
1:06 AM SmoothGuy: Hope it can happen!
1:06 AM SmoothGuy: While we are at the embarrassing stage….
1:06 AM Sassy: Nah
1:07 AM Sassy: say!
1:08 AM SmoothGuy: Any interest in anal …in a very gentle way? I’ve never done it …curious
1:08 AM SmoothGuy: Nah to what?
1:08 AM Sassy: Don’t be embarrassed… really.  Maybe… I did it once a long time ago
1:09 AM Sassy: With an idiot who ripped me up. But I try to forget that… hope to trust again
1:09 AM Sassy: Want to know what it feels like when done right with lots of lube… patience…
1:10 AM Sassy: still puzzling over how to be sure it’s clean enough… but there has to be a way!
1:11 AM SmoothGuy: I would expect a lot of patience..
1:11 AM SmoothGuy: Maybe need a few times to get it right
1:12 AM SmoothGuy: Strangely not embarrassed – it’s nice to be open.
1:12 AM Sassy: indeed
1:13 AM Sassy: I am not judgmental. Takes a lot to weird me out
1:13 AM Sassy: and if I am, I say so and roll along

1:14 AM SmoothGuy: Anything you’re interested in? ..good attitude btw
1:14 AM Sassy: I want to see a man cum… on me. Never done that. Simple thing, but I’ve seen it so many videos, want to know what it feels like
1:16 AM Sassy: Is that weird?
1:16 AM SmoothGuy: That’s cool. Think I could handle that with a little help!
1:17 AM SmoothGuy: Not weird at all.
1:17 AM Sassy: Was thinking to use my chest…and my mouth
1:17 AM SmoothGuy: Fantasies and sexual desires are healthy in my book
1:18 AM SmoothGuy: You do have me hard, btw. Hope that’s not too weird
1:18 AM Sassy: Oh, how lovely! Great to know!
1:19 AM Sassy: Kinda wet and twitchy over here….
1:19 AM SmoothGuy: Hey, being open and honest here!
1:19 AM Sassy: Are you touching?
1:19 AM SmoothGuy: Very nice!
1:20 AM SmoothGuy: A little bit. You?
1:20 AM Sassy: Yes indeed
1:21 AM SmoothGuy: Picturing your mouth in action 
1:22 AM Sassy: Slurping sounds
1:22 AM SmoothGuy: Any chance you want to meet?
1:22 AM SmoothGuy: Hmmmmm
1:22 AM Sassy: Not tonight. 
1:22 AM SmoothGuy: Funny!
1:23 AM Sassy: staring up into your eyes…
1:25 AM Sassy: I’m out of practice. But you can tell me… guide me,
1:26 AM SmoothGuy: you’re licking me…
1:27 AM Sassy: make it just right… until your hips can’t stay still
1:28 AM Sassy: take you to the edge about… 17 times
1:28 AM SmoothGuy: Sliding your tongue up and down my penis…nibbling the head..
1:28 AM SmoothGuy: You have me moaning…
1:29 AM SmoothGuy: Rub me between your breasts…
1:29 AM SmoothGuy: I start to cum…but you stop me…
1:29 AM Sassy: you think you can’t hold it… that it can’t get any better… but it does
1:30 AM SmoothGuy: I reach down ….run my tongue up and down your inner thigh
1:31 AM SmoothGuy: You take me fully into your mouth…I thrust my tongue deep inside….
1:32 AM SmoothGuy: Lick you up and down…up and down…up and down …
1:33 AM SmoothGuy: Gently kiss your clitoris….
1:33 AM Sassy: mmmm… I can’t stay still when you do that… hips roll
1:34 AM Sassy: trying to get closer
1:34 AM SmoothGuy: My finger gently finds your anal gland …moves in and out…
1:35 AM SmoothGuy: I move up your body…enter you…hold you close..
1:35 AM SmoothGuy: Kiss you deeply….Thrust back and forth…back and forth….
1:37 AM SmoothGuy: then egads…heaven moves!!!

1:38 AM Sassy: shaking
1:38 AM Sassy: squeaking…you…. um… making a mess over there?
1:41 AM SmoothGuy: Ummm…yes…you the equivalent?
1:41 AM Sassy: Oh yes
1:41 AM SmoothGuy: Do have to hit the hay, though.
1:41 AM Sassy: Hot stuff. Thanks for staying up and playing!
1:41 AM Sassy: Hope it helps you sleep. 
1:42 AM SmoothGuy: Excellent! You too!
1:42 AM SmoothGuy: Oh, it will. Same for you!
1:42 AM Sassy: Good night 
1:43 AM SmoothGuy: You’re very exciting! Night!
CHAT #2  
Sunday, December 2, 2012

11:45 PM SmoothGuy: Have two minutes, but wanted to say hi
11:45 PM SmoothGuy: If you’re there 
11:45 PM Sassy: Hiya! Mwah!
11:46 PM SmoothGuy: Hi! Enjoyed the other night a lot! Mesh?
11:46 PM Sassy: Me, too. Read it over… smiled.
11:47 PM SmoothGuy: I smiled a lot too!
11:47 PM SmoothGuy: Hope I wasn’t too graphic
11:47 PM Sassy: Nah…
11:48 PM SmoothGuy: Good!!
11:48 PM Sassy: You can be yourself… really.  Silly, sexy, serious… whatever.
11:49 PM SmoothGuy: That’s the nice thing about this…
11:49 PM Sassy: One of the many.
11:49 PM SmoothGuy: I like how open you are
11:50 PM SmoothGuy: Would you ever like to meet
11:50 PM SmoothGuy: Too soon?
11:51 PM Sassy: Feels too soon, but it is possible down the road.
11:51 PM SmoothGuy: Fair enough.
11:51 PM Sassy: A little skittish right now… but trying to get over it.
11:52 PM Sassy: Nothing to do with you…
11:52 PM SmoothGuy: Like the …ahem…sexual openess of our mesages
11:53 PM SmoothGuy: Okay to be careful, I am too
11:53 PM Sassy: That is unusual?
11:53 PM SmoothGuy: That meaning?
11:53 PM Sassy: openess.  I know it’s different from real life.
11:54 PM SmoothGuy: With some I’ve met online yes
11:55 PM SmoothGuy: Yes, in real life I probably wouldn’t ask you about anal!!
11:55 PM SmoothGuy: Unless we were in bed together 
11:55 PM Sassy: Mmm… there’s a thought.
11:56 PM Sassy: But it is good to talk it out a little ahead of time!
11:56 PM SmoothGuy: That’s for sure.
11:57 PM SmoothGuy: Though I just miss the kissing
11:58 PM Sassy: I wonder how long we’d kiss before you’d say “that’s enough”
11:58 PM Sassy: I ponder how often I’d have sex if it was up to me…
11:59 PM Sassy: might try every morning and night for awhile… You?
December 3, 2012
12:00 AM SmoothGuy: Morning and night yes!
12:01 AM SmoothGuy: I could kiss for hours, then spend hours in foreplay, my favorite part!
12:01 AM SmoothGuy: Have to run. Night.
12:01 AM Sassy: Night!
CHAT #3 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
11:49 PM SmoothGuy: Hi. You around?
11:50 PM Sassy: Yes.
11:51 PM Sassy: You craving some Sassyness?
11:54 PM SmoothGuy: Yes!
11:54 PM SmoothGuy: How are you these days?
11:56 PM Sassy: crazy early part of the week, slowing down now. You?
December 6, 2012
12:00 AM SmoothGuy: similar, except I have to get up early and go away on business in the morning
12:00 AM SmoothGuy: Should be in bed, but my bad side thought no!!
12:02 AM Sassy:  đź™‚
12:05 AM SmoothGuy: Ah, but need to go now, mostly wanted to say hi

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