Making him look good

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Good morning! Yay for cute doggies!! Hope you have a tail wagging Tuesday!
8:47am Phil
That’s such a cool website!
How was Mr. 4?
Hope your Tuesday is great as well. Enjoy the day!
I’m off to a different hospital to see the foot specialist. Pray he has some bright idea so I can walk!
8:49am Phil
Hope so! Tough when the tootsies are hurting.

Thought you could get regular smiles from the doggies site. They post everyday!
8:50am Phil
Cracks me up. My dogs do all of that, little shits
#4 was a no-show. Gave me the old b.s. about “too much guilt, re-thinking his plan” that chasers who can’t close use. Ah, well. Next!
Maybe you can send them your pup photos? Make the pups celebs. 🙂
You know what all these online guys are for? To make you look good!
9:47am Phil
I am going to post a couple of my babies.

I’m not all that great but thank you. I’m getting better as I mature I think. I try to be more considerate, less judgmental, more open. That guy was probably a Patriots fan anyway. Useless.

9:59 pm
All five Star Trek captains in London!  With Jack Barrowman!

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