Monday, October 22, 2012

7:46 am Phil
You being from Massachushits are surely a dyed in the wool Democrat. I, on the hand am not much of a political aficionado. Used to say I was a die hard Republican. The problem is I don’t care much for Barack or his policies. I support him as the Commander in Chief but I won’t vote for him. I think Romney is a rich kid without a clue. That makes for a difficult choice. Stick with the beast you know or step off the cliff with a guy I like even less. Being military, Republican has historically been my best bet but from a country stand point……… I guess I am wishy washy at this point.
7:53 am
Thanks for explaining! I am limping to work, then out to meet guy #4. Whee! Wish it could be you at the micro-brewery! Have a marvelous Monday!
7:54 am Phil
I am up to my eye balls in work so no micro brew for me. Enjoy!
7:55 am
I like your eye balls.
7:56 am Phil
balls or eyes
7:58 am
Both, in different ways…
8:03am Phil
I want to look into your eyes
8:13am Phil
A smile and a little mischief in them
Mischief…what a great word!  Perfect.
Shower time for me.  Don’t think about what I’m going to do in there thinking about you!
8:20am Phil
LOL, It’s 8:30! I’ve been working for three hours already and you are just getting in the shower?  At least you know you are getting your tax dollars out of me. 
I’d rather get something else out of you…

5:42 pm
Dig this cupcake – landed on the wicked witch!  Hee!

Are you watching football, baseball, or the debate?
Check this out – wicked cute doggies on Facebook!
[URL redacted]
11:22pm Phil
All three! Awesome site

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