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Just when I am settled into a nice routine of emailing and chatting with four guys (AM#1, The Lawyer, The Professor, and Panties Man) up pops another email from AM!  I wonder how long I will keep hearing from new men? 
Hey Sassy! 
You sound like a very fun and interesting woman. I too love exploring different restaurants. You being from Boston, must certainly have had a lot of great culinary experiences in neighborhood eateries. I want to try The Painted Burro in Somerville. Was recently passing though Allston and saw so many intriguing places. Stopped for lunch at The Sunset Grill, had a cobb salad and swordfish burger, seriously, it was great. 
I love tall full figured women. Love them even more in heels! You mentioned your blue eyes, do tell me your hair color. What kind of work do you do?  I’m a web designer.
Sorry my profile is kind of sparse, but please ask me anything at all. 

Wow.  What a wonderful opening email!  He obviously looked at my profile, wrote about what I say is important to me, asked good questions to get me started on a reply… wow! 
I looked at his profile.  He says he’s 52… great.  Probably means 54-55.  Whatever.  Lists a town about an hour South of Boston.  Good.  He says he is… wait for it… 6″ feet tall and weighs 200 pounds.  Did someone somewhere tell the guys to put that no matter what they really are?  He says he is interested in “Something Long Term.”  Nice.  Never smoked.  Very good. 
But…there was nothing but a few boxes he’d checked.  No text.  Nothing kinky, nothing objectionable but mostly… nothing.  Hmmm…. I remember that the great Riff Dawg told men not to put too much in your profile so there is less for women to object to.  Heh.  This is way too little info!  But he wrote a very nice email.  
So I wrote him back, answered his questions, asked a few, gave him my mischief Yahoo email address and hoped for a reply!  Will Stan be the Man for me?  

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