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Year 2 -Week 37
Tuesday, May 1, 2012
8:04 am
Good morning! 47 gray rainy. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!
3:39 pm Phil
Cool and foggy here too. Another lovely day. Hope your Tuesday has been good!
3:47 pm
Someone said on radio “March was May, so it figures that May is March.” HA! I’m doing okay. Everyone is out at an event. My boss is going on a 3-day trip starting mid-afternoon tomorrow and freaking out so I am doing my best to take things off his plate. When do you head out?
3:51 pm Phil
Taking off soon. I’ve decided to just enjoy myself. Days are so packed it does not matter who you are with.

3:56 pm
4:00 pm Phil
Leave Sunday. May be good for me. Been angry, sad, depressed all of April. Need a change.

4:09 pm
I do hope you have a grand time. And that May will be different!
8:20 pm
Looks like you had fun today!  Great photos on Facebook. 

10:22 pm Phil
Thank you.  Good event.  Do my best to show up, have fun with the folks.
Oh, that’s wicked cool.  You are a good egg.

Your thought for tonight is me in the shower with you.  Making you very clean… then dirty!  And clean again.  🙂 

LOL, love it!

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