Monday, April 30

7:21am Phil
Good morning.  An interesting weekend to say the least. I did get to sit out and enjoy the evening. Had to chase my wife back in. I just wanted me time, tunes and quiet.  Did not want to chat. Thankfully it was a little cool out and she left me to it. It is so hard to get me time. Drives me crazy. At least early in the morning, I have this time in the office with a cup of coffee.

A week to vacation. I’m sure it will be fun. Romantic, not so much. Just simply not there. I’ve tried so hard to make it be there but it’s not. Sucks. I have a dear friend going through so much right now and I am trying to be there and that is hard as well. She could have had my heart and soul but for my stupidity and life. Ah well, all I can do is be there to try to help.

I am finally down a few more pounds, waist is down. The loss has slowed down as expected but still steady. I’m determined to lose another 20 and try to maintain.  I get that tall, lean look with muscles at that size. I’m never going be thin, too much muscle mass for that. I’m just a big guy but I can look lean. Amazing what stress, diet and exercise can do for you. Hope you have a great day and a wonderful week.

Good morning! Clear Chilly 41. Off to the office for a busy day! 
8:05am Phil
Enjoy girl. Hope it’s not too busy!
Glad you get your me moments.  So sorry you have tough ones.  I don’t want to add bad moments to your life!  I want to make you smile and tingle, and work w/ you to have a great life.  Let go of the regrets, move forward -lots of years left!  Thought about a local solution – but no one has the chemistry, the mind, the romance, the comfort. As the old song goes “You’re the one that I want!”  Rock your Monday!
8:35am Phil
We all have our moments, our regrets. Some you can let go of, others not so much. Chemistry is instant. You feel it everywhere. I’ve felt it a handful of times. I know I could have spent life with any of them. We clicked at every level. Were intuitive, felt each others pain, joys. Chemistry is amazing.
Does chemistry have value?  Is it worth making changes for?
Another work day over!  Yay!  Rode the bus home. Eating dinner from the freezer. Did not spend any money on restaurants again!  Feeling so virtuous!  Hope you have a nice evening.  Think of me naked on my bed with busy hands, thinking of you.  
6:11pm Phil
That’s a nice thought.  Thank you!
Can you imagine it? 
Or you could listen in…
11:56 pm
Headed to bed. Wish you were here to tuck me in. And something that rhymes with that… sweet dreams, kid.

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