Diet and dreams

Tuesday, April 3
Good morning! Gorgeous sun 39, into the 50s today. Off to the bank with a big pile of project money! Hope your Tuesday goes well!
9:17 am Phil
The day is ok so far. Went out and had margeritas last night. Improved my mood some. I think I need a scotch night and a boys night. Still in a funky little mood and I don’t like it. Have some fun things happening today though and that’s all good. Maybe I will feel like myself again then.

Dieting and working out more. I have a goal in mind and I want to see if I can still do this. Doing it just for me and my own selfish reasons. I do very little just for me. I want to be comfortable with no shirt on and shorts. That’s a tall order for guys my age but my torso is still muscular and I can pull it off. When I reach the point I want to be, I am buying a convertible. Been my dream car all my life but kids and everything else got in the way. Time to have my toy, big speakers, no top, just fresh air and sunshine. Have to get out of the cold state and back to the beach first but I am so there. Can’t have this little pooch belly for that though. Having an apple for breakfast. Hoo Yah! Hope you have a marvelous day

11:15 am
Hey, kid. Wish I could crawl under your desk and brighten your day! I had a quiet evening at my desk – opened a pile of snail mail about a foot high, balanced my checkbook, paid the bills and filled out deposit slips for all the loot we made at the project! Not fun, but so good when it’s DONE! I read a sexy blog about a “pearl necklace” and mused about you doing that for me. Go for a walk and call me? I will make you smile.
5:33 pm
Picking up Greek food… Remembering D.C. Hope you have a nice evening.
5:39 pm Phil
That’s still one of my favorite Greek places. Had a blast and I do remember  🙂 Enjoy! I am having vegetables or something low fat, low calorie and low taste, yuck but no other way to drop weight. Enjoy!
8:39 pm
Hope you feel healthy and virtuous after dinner. You can do it! You’re already too sexy, but whatever you want to do, I support 100%!

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