Anti-funk cream

Monday, April 2
Good morning! Another 40s cloudy day.  Wow – it’s April!  Have a great one!
4:13pm Phil
Hey there! Off to work out in a bit. Nice day today.  One of those funky days, emotions all over the place. Ah well, way it works some times. Happy April!
Hiya, kid.  Thanks for checking in… was worrying but trying not to bug you.  Hope working out helps.  If I can help, feel free to vent.  Hugs.  With some groping. 
4:35pm Phil
HA HA, I have good days and I have bad days. Good friend had some great news today and I am very happy for her.  Found a guy after foundering for a long time.  Great person and it warmed my heart. I am going on a cruise. Had vacation points to use or lose so a cruise it is.  Not sure I will enjoy it but I am going.  At least I get to go snorkeling.  Feel the need for a tall drink tonight.  I am off to the gym and maybe I will be in less of a funk. Hope your day has been good. 
Don’t forget the patented Sassy’s anti-funk cream!  Thanks for saying more… helps because I was imagining worse things.
Have you cruised?  Not my choice, but good food, great work-out facilities and can relax or try fun stuff.  And you’re out to sea!  I’ll be around tonight.  Keep me from doing the bills?  Please!  I’ll nibble on your ear…
4:56pm Phil
I have never cruised.  Looking forward to the gym, pools, relaxing with a book. It will be nice to be on the water, I know I’ll like that. I have avoided cruises forever. Hope I enjoy it. Anti funk cream? Sounds devious.
6:31 pm
It should be warm and sunny. And you’ll get to see a cool ship. Moi? Devious? Bwah ha ha ha!

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