FFF – Escape

It’s time for Flash Fiction Friday!  Click over to Advizor54’s blog to see what he and other bloggers made of this photo.  Here’s today’s challenge:

Key word  = Escape

Word Limit =
Your age x 4 or your weight x 3 or your house number /2 or the sum of the digits in your SSN x 6. 
(but you don’t have to tell us which one you used.)
Extra Credit – Give the vine an ominous sounding name
Bonus words – Send me a picture of your left foot wearing your favorite shoe.


He had gone too far this time.  A garden party?  Ugh.  

He liked to invite me to show up places he was going to be with his wife… sit in the bar of a restaurant, be two rows over at the ballgame, even at the back of the church they attend!  He’d stare at me now and then, sometimes give me a signal to slip off to the ladies room and mess around.  He adored seeing me dressed up and in public.  I liked seeing him, no matter where it was.  

This afternoon amongst the high society types was too much.  The gentlemen in their best suits, the women in their finery and hats.  I was dressed almost right… except I didn’t have on any underwear (to ease his access to me), and my shoes were wrong.  I had on slutty shoes.  I pretended they were high fashion… and they were.  But they were also…  different from the other ladies.  And I’d forgotten to conceal my tattoo!  Ah well.  I sat at a table in the shade and kept my feet under the tablecloth!

Suddenly I saw them – his wife was headed right for the table!  I had to escape!  There was a big crowd by the door… arrrgh!  Where could I go?  

Was there a tree to hide behind?  No –  people everywhere!  Arrrgh!  I went around the side of the mansion and noticed a large open window with a huge venial veranda vine.  My salvation!  That would give me a leg up!  I vaulted up and inside!  Probably gave anyone watching a show, but whatever!  

I stood up and straightened my clothes and… there was my guy!  

“What took you so long?” he asked as he closed and locked the window.  He wrapped his arms around me and pressed his hand between my legs.  “Nice shoes!”  

Oh, I do adore this man!


For the dangerously sexy Advizor 54, so I get every last bit out of this challenge:

Sassy Shoes

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8 thoughts on “FFF – Escape”

  1. Love the shoes, love the story even more! What a tease that man is, drawing his lover in, making her watch as he escorts his wife about town. What a cad, but what an exciting place to meet.

    Thanks for another FFF winner!

    1. Strange… I can so see you doing this! Being all proper and upstanding in your “real life” with your mistress in the corner of your eye. Glad you liked it! Thanks for all you do to make FFF fun!

  2. Thanks, great story. As soon as I read the first line I started singing that Ricky Nelson song “I Went to a Garden Party” as I read. Except his song is about singing at Madison Square Garden not hooking up at a high society event but I enjoyed it all!

    1. Ah Ricky Nelson. I was thinking of the beginning of the Kevin Costner movie, “No Way Out” and the awful Neil Sedaka theme song! But could not foist that horror on my readers!

  3. I enjoy the risk and excitement of potentially being seen or caught, but I wouldn’t be hiding it from my significant other. More than likely, she’d be the one I was doing it with, or at least involved.

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