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Sassy met another blogger today! 
I was off from work and settling in at my desk to eat lunch at home when B4, a local sexy blogger, emailed to ask me to lunch!  We had been talking about doing it but I didn’t believe it would happen.  He asked me to meet him at the South Shore Plaza at 1 pm.  I dashed out to the car and headed off down Rte 93!  It was easy to find.  Even though it’s less than 20 minutes south of the city, it’s not somewhere I ever go.  
I waited out front of the CheeseCake Factory as instructed.  He appeared about 3 minutes after I did.  Yay!  My first blogger meet!  He’s cute!  And tall!  And looked hunky in his leather jacket.  
He gave me a quick hug, then we went in to Joe’s American Bar and Grill.  I was nervous but not too bad.  He asked questions and answered mine and we had fun.  It was great to be able to talk about blogging!  No one in my real life knows, so it was glorious not to have to filter.  
The waitress called me “his mother.”  Bitch.   I am not that much older than he is!  We had a good laugh over that.  No one would think we were doing anything illicit!  
I patted his arm a couple of times, and wanted to touch him more but he didn’t act interested.  Tough to tell if he is shy or worried about being in public or what.  Probably not into older gray-haired curvy ladies!  He insisted on paying!  I told him next time it’s my treat. 
He walked me out to my car, and opened his arms for another hug.  I was bad and kissed him.  We fit together well.  He let me go on for a few seconds, then whispered in my ear, “I can’t do this out here… I’m too close to work.”  He kept hugging me.  Then he was gone.  
He did email me very quickly to thank me for a fun lunch and say we’d have to do it again.  I asked him if he was interested in more and he said not at this time.  That’s fine.  It’s good to have a blogger buddy!  

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4 thoughts on “Bloggers Lunch”

    1. Awww Tom… you’re sweet! Is this based solely on your desperate state due to the current moratorium?. Fair warning – no guarantee I’ll stop with the next guy – I’ve read lots of blogs since then! I keep shouting at “2012 me” – “Ask him to sit in your car!”

      Oh, to answer your question – Very simple. “Ask me!”

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