Bunny day

Saturday, March 31

7:53 am Phil
Sounds like great fun! Really sounds like it was an awesome evening. Happy Saturday! Got the kids Easter party today.
10:20 am
Good morning! Clouds 40s. Crazy day – brunch w/ pal from PA then project, clean up and party!  Chinese food for 75 people! Whee! Have fun with the bunny!
1:12 pm Phil

3:58 pm
Day going so well! Huge crowd! Woot! Fun to see you on Facebook. Nice bunny!
5:52 pm
Project over, driving stuff to storage. I’m guarding the car while others load and unload. Hope you’re having fun.
Know that there is a woman who aches for you… Want to see your smile, nibble on your ear…hear your voice…when the months pile up, the basics seem more and more precious.

Made it home!  Lots of food, fun and fabulousness!  Have a nice evening. 

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