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Friday, March 30
8:29 am
Good morning! Pretty & cold 36, might get to 50. Off work – prepping for project! Hope your Friday is fab!

9:58 am Phil
Started at 0400 this morning. Busy day – five events!  Going to be a long day. Enjoy your project night!
10:32 am
At cardiologist w/ Hubby. He’s being a total jerk. Refusing tests. Grrr. I want to cry, or hit him. Rare emotions for me! Please let the rest of the day go better?! Your day sounds Rock it!
3:45 pm
Day getting better! impromptu lunch w/ a blogger guy! We met at a mall and traded tips on sexy stuff online.  Got a hug! Nice fella but not… you.  off to nap!
4:33 pm Phil
Well good for you! A hug is always a good thing. Glad the day got better!
11:58 pm
Oh, man… what a night! Another big crowd! It juiced up everyone!  I saw so many alums… heard so many compliments. A fabulous time! Hope your weekend is off to a great start! I love you, Philip.

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