Bed memories

Thursday February 23
7:53am Phil
Did you go to ash wed services?  Enjoying my coffee first thing.  I have a crock pot meal steaming, trying out the recipe before serving it.  Thinking about another trip coming up in a couple weeks. Enjoy the day Sass.
Good afternoon!  52 degrees!  I’m home, drinking clear liquids.  Bleh.  You are such a good dad!  You don’t mention your kids much – hope that means they’re mostly doing well?  Would you have time to see an old friend if she appeared down South? 
6:29pm Phil
Sorry.  Bad idea.  Staying with family.
My kids are doing very well. Looking forward to having much of the family here for fourth of July.  Snowing its ass off now. Expecting 6-9 inches overnight! Getting ready to go try my new recipe and see how it came out! Still got a Guinness to drink with it!
Sorry to be a pest… I just… miss you.  I’ll try not to pester you about it.  I have a lot of coping mechanisms but sometimes nothing works!  So glad your kids are doing well!  You are making a big difference!  I bet that is a relief. I am about to start drinking the glop for the cleanse.  Ick.   Enjoy the dinner!

Oh, I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner. That is what I truly want to be-e-e. Cause if I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner, I wouldn’t have to have a colonoscopy!

10:26pm Phil
How was dinner?  I am soo hungry!
Headed to bed.  Have to be up at 5:30am to drink more glop.  Bleh. 
10:27pm Phil
Fabulous! Beef was so tender
10:27pm Phil
Sleep well
Thank you… hope I can.
kinda nervous… trying not to think about the test tomorrow or the results.
10:29pm Phil
Piece of cake
thinking about a cold December night and a handsome man in my bed…
good distraction!
10:37pm Phil
Ummm was good, came buckets in that tight pussy too
never forget the look on your face while I sucked you..
10:39pm Phil
I like fucking your hot mouth, feeling my cock in your throat
you taste so good… makes me so wet!
10:40pm Phil
So hot cumin in your mouth.
Glad to make you wet
Have learned more reading the blogs…new things to try with hands, mouth…  gonna be even better next time! 
10:51pm Phil
Ooooh, cool!
Man… you know what to do for me… I love you, Philip.  Good night!

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