FFF – Neutered

Here’s this week’s “Flash Fiction Friday” challenge from Advizor54
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Word Limit = 250
Keyword = a synonym for “fixed” but not “fixed” itself
Extra Credit = Include a link to your favorite TUMBLR (besides mine)
25 Bonus Words can be earned by having an orgasm w/i 60 min of writing your entry (be honest)

She talked to him online for months.  He commented on her blog, asking a personal question… she emailed him the answer – it was too private for the world to see.  She didn’t know where he lived, what he did or what he looked like, but they “clicked.”  They emailed.  And then they chatted.  She even shared her favorite tumblr with him – http://sexisnottheenemy.tumblr.com/
He asked if he could call her, and she heard his beautiful voice.  She was naked on her bed, listening to his sexy suggestions, squirming and squirting like never before.  He heard her sighs and moans.  
She was at the vet, getting her cat neutered.  The vet tech told her the new vet was ready, and she toted Ruby Red in to the operating room.  The vet smiled, told her to set the carrier on the table.  She stared.  She couldn’t speak.  That voice!  He came over and started cooing at Ruby.  Her cat was normally completely freaked out by the vet, but she calmed down and purred!  She smiled and he stared. 
“Forgive my manners.  I tend to focus on the animals. I’m Doctor Williams,” he said, offering his hand.  She took it and it was like a bad romance novel…felt a spark and never wanted to let go.  She stared into his blue eyes and replied, “Happy to meet you.”   He looked a little taken aback, but then looked down at the file, taking in the name and address.  
“You going home now?” he asked.
“Yes,” she replied, knowing exactly what he meant. 
“May I knock on your door?” he whispered. 
“Yes, please.”

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