Give up celibacy for Lent?

Wednesday February 22
Good morning! 40, going to 54! Our non-winter continues.  I get to play with my niece tonight!  Hope your Wednesday is productive.
9:28am Phil
Yet another busy day.  Seems like they all are any more.  The beach looks like a certainty for me as a follow on tour. Who knows. I really don’t want to do anything else. I’ll get 100% of my pay in retirement and then I may go work at something else I also love to do.
Just finished a workout and feel better. Needed it. We are having the same non winter, just weird and going to cause all kinds of crop issues this spring. Enjoy that niece! May go listen to the kids sing karaoke tonight. Have to see. Enjoy the day.
I want to give up celibacy for Lent.  Can you help me out?
8:46pm Phil

Is that a YES? 🙂

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