Thursday January 19
Good morning!  17 degrees!  Eep!  Off to conference day 2.  Hope your Southern Thursday is just as you wish. 

10:15pm  Phil
Check out  Fun reading
any particular one catching your eye?
10:25pm  Phil
Read a bunch of the stories, checked out the toys, all fun
wow… lots of stuff!
how did you find that?
10:53pm  Phil
Some hot stuff
Anything I should see in particular?
11:34pm  Phil
I looked at a lot of it. You write erotica, thought there was some good stuff in there
Just having a hard time finding anything good…
No one writes like you do. 

11:36pm  Phil
Awwww, there’s a ton of stuff, just saw it, thought it might be good
I’ll keep poking at it…
You having a good evening?
11:39pm  Phil
Yeah, had Chinese left overs, watched tv and relaxed. Going to sleep early tonight. The beach tomorrow. Need more oysters.
Oh, that sounds so fun.  I’m so glad you are getting this break!
11:44pm  Phil
I love it. Love the white sand beaches. Love the amazing oysters and the price
A miracle occurred tonight.  I took a nap and there was dinner when I woke up!
11:47pm  Phil
That’s awesome!
Almost nothing a bowl of Thai soup and sushi won’t fix. 
11:47pm  Phil
Oh yeah, fabulous
and the soup always make me think of you, which is a fine thing. 
11:49pm  Phil
That was a nice place. Like the Greek place too. Have been back there a few times.
I was talking to a grad student from Greece today… made me want that food! 
11:52pm  Phil
One of my favorites. Got a great Greek town near me.  I have to go.
Oh yeah… so good. 
Not as tasty as you, but an adequate substitute when you’re not around. 
12:02am  Phil
Lol. Glad you enjoy.
You going to sleep?  It’s getting late…

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