FFF – Frantic

This week’s Flash Fiction Friday challenge from Advizor54 
Key Word:  Frantic
Word Limit:  234
Extra Credit:  Involve something from quantum theory or Martha Stewart’s latest cookbook.

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I adore running – early morning air burning my lungs, muscles stretching, 
the beauty of the sunrise… and being with other runners, pacing each other.  
Sometimes I flirt. I never carry through, but I like letting her know that I 
notice her womanly charms and if things were different, I’d find a soft spot 
and ravage her!  
Sarah is a serious athlete.  But sometimes… she has wild ideas and I can’t 
resist joining in.  It’s a hot summer morning – even the first rays of the sun 
baking us.  She got this twinkle in her eye and said, “Let’s run naked!”  I 
chuckled and hardened at the thought of seeing her lithe body in all its glory.  
She winked, peeling off her fashionable top, daring me to join her.  
“There’s the tunnel… it’ll be cool and dark.  Let’s leave our clothes, run to 
the end and back!  No one is around!”  She was bare as she finished her 
entreaty.  I gawked, realizing I had to man up.  I tossed my clothes on the
pile.  She took off yelling, “Race you!”
It was exhilarating, the air rushing over my man bits, her gorgeous backside 
ahead.  I was frantic, worrying about cars, that it might be cops!  But I kept 
following her amazing ass.  As we reached the far end she called back over 
her shoulder, “Catch me and kiss me!”  Best incentive ever!

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