Shower ideas

Week 23
Wednesday January 18
7:17 am
Good morning! 39 and gray. I’m off to herd cats! Whee! Have a great Wednesday!
11:29 am Phil
48 today. WTF! American Idol tonight. Love it.
12:08 pm
Conference going well. Thinking of last night and smiling… thanks for helping me test my new phone!
1:33 pm Phil
9:13pm  Hiya Handsome!
9:13pm  Phil
What did you get for dinner?
9:14pm  Phil
watching idol.  my favorite.  so much talent
9:15pm  Phil
Cung pao shrimp, shrimp fried rice, crab wontons, all extra extra spicy
Oh, that sounds fabulous!
I’m waiting on Indian food delivery.
9:17pm  Phil
fabulous with a nice Irish Red
now sipping a nice scotch
My, my… you are living it up!
yum… dinner’s here!
9:30pm  Phil
Shhh, Indian, nice, enjoy!
Mmmm… protein
nothing like spicy protein!
9:38pm  Phil
Well suck it down
mmmm… would rather have sweet protein!
9:39pm  Phil
Oh, man… it is so friggin cold… had to go get my big wooly blue stars bathrobe! 
which makes me think of better ways to get warmed up. 
10:08pm  Phil
Cool but nice here. Love this weather.
25 here but wicked windy… my place is usually as warm as a cave in a hot springs, but not tonight. 
10:15pm  Phil
Perfect here. Cool but not cold.
Did you say there’s a balcony?
10:18pm  Phil
Big gorgeous porch
Have you sat out there at all?
10:19pm  Phil
Oh yeah, sit out there and enjoy a beer every night, palm trees right in front of me
thinking about your mouth
10:27 pm Phil
10:31 pm
you’re giving me a massage… I’m on my stomach and you’re kneading my back. I feel you hot and hard, and you lean over and bite me gently at the bottom of my neck.
Phil: Pooh, sounds nice
10:34 pm
It’s probably a typo, but it’s funny to see Pooh here!  I am sometimes, a bear of very little brain!
10:37 pm
I’m getting to the stage where a massage sounds like heaven… or even a back scratch… just some kind of touch!
Phil: Was a typo
I hear there are these oils that warm up to the touch… would make a massage even more amazing…
10:41pm  Phil
Those are nice, make you warm and tingly
Seems to soak into your muscles
would make me kinda slippery…
10:50pm  Phil
Makes good lube, could lay my cock between your ass cheeks and it would slide nicely as I reached
I wonder if it would be fun to slide over me… or just make us want a shower?
10:54pm  Phil
Would be fun, shower after. No fun sleeping with that stuff on you
You could wash it off me… in a creative way
11:01pm  Phil
And what would that be?!

Oh, you know.. that kinda half washing, half um.. fucking sort of way
11:07pm  Phil
Ahhhh  like the fucking way
Put that on the top of the F*it list for next time…
Have sooo many shower ideas!
What would you like in there?
or is that private space?
11:10pm  Phil
Shower is fun, slippery, great place to do anything, just have to bend or get on knees. Perfect place to suck dick, eat pussy and ass,
Great place, clean, soapy, hot, just fun
I want you to press me against the wall… slide against me…
11:16pm  Phil
Feel my chest on yours… wet skin… our hips fitting together… your hands.. mmm
11:25pm  Phil
Umm yeah, sounds fabulous
11:33pm  Phil
Just climbing in bed
Sleepy?  Horny?
11:38pm  Phil
Would like to lay back and have you stroke my cock to a wonderful orgasm and then drift off
Just slowly stroking
Oh yes… I would love to do that… watch you, know what makes it the hottest…
11:51pm  Phil
It all feels good
I’m right there… with both hands…
and my mouth
11:57pm  Phil
Suck my cock, use your hands on my balls and ass
Mmmmm… going to suck you until you can’t think…
12:04am  Phil
Oh hell yeah, suck my cock
Gonna make that slurping sound and take it deep…
12:05am  Phil
Swallow it, swallow my cock, love being deep down your throat
It feels very good to me, too… using my mouth to make you burn
12:11am  Phil
Gonna start moving faster and faster… deeper… make those noises… until your eyes roll back and you feel that tingle and start to moan…
12:19am  Phil
Oh damn, cumin,
Shoot it all over me!
12:23am  Phil
Ohhh wow. Did not intend to be up this late. Later for you. Time for us to go to sleep
Sleep well, sweet man. 
12:25am  Phil
You too. Gnite
you sleep… I will watch over you. 

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