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It’s time for a break from the adventures of Philip and Sassy to play along on a fun project called “Flash Fiction Friday.”  A blogger posts a sexy photo on Sunday, and challenges us to write a story of a certain length with a certain word and post it the following Friday.  Advizor54 is starting his turn as grand poobah of this project.  This first picture was shared by David Sharp from A view from the top.The challenge phrase to be included is Decision.  The word limit is 150 or 300 if you do the extra credit by writing from both perspectives. And the Extra Extra credit is to not use the word “fuck.” Pop over to Free Advice is worth what you pay for it to see who else is playing this week.  And join in!    

The Dorm
I had to visit the new nudist dorm. I adore seeing naked college women but not in my job!  As Dean of Student Housing, I visit every semester and with classes ending, today was the day.  

I mingled at their festive open house.  I kept my eyes on their faces… mostly.  I strolled the other floors.  They were well-cared for… I’d make a good report.  Suddenly, a beautiful brunette popped out of the bathroom.  I had to make a decision to touch her or crash.  I held onto her arms for five seconds, felt the electricity, jumped back to lean casually against the wall, catch my breath and calm my erection.
“Hi, Dean Andrews,” she whispered, looking away.
“Enjoy living here?” I asked.  I couldn’t help staring at her beautiful bush.
“Oh yes!  It’s so… freeing.  Equalizing.  Exciting!” she replied, staring at the wall.  “Maybe you’ll join in next time?”

Crap, she was late.  The open house started half an hour ago and she was supposed to charm some bigwig but she was working on her hair. Without any clothes, it had to be perfect!  She barreled out of the bathroom and ran smack into some old guy!  He steadied her, gently holding her arms.  She felt an electric shock and looked up into his beautiful blue eyes.  Wow!  She jumped back and realized…it was the Dean!  Yikes.  She remembered the email… he was “visiting” today… checking them out.  Well… he was certainly checking her out!  Could he stare any harder at her crotch?  She stole a glance at him, noticed a certain bulge between his legs and she couldn’t resist flirting with him.  She was so bad!  She wanted to see him naked and not in the hallway.  She looked down again and whispered an invitation. 

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8 thoughts on “FFF – The Dorm”

  1. What a great spin on the story. I like the older/younger dynamic and it does kind of look like a dorm room. What a fantastic place to live for college. I bet their late night pillow fights are the best!!!

    Also: I’ve added a link to your story to my original post. I hope to have the link collector working by next week.

    Thanks for playing, spread the word, and come back next week!!!

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