Getting hot

Saturday, December 10
Phil: 13 friggin degrees out.  There is ice! Sweat froze on my body coming back from the gym.  Brrrrrrrrrrrr.  off to watch the Army/Navy game with friends and neighbors. Enjoy the day. Gotta jump in my shower and change into a uniform and get hot.
Good morning!  43 clear.  Wish I could be there… You’d be hot in no time.  
How was the holiday party? What did they have to eat?
Phil: Party was great! Prime Rib, chicken, veggie ravioli, jumbo shrimp, stuffed mushroom caps, champagne fountain all night, chocolate fountain.  Was a very nice evening.
Wow!  Sounds spectacular!  Dancing?
Phil: We had a DJ.  Nice place, great chow, good time. More fun coming up. Non stop party around here. Heading to the Beach in a couple weeks.  I have to clean up this house between now and then.

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