The recliner

Friday, December 9
12:07 pm
Good morning! 52 and clear. Odd our weather is so different! Gorgeous photos. So, looking at your building, where are you located? Hope you’re having a fabulous Friday!
12:44 pm
Phil: 24 here. Fffffffreezing. I’m in the [a description of the location]. This weather sucks.
1:23 pm
Thanks! Makes me happy to look at the photo and know where you are. Completely quiet here. Not a single appointment on anyone’s calendar, 1 of 6 senior staff in. Leaves me brain free to torture me with… stories. Ha!
5:53 pm TEXT Phil: Off to holiday party
[photo of him in a regular suit and tie!]
TEXT 6:00 pm Wow! Civies!  And a suit!  You look so handsome! Have fun!
You’re asleep in your recliner… so peaceful and handsome, tie loosened and dress shirt untucked.  I lean over to undo your tie and you stir, but return to dozing.  I unbutton your shirt until I see your muscled chest and put my hand over your heart.  You smile, open one eye then the other.  You stare at my cleavage and wink.  You pull my hand, and I tumble into the chair.  I nestle close to you.  I’m content to lay there, warm and still in your arms but you have other ideas…                       

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