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Friday, November 4, 2011

8:03am Phil
I do not play. I sit at the piano and sing when I can. Always wanted to play guitar.  I have one and hope to learn some day. Listening to KD Lang sing Hallelujah.  Lifts my soul.  Such a pretty song by such a gifted artist.  Saw her this summer and she was amazing. Have a great day!

I’m off to Philly today!  Do you read music?  I want to be kd lang when I grow up, minus the sleeping w/ women part. 😉  

10:27am Phil
I do not.  Not to play anything.  I read well enough to sing but that’s something else I would like to learn.  Hope the snow holds off for a bit anyway.  Getting progressively colder though.  About to get fire place fired up. Want it ready for Thanksgiving and pulling the Christmas stuff out too. Here we go. 

If you read music well enough to sing, piano should be easy to learn.  Might look for an iPad tutorial. Don’t know how you avoided piano lessons…. hated them!  But I loved playing the baby grand in the big dark church… seems like you sat there sometimes and sang w/ me.

Just crossed into NY!  Whee!

Made it to Philly! waiting for my pal to show up for a late supper. See my room!  Staying in a gorgeous B&B in a HUGE room right near Rittenhouse Square. Tres French decor. Luuv eet!

Busy weekend for you?  Hope it’s a great one!

a late supper at Marathon on the Square, a little bistro near Rittenhouse Square.

meatloaf dinner

banana bread pudding

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