Philly day

Saturday, Nov. 5

Good morning from Philly!  Had an amazing breakfast!  Gorgeous outside!  Have a superb Saturday!

     Egg bake

Phil: You too! Pretty here too!

Phil: Gonna hit the thrift stores, see what we can find for goofy Christmas presents.  Should be a fun hunt.

Out in Chadds Ford, chillin’ at Starbucks while pal gets her hair done.  Found menu for Thai Pavillion in Natl Harbor in my suitcase… Great soup there.  Hope you find great gifts!

The guys sitting behind me are talking about Jimmy Buffet…. and what a good businessman he is?

Changed rooms – lovely new blue one!  

Delicious lunch at a trendy place in Philly- Tria Wine Bar & Cafe

Butternut squash apple bisque

Chicken panino

Phil: Richest entertainer on the planet. Smart boy

Amazing dinner at The Pod, trendy pan-asian.  Very 60s decor. 

Wish you were here to distract me…. Tummy troubles. Sleep well, sweet man.  Dream of winning football teams! 

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