Pet birthdays

Year 2 – Week 12
Thursday, November 3
1:06 pm
Gorgeous day – made it to 60 degrees!  How was the event?  Hope your Thursday is going well. 

1:39pm Phil
Had a blast.  Late night but such a rewarding experience. Busy day today, gonna try to get out and see a movie tonight. May have tickets to see the Packers play the Bears at Lambeu Field. Would be awesome.  Gonna freeze my ass off but will be a blast.  Hope your day is good.  Starting to feel the chill here.  Brrrr

Glad it went well.  Let me know how the movie is… I am tempted but hard to tell if it’s good.  How are your pets doing?  Do they have birthdays you celebrate? 

1:48pm Phil
They do have birthdays but I don’t believe we celebrate.  Do spoil them a little at Christmas though. They are doing well.  The youngest is loving the cool weather. At night he sleeps on his back, relishing the cool air.  The other two hate this. They are warm weather animals.  You can always find them tucked in next to the radiator or a heat vent. Wusses. 

I get to have supper with my niece tonight!  Her mom is making pasta ala norcina. 

1:56pm Phil

Do you play the piano?

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