Monday, October 17

7:45am Phil
I worked on the formal Friday, and relieved that it went as well as it did. The second was surreal. I have never personally been to something like that.  It was one of those things you see in movies with roving waiters carrying champagne and caviar and other poo poos. A top shelf unlimited bar, fabulous food, people bidding 25,000 dollars at the auction. This is the pinnacle for me.  The job is incredible and the perks truly amazing.

It’s 43 degrees out and windy. Great wake up walk and now a hot cup o joe to start the day. I hope you have a great one. My presentation Friday was a Home run so that stressor is gone too. Should be a fun week this week. Football tonight!

Good morning! It’s grand to see your huge smile.  As I run events, I like knowing about different ways to make them special.  Gives me hope for the economy that these high level events exist!

Very glad you get these perks to balance the long days!  You deserve it.

57 sunny here, headed to 70.  Busy week – some event every day and Hubby’s Halloween project opens Wed.  Whee!

Happy football!

7:30pm Phil
Thank you!

You liking this game?

10:12pm Phil 
Yes and no

Yes – the score?  No – they could play better?


11:48pm Phil
Needed that one

All’s well that ends well?

Sweet dreams, kid. 

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