Russell House Tavern

October 17, 2011 (continued) 

8:20 pm
Co-worker I had not seen in five years took me out for supper!  We tried a trendy new place called the Russell House Tavern.  Tasty dishes of unusual combinations. I was very glad he was paying!

Warm Verrill Farms Pumpkin with Cremont Cheese, Spicy Holliston Honey, Toasted Walnuts

Deviled Local Farm Eggs with Chilled Shrimp, Avocado, Sweet Cantaloupe, Chili oil & Verrill Farms Micro Greens

Flatbread pizza with House Made Cotechino Sausage, Linny‚Äôs Tomato Gravy, House Made Ricotta

Crispy Pigs Head Cake with a Soft Poached Egg, Ginger-Maple Aioli 

Foie Gras and Laphroig Terrine with Smoked Almonds, Cherry Gelee 

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