500th time

The number 500 is on my mind today.  This, right here is my 500th blog post!  Holy cow… Philip and I talk a lot.  Okay, it’s mostly me blathering on but… wow!  I am still here, still posting, long after many bloggers give up the ghost.

We have shared so much!  Facebook messages, emails, texts, phone calls and visits… I can’t believe all my old flame and I been through together… being there for each other for more than a year as of October 2011.

  • 35 years apart, 
  • him finding me, 
  • cybersex – resurrecting my libido after 10 years
  • convincing me to take a chance on meeting, 
  • meeting and having it be incredible! 
  • him convincing me to have an overdue mammogram that saved my life
  • much more cybersex
  • Seeing him right before I had breast cancer surgery
  • supporting me throughout nine months of the treatments 
  • having cybersex when my body was useless
  • getting him through the overnight drive across half the country
  • his big move when I didn’t know if I’d ever hear from him again
  • still hearing from him 
  • my dad’s death, 
  • his dad’s death three weeks later, 
  • seeing him again a month after I was done with treatments!
  • eating a lot of LOBSTER!  
And there is more!  Life is going to go in an interesting direction because I discover tumblrs and sexy blogs!  And I share my favorites with him.  And with you, dear readers!  Huge thanks to you reading along all this time, helping me get started, watching my back, and chiming in here and there (I’ve had over 200 comments!)  I hope you will continue to get a smile or a tingle out of our day-to-day shenanigans!  
Hey, let’s party!  I’ve stocked the bar and hired the best bartender – what will you have?  There’s even some clam chowder and lobster on the table over there.  Time to lift your glass and toast!

Just for fun, here’s a peppy tune by a couple of Scots with lyrics that I wish a man would say to me someday!  Enjoy!  

The Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

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