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We interrupt our regularly scheduled sexy Sassy and Phil conversation for the second round of Prowling With Kat‘s Blog Chain, a fun monthly exercise in posting on the same topic with a bunch of sexy bloggers.  It’s a fun way to see what bloggers with different styles think on a topic, and show us new blogs to read!  Yay!  

If you missed last month’s entries, pop over to the first blog chain post in June about “Firsts.” There will be a new topic each month on the 10th!  

Many thanks to Kat and Ryan from The Ashley Madison Adventures of a Regular Guy Gone Bad for their work on this project!  If you haven’t read their blogs, go to the beginning and read every post!  Amazing sexy stories!  And advice!  Consider adding them and all the chain bloggers to your blog roll so you won’t miss a post.  If you blog, please join in with your own ideas next month when the topic is kinky sex!  (I need to learn more about that!) Kat makes it easy and fun.  Here’s how it works

It’s summer time here, and the temperature is HOT so go read about Outdoor/Summer Sex!  
There are eight smoking hot entries this month.  Leave juicy comments!  Enjoy!


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