Escape in Memories

Wednesday, July 13
7:17 am Good morning!  Lovely 79 now, 86 later.  Zap #17 and work.  Have a wicked good Wednesday!
7:36 am Phil: Cool day here.  Feels good.  Enjoy the day
5:46 pm Delicious dinner out – NC shredded pork sandwich, slaw, watermelon, beans, garlic mashed potatoes, pickle medley @

9:06 pm Hope you’re having a lovely evening.  Storms at 5 pm and much cooler.  On the treatment table today, I was overcome with the need to escape, so I thought of eating lobster and holding your hand, got me through it w/a smile so big the tech commented on it!  Heh.  Thanks for the memory!
9:26 pm Phil: My pleasure!  Great Evening!
9:31 pm What’s making your night so great?
9:35 pm Phil: That was a great evening in December.  LOL.
9:36 pm Oh!  Duh.  Yes… very special.  And thanks for saying we’ll eat lobster again.  I know that was likely the booze talking, but it’s a nice fantasy.
9:51 pm Phil: Booze had nothing to do with it 🙂 
10:33 pm Glad I’m not alone in wanting to see you, touch you again.
10:46 pm Must sleep.  Sweet dreams, kid.

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