Five tattoos

Tuesday, July 12
7:26 am Good morning!  77 already, 90s today.  Zap #16 and work for me.  Have a terrific Tuesday, Philip!
7:51 am Had a super-hot dream just before my alarm went off.  You were exploring my five tattoos with your mouth… and your hands did wonderful things, too.  Mmm
7:56 am Phil: You have tattoos?
8:13 am Phil: Have a great day!  No storms or anything today.  Ugly yesterday!
8:15 am Yup.  Five.  You can go on a tattoo treasure hunt around my chest… 🙂
8:16 am what was ugly yesterday?
9:03 pm Finally got Greek food!  Mom took me, then I went home w/her to see the start of the All-Star Game.  For one night, we can root for the same team!
10:33 pm What did you order?  [in response to a FB check-in at restaurant]
Hope it was yummy.  Have a nice evening.  Sweet dreams, kid – of your mouth, tiny tattoos and big breasts!
11:22 pm Phil: I had [lists of dishes], extra spicy, fabulous

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