Fantasy baseball

Thursday, June 16
7:29 am Phil: Very cool!  Congrats on the Bruins!  Not so much on the sox.  Thinking Cubs Yanks on Sunday.
8:08 am Good morning!  64 bright sun, much warmer, going to 88.  I want work to go by, so I can go off to another project event tonight!  Have a wonderful day!
3:35 pm wish I could see baseball… but only seats are through ticket agencies and pricy.  Would love to buy a program and keep score and eat hot dogs! 🙂
4:22 pm Full of gumbo and etouffee again… don’t feel like working.  Want to go!
12:26 am Amazing night on the project front!  Smooth event, lots of fun folk there.  Hope your house party rocked.  Sweet dreams, kid.

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2 thoughts on “Fantasy baseball”

  1. FYI…

    The Sox are my favorite team. I’ve been to a game the last two years. I’m disappointed I won’t make it out this year, but the closest MLB stadium to where I live is still probably 500 miles away.

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