Friday, June 17
7:32 am Good morning!  70 sunny, but rain soon.  Off to MGH w/ sis to see radiation docs.  Start 6 weeks of daily zaps on Monday.  Ick.  Maybe I’ll glow!  Have a fab Friday!
8:18 am Phil: You already glow!  Have a nice day.  Nice here today!  Appetizers were a hit!
8:20 am You make me smile.  Thanks.  I needed that.  🙂
9:34 am  Phil: I’m glad.  Enjoy the day!
10:39 am Rain’s here.  Done w/ docs.  Home.  Yay!
4:17 pm Had my fave Chinese for late lunch – spicy wontons and this yummy Szechuan eggplant with minced chicken dish.  Wish I could share!
10:02 pm Busy night for my project!  Full house!  Whee!
11:35 pm off to Christopher’s to party!  Wish you were here for cleavage!  😉  Woot!
1:15 am Too wired to sleep, but going to try.  Hope your weekend got off to a good start!

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